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As the No.1 in Gaming brand in the gaming industry, MSI sees the trend and potential of Virtual Reality far earlier than the res...
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Dragoonyang 78 17380 Last post 17-January-19, 10:18:10
by g.gdulce445
Normal Topics
MSI GL63 8SE-401XPL which display?
Display TN or IPS? Thanks
steamhoyseone 0 48 Last post 19-May-19, 12:33:12
by steamhoyseone
MSI MS-16GB Bottom Case
Dear All,I have a MSI MS-16GB notebook but its bottom case is broken i would like to change it however i cant find it. therefore...
z.ozlekli 0 72 Last post 10-May-19, 09:55:09
by z.ozlekli
The Best non-Gaming Laptop?
If I want buying MSI laptop for every thing but not for gaming, what it will be?
sbarghouthy 0 50 Last post 09-May-19, 01:26:48
by sbarghouthy
MSI GT70 2PE can't start , only cursor flashing , can't access bios
Hello ,My boy’s MSI GT70 2PE can’t start.At startup, after the MSI logo, there is just a cursor flashing in the middle of the sc...
msojic 1 82 Last post 06-May-19, 21:48:22
by msojic
GP60 2OD
CMOS password reset. How can I do this?what I have done so far-Removed cmos battery wait for 1 day to drain remaining power in C...
rsavena 0 65 Last post 05-May-19, 14:39:44
by rsavena
Battery isn't charging
I recently purchased my first MSI laptop (GL62 6QF). I've been running it on AC since I got it and I've noticed it says 'Not cha...
MistySpectre 0 96 Last post 01-May-19, 00:00:14
by MistySpectre
The keyboard backlight does not go after the GPU is replaced
Hi all, MSI GT70 2PE czech,She started to get angry with the GTX880M, so I bought the GTX980M, everything seems to work with the...
ravacz 0 136 Last post 21-April-19, 11:25:39
by ravacz
The keyboard backlight does not go after the GPU is replaced
Hi all, MSI GT70 2PE czech,She started to get angry with the GTX880M, so I bought the GTX980M, everything seems to work with the...
ravacz 0 75 Last post 21-April-19, 11:24:31
by ravacz
Brand new MSI PS42 Modern 8RC with GTX 1050, Where is DSR in NVIDIA Panel?
Hello,I am happy owner of brand new premium series MSI PS42 Modern 8RC with GTX 1050. But when checking NVIDIA panel its missing...
rommark 0 106 Last post 20-April-19, 19:12:18
by rommark
No fan readings
GL 63 has no fan readings. Re -downloaded Dragon Center but no change. Put fans on auto  then changed to cooler ,still no change...
vistaboy 0 102 Last post 18-April-19, 17:12:22
by vistaboy
htc vive pro error 108, 208
i have the msi gf63 just wondering if anyone else was able to succesfully connect there htc vive pro to there laptop. the normal...
brettkenny43 2 261 Last post 12-April-19, 06:45:01
by rakill
被美国大学开除了怎么办该怎么应对呢如有需要请联系QQ1252839746解决成 绩挂科GPA低/学术不诚信处分等问题。据美国媒体估计,自2013以来,在美国的27万中国留学生中,有大约8000人被学校开除或退学。    根据美国哈佛大学教育研究生院的研究报...
norbertwetherill61 0 162 Last post 07-April-19, 08:53:17
by norbertwetherill61
No sound in Forza Horizon 4
I have recently installed Forza Horizon 4 and there is no sound, i have installed sound drivers and i have checked if there are ...
heyahondafanwithawing 2 301 Last post 04-April-19, 04:18:09
by HenryW
Samsung 960 Evo not detected in Bios - PS63 MSI
Hi all, I've recently bought the 960EVO 512GB and installed it. Result: nothing. The drive is not visible in the BIOS nor in Win...
nathanel80 1 214 Last post 31-March-19, 17:24:11
by lacayoj
No Webcam showing in device manager
Hi Guys brand new to this forum, bought a 7RFX Leopard Pro end of September and after the last Windows 10 update the internal we...
stevex19 2 345 Last post 25-March-19, 06:07:04
by ryan.jenson90
No sound on GV72 8RE
Not sure if its an MSI issue or just a Windows 10 1803 issue, Prior to this issue, I had the Output device not found issue and a...
thealtery 0 132 Last post 23-March-19, 16:48:06
by thealtery
Graphics card
Hello, I was recently playing Skyrim on my GL62M 7RDX MSI laptop. The game was running fine and I am really enjoying it. After a...
todmaster101 0 140 Last post 21-March-19, 15:50:34
by todmaster101
Hello,I have a problem with my MSI GV 62 7RD laptop. In short, it does not turn on. The power supply is good, the socket does no...
ostatekprzemek 0 149 Last post 21-March-19, 07:50:09
by ostatekprzemek
MSI GV72 8RE( Fan questions)
Hello forum week ago my laptop started to make rumbling noise in idle.  i think my fan is damaged by cooler boost. because i pla...
ergo.buschmann 1 248 Last post 20-March-19, 10:24:07
by abdelmoughitkinani
HOWTO get matrix display for MSI GP62 2QD Leopard
Hi, I am trying to make matrix display with 2 external monitors.I have one external monitor already working with the laptop thro...
lasha.abzianidze 1 639 Last post 20-March-19, 09:49:56
by lasha.abzianidze
Playback of 4Kx4K 3D VR - do I need to upgrade just my graphics card?
Hi thereI've got a MSI GS43VR 6RE(Phantom Pro) but it struggles to playback 4kx4k stereo VR video which is what I need it for. T...
jon 0 183 Last post 15-March-19, 10:43:14
by jon
hello i am new to MSI this is my first 1 its a GL73 BDR i just got it from amazon it is a refurbished like new but when i go to ...
reefman520 0 159 Last post 14-March-19, 13:06:22
by reefman520
Overheating while charging
Hi everyone, I am an MSI PS42 8M user. I have updated my computer. When I put the laptop in charge after the update, the fan sta...
goksuozturk92 0 180 Last post 14-March-19, 00:23:38
by goksuozturk92
Best VR films and experiences
2016 has seen VR become a legitimate part of film festivals over the world (Sundance, Berlin, Tribeca, and many more to come). C...
nicolechen 20 3127 Last post 11-March-19, 18:06:41
by lanunu
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