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As the No.1 in Gaming brand in the gaming industry, MSI sees the trend and potential of Virtual Reality far earlier than the res...
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Dragoonyang 78 15170 Last post 17-January-19, 10:18:10
by g.gdulce445
Normal Topics
Im new to PC gaming
Hello everyone this question has probably been asked a million times but how do I activate my led wizard/ steel series for my gl...
jaywollner3 0 40 Last post 15-January-19, 05:56:53
by jaywollner3
Speaker sound distorted, acting strange.
Hello,yesterday from out of nowhere I got a pop up window that I should restart my laptop in order to finish audo driver instala...
lukas.lembertas 0 70 Last post 05-January-19, 14:21:55
by lukas.lembertas
i5 GV62 7rd phased out?
i want to ask if i5 gv62 7rd is still available.I already bought the laptop but i never seen it in gv series. I cannot review th...
clydezadores 0 63 Last post 03-January-19, 06:50:33
by clydezadores
GL72 6QE - "L" Key not working
I have "MSI GL72 6QE-1028XTR", "L" key is not working, but when I press "SHIFT + L" it works.there is a topic here I think its s...
hakanucar1990 0 88 Last post 27-December-18, 00:05:16
by hakanucar1990
Trying to rebuild my CX72 7Ql laptop before i sell it, wanted to wipe it clean, followed the instrucations, and the error i got ...
jtthiele1963 0 75 Last post 24-December-18, 01:23:21
by jtthiele1963
MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro CPU 100%
Hello, so I have this issue when I shift to any option but comfort, for example I shift to turbo or sport my CPU suddenly spikes...
sstevecardenas 0 64 Last post 22-December-18, 23:06:55
by sstevecardenas
My MSI GF63 8RD: I'm worrying about electric leakage.
Hello,I purchased a GF63 8RD laptop,Now I've just found an issue, Not sure if it's a problem or not.Currently I'm using a wired ...
lehoavt06 0 90 Last post 22-December-18, 07:27:17
by lehoavt06
MSI GT83VR Dead screen
The nightmare continues. Now the normal laptop display shows nothing at all. FN and f2 allows you to change the settings from an...
thomasr94 1 282 Last post 20-December-18, 22:14:13
by f_hajaliloo
i cant use or install nahimic
 i have tried to reinstall it many time and still doesnt fixed it, nahimic and realtek is downloaded from the ge72vr 6rf support...
ivankris21 0 90 Last post 20-December-18, 12:01:48
by ivankris21
I have an issue with my new MSI GP73
Every time I try to watch a gif on Discord, all it does is just show a green screen. This used to happen to normal videos as wel...
blessed 1 381 Last post 19-December-18, 22:34:19
by rayers8870
MSI PS42 cooler fan
Hi everybody! I have just got a new MSI PS42. I bought it online. When I open the box, I realized that my computer has only one ...
goksuozturk92 1 245 Last post 10-December-18, 15:49:45
by thanhhiep1390
Error 43 for GTX 1060 on NEw Laptop.
I recently got the GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro. I was really happy with it until I noticed that the Nvidia GPU is not functioning. Un...
hells-warlock 2 1364 Last post 09-December-18, 16:38:23
by saulius.veseliunas
+70 Celsius on idle
Hello!Today I got MSI GT75 8RG-018NE.I noticed that CPU heating is very high on idle 67-72 celsius. Sometimes it gets near 92 ce...
antonkuntonen 1 198 Last post 08-December-18, 10:36:43
by mihaigrasu22
new GL62M
Hello, I have just turned my new notebook on to find that there is a drop down selection that, I believe, is in Taiwanese. Pleas...
danolouk 0 156 Last post 28-November-18, 22:13:59
by danolouk
SATA disk on Controller 0, Port 0: Failed
Hi, I have been receiving this message for the past 2 or 3 days. Is this a hard drive issue or something else?
waratah 0 143 Last post 27-November-18, 09:10:36
by waratah
Why are MSI GX640 and GX740 so hard to find?
Hello everyone!I hope someone can shine some light on me as to why these two models including other GX6 and GX7 series laptops a...
WoofWolf 1 342 Last post 13-November-18, 00:13:25
by NEFTISDragon
MSI GL Upgrade
Hey guys, I have a GL62M 7RDX and I'm doing great with it but do u recommend me upgrading to a GL73 8RC or a GL63 8RC?
NEFTISDragon 0 153 Last post 13-November-18, 00:06:50
by NEFTISDragon
Thunderbolt 3 problems on Titan GT75 Laptop
When I connect my G-Drive 6TB hard drive to my brand new GT75 8RG-040CA Titan laptop via Thunderbolt 3, all the devices stop wor...
corybretz 1 491 Last post 01-November-18, 03:06:50
by ultramale1
Need Drivers for GS63VR Stealth Pro
Somehting happened to my laptops "image" and I couldn't reboot.  I tried to reset to factory settings but that wasn't a go eithe...
vettevill 1 210 Last post 01-November-18, 01:15:00
by HenryW
Best MSI Gaming Series
Hey everyone. I am in the process of replacing my old MSI gaming laptop (GP72 2QE Leopard Pro). Although I was somehow satisfied...
lagosthomasgr 0 173 Last post 31-October-18, 16:57:19
by lagosthomasgr
GP62mVR Leopard Pro Webcam not working?
Hello! I just bought a new MSI laptop from Amazon: GP62mVR 7RFX Leopard Pro the past week or so. I've been in the process of set...
megumigoose 1 338 Last post 25-October-18, 06:23:14
by phatfire
Help desk software needs to be upgrade but cannot find it to download.
I have a GT72 6QD laptop cannot update help desk software was going to try to download it from the website but cannot find it. I...
cmlloyd54 0 257 Last post 12-October-18, 23:28:07
by cmlloyd54
MSI PS42 8RB JEITA Battery Test = 5hrs NOT 10hrs
Dear MSI,My new PS42 only works for 5hrs on the battery tests, as per the test recommended in this forum. So then I found the MS...
jaykay4 0 270 Last post 09-October-18, 23:40:38
by jaykay4
Back Light keyboard color change?
Hi to all. Trying to help my wife with her new business owned MSI laptop and can't seem to get to the support desk. I have what ...
gplothrop 2 334 Last post 04-October-18, 09:17:34
by baid251111
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