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As the No.1 in Gaming brand in the gaming industry, MSI sees the trend and potential of Virtual Reality far earlier than the res...
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Dragoonyang 79 21842 Last post 17-October-19, 09:17:53
by alizablackpink
Normal Topics
MSI GF63 8RC windows 8 wlan drivers?
So I downgraded from win10 as I dont like it, now im facing the problem of not being able to install the drivers as theyre for w...
daka98001 0 32 Last post Yesterday at 06:37:00
by daka98001
MSI GS75 Stealth one key had green defective rgb lighting
My laptop is only 4 months old but at jan 15, 2020 I noticed a defect on one key when i turned my keys to gold. It just turned r...
drenzo.andrei 1 117 Last post Yesterday at 02:23:20
by samer.hababa
MSI S12 3M-032TR Price
Hi, asking this question for a special occasion. MSI S12 3M-032 model laptop wow many were sold in the year it was produced ? al...
ismailbal20 0 33 Last post 15-January-20, 17:33:55
by ismailbal20
Keyboard not working
Hi,  Half of my keys on my keyboard are not working as in when I press the key nothing happens. Both enter keys do not work.  I ...
babsalua 0 111 Last post 07-January-20, 17:47:18
by babsalua
I'm new to gaming on Windows and need help
I've recently bought a GF63 model a few days ago and I'm trying to run some games that I've got on Steam. From what I can tell, ...
opope96 0 168 Last post 29-December-19, 10:41:50
by opope96
Extending Warranty
Is that extending warranty another 3 months??Is that Standard warranty means 2year warranty
achila.nilaweera 0 115 Last post 23-December-19, 16:48:18
by achila.nilaweera
Hi, sorry for cross post, if it already exists for Malaysia, I just bought from online retail store my new MSI Gf63-9rcx-665MY (...
stress.depression.relief 1 189 Last post 22-December-19, 09:16:00
by rizkmaulud
I m usin MSI PS42 8RC, cant connect mobile over USB c port
I m using MSI PS42 8RC equipped with USB 3.1  port 2Nos.I have  tried to connect the mobile to the laptop using USB-C port, But ...
brahmajivv 6 545 Last post 20-December-19, 01:46:58
by suehay
Storage Upgrade Advice
Hi, Apologies  for the double post.  My GP62 7RD Leopard Notebook came with 128 GB SATA-based M.2 SSD and 1 TB HDD. The problem ...
GP User 5 343 Last post 20-December-19, 01:38:28
by suehay
upgrading my SSD
I want to upgrade my ssd 125GB TO 500 GB, can i save my 125GB to my 1TB HDD then swap SSD and download the OS from teh 1TB HDD t...
chrisat15 1 138 Last post 18-December-19, 14:50:22
by Chike
Where I can find Laptop Chassis
Hello Folks,My laptop GL63 8RC chassis has broken because of its super durability.Now I would like to know where I can replace a...
ritesh.india 0 185 Last post 13-December-19, 17:15:49
by ritesh.india
hello, a few days ago, I bought the GF63 thin 9sc and when I downloaded games to play the connection to my internet get disconne...
jordycalderon4 0 103 Last post 11-December-19, 17:16:44
by jordycalderon4
Replacing/ Fixing green LEDs on keyboard of MSI GE75 Raider 8SF?
I have a raider GE75 8SF, and the green LEDs of two keys have gone.  I don't really care all that much, but it is surprisingly o...
wheatonha 0 213 Last post 05-December-19, 01:59:53
by wheatonha
black screen after sleep mood or when the display turns off
HI i have a GL62 7QF MSI laptop and i have been experience this weird problem for a month when i start my laptop right after the...
alabalala11 0 116 Last post 04-December-19, 08:49:31
by alabalala11
Stretched resolution on a laptop
For some reason i can not figure out how to play a game (csgo in this case) in stretched rez. I want to use stretched1280x960. I...
jackemaras 0 144 Last post 02-December-19, 22:09:56
by jackemaras
Problem loading apps onto the creator center
Hi, I am having issues with the creator center. Photoshop is listed there but Illustrator doesn't appear and I don't know how to...
liza.clark76 0 368 Last post 24-November-19, 05:51:51
by liza.clark76
Webcam and Mouse pad not working
Hi All,I took my MSI CX62 7QL in for repairs to the useless agents in South Africa, after they fried my mother board while fixin...
heinrich.painczyk 1 280 Last post 20-November-19, 23:29:03
by Chike
How do you KEEP the lighted keyboard turned off on an MSI notebook?
I've been trying to figure this out, how do you KEEP the lighted keyboard turned off on an MSI laptop?i know that the 'FN' and '...
joeisawesome4life 0 153 Last post 18-November-19, 20:07:37
by joeisawesome4life
Operating software?
Quick question. Am I correct that no operating system software like Windows comes with  the laptop I just bought? I bought an MS...
namrony99 0 172 Last post 14-November-19, 20:24:18
by namrony99
my MSI dont like to be docked
hey!I connected Dell docking station to the type-c port and it works fine. I tried to connect the "Ilano" docking station and no...
sloopey88 0 190 Last post 10-November-19, 00:00:32
by sloopey88
Pe70 problem Reboot and Select proper Boot device
HelloI got up this morning and my Msi PE70 6QE was black with the next message:“Check cable connection! PXE-MOF EXITING PXE ROMR...
laszlocsakyibanez 0 126 Last post 09-November-19, 20:33:23
by laszlocsakyibanez
Pe70 problem Reboot and Select proper Boot device
HelloI got up this morning and my Msi PE70 6QE was black with the next message:“Check cable connection! PXE-MOF EXITING PXE ROMR...
laszlocsakyibanez 0 148 Last post 09-November-19, 20:33:07
by laszlocsakyibanez
GF 63 8RC - Black Screen After Hybernate. And can't power on again.
I bought my laptop about two months ago. While im using my laptop if i have to go some work i just close the lid without shuttin...
crasi1net 0 160 Last post 08-November-19, 23:30:41
by crasi1net
Msi Gl62m 7rdx sound spiking everytime
I have msi gl62m7rdx notebook. My problem is sound spiking. ex:I play fortnite and everything is perfect but when my friend join...
hamzagunay_41 0 330 Last post 24-October-19, 21:43:00
by hamzagunay_41
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