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As the No.1 in Gaming brand in the gaming industry, MSI sees the trend and potential of Virtual Reality far earlier than the res...
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Dragoonyang 79 23023 Last post 17-October-19, 09:17:53
by alizablackpink
Normal Topics
Coronavirus: Amazon has fired a New York warehouse worker
KF94 Mask Amazon has fired a New York warehouse worker who organised a protest over the safety precautions taken by the firm to ...
rodeoneerer 0 91 Last post 01-April-20, 08:09:48
by rodeoneerer
These two MSI gaming laptops are on sale for under $800
These two MSI gaming laptops are on sale for under $800 (Update: Deal expired)Right now everyone's focused on working from home,...
lookme13_ 0 61 Last post 30-March-20, 12:26:36
by lookme13_
MSI ge65 RAIDER 9SD USB red light not working
hello i just bought my brand new msi raider ge65 9sd notebook and usb red light doesn't work i check every where in dragon cente...
akarmuhiden13 0 84 Last post 25-March-20, 03:32:15
by akarmuhiden13
1226810559tpkow 0 42 Last post 24-March-20, 21:44:13
by 1226810559tpkow
MSI GS75 Stealth one key had green defective rgb lighting
My laptop is only 4 months old but at jan 15, 2020 I noticed a defect on one key when i turned my keys to gold. It just turned r...
drenzo.andrei 2 354 Last post 13-March-20, 14:52:10
by snakesolidnl
Pl62 7RC Flex problem
Hello, good night, or good day.Im having a problem with my msi Pl62 7rc, after two years of use, constantly, and quite satisfact...
dani.barenboim 0 78 Last post 10-March-20, 06:01:48
by dani.barenboim
Keyboard - "end" button
Keyboard - "end" buttonI have a Prestige 14 laptop with Norwegian keyboard, where "end" is bottom-right on the "pgdn" button.Whi...
mrkinn 0 125 Last post 02-March-20, 15:54:14
by mrkinn
Samsung 970 evo plus with prestige 15
Hi guys, i bought last week the prestige 15. i upgrade the original m2 and i bought the samsung 970 evo plus 1TB. Why the speed ...
vittoriocatania 6 318 Last post 23-February-20, 23:10:49
by tunoi_80
Samsung Notebook 9 Pen
Samsung Notebook 9 PenThe Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is extremely light but powerful, has plenty of ports, multiple biometric securi...
lookme13_ 0 108 Last post 17-February-20, 09:53:29
by lookme13_
Samsung 970 evo plus with prestige 15
Hello everyone,,,i bought last week the prestige 15. i upgrade the original m2 and i bought the samsung 970 evo plus 1TB. Why th...
allhabibimashalla 2 165 Last post 14-February-20, 05:34:03
by allhabibimashalla
Drop and casing bent
I bought MSI M15 and dropped it in the next day. The screen casing is now cracked and cannot closed up. The screen is fine, just...
shinkyle_bluesky 0 77 Last post 05-February-20, 01:34:56
by shinkyle_bluesky
Hi everyone, It is time for me to buy a new laptop for gaming+school together. I am very excited about MSI GAMING LAPTOP GS-75 b...
abik.yagizhan 0 113 Last post 30-January-20, 20:55:12
by abik.yagizhan
MSI GS73VR 7RG does not recognise if display is closed or opens :-(
Hello everybody :-)Does anyone know, how the MSI GS73VR 7RG recognise the Display status (open or close).Is there a magnetic but...
kamikaze01 0 92 Last post 30-January-20, 05:23:30
by kamikaze01
compatibile docking station
hi, i have a problem with a docking station, it works with monitor, mouse etc, but the prestige 15 is not charging. Is this a co...
marcofiume92 0 102 Last post 26-January-20, 10:13:34
by marcofiume92
MSI GF63 8RC windows 8 wlan drivers?
So I downgraded from win10 as I dont like it, now im facing the problem of not being able to install the drivers as theyre for w...
daka98001 0 128 Last post 21-January-20, 06:37:00
by daka98001
MSI S12 3M-032TR Price
Hi, asking this question for a special occasion. MSI S12 3M-032 model laptop wow many were sold in the year it was produced ? al...
ismailbal20 0 93 Last post 15-January-20, 17:33:55
by ismailbal20
Keyboard not working
Hi,  Half of my keys on my keyboard are not working as in when I press the key nothing happens. Both enter keys do not work.  I ...
babsalua 0 186 Last post 07-January-20, 17:47:18
by babsalua
I'm new to gaming on Windows and need help
I've recently bought a GF63 model a few days ago and I'm trying to run some games that I've got on Steam. From what I can tell, ...
opope96 0 240 Last post 29-December-19, 10:41:50
by opope96
Extending Warranty
Is that extending warranty another 3 months??Is that Standard warranty means 2year warranty
achila.nilaweera 0 187 Last post 23-December-19, 16:48:18
by achila.nilaweera
Hi, sorry for cross post, if it already exists for Malaysia, I just bought from online retail store my new MSI Gf63-9rcx-665MY (...
stress.depression.relief 1 349 Last post 22-December-19, 09:16:00
by rizkmaulud
I m usin MSI PS42 8RC, cant connect mobile over USB c port
I m using MSI PS42 8RC equipped with USB 3.1  port 2Nos.I have  tried to connect the mobile to the laptop using USB-C port, But ...
brahmajivv 6 672 Last post 20-December-19, 01:46:58
by suehay
Storage Upgrade Advice
Hi, Apologies  for the double post.  My GP62 7RD Leopard Notebook came with 128 GB SATA-based M.2 SSD and 1 TB HDD. The problem ...
GP User 5 477 Last post 20-December-19, 01:38:28
by suehay
upgrading my SSD
I want to upgrade my ssd 125GB TO 500 GB, can i save my 125GB to my 1TB HDD then swap SSD and download the OS from teh 1TB HDD t...
chrisat15 1 243 Last post 18-December-19, 14:50:22
by Chike
Where I can find Laptop Chassis
Hello Folks,My laptop GL63 8RC chassis has broken because of its super durability.Now I would like to know where I can replace a...
ritesh.india 0 263 Last post 13-December-19, 17:15:49
by ritesh.india
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