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As the No.1 in Gaming brand in the gaming industry, MSI sees the trend and potential of Virtual Reality far earlier than the res...
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Dragoonyang 78 16196 Last post 17-January-19, 10:18:10
by g.gdulce445
Normal Topics
Graphics card
Hello, I was recently playing Skyrim on my GL62M 7RDX MSI laptop. The game was running fine and I am really enjoying it. After a...
todmaster101 0 19 Last post Yesterday at 15:50:34
by todmaster101
Hello,I have a problem with my MSI GV 62 7RD laptop. In short, it does not turn on. The power supply is good, the socket does no...
ostatekprzemek 0 22 Last post Yesterday at 07:50:09
by ostatekprzemek
hello i am new to MSI this is my first 1 its a GL73 BDR i just got it from amazon it is a refurbished like new but when i go to ...
reefman520 0 44 Last post 14-March-19, 13:06:22
by reefman520
Overheating while charging
Hi everyone, I am an MSI PS42 8M user. I have updated my computer. When I put the laptop in charge after the update, the fan sta...
goksuozturk92 0 55 Last post 14-March-19, 00:23:38
by goksuozturk92
Playback of 4Kx4K 3D VR - do I need to upgrade just my graphics card?
Hi thereI've got a MSI GS43VR 6RE(Phantom Pro) but it struggles to playback 4kx4k stereo VR video which is what I need it for. T...
jon 0 64 Last post 15-March-19, 10:43:14
by jon
Laptop w AutoCAD 2019 on WE63 8S
I have had this laptop for about 1 month and I am not satisfied at all. I have called into tech support twice. I went through an...
theplaypros 0 72 Last post 04-March-19, 02:20:35
by theplaypros
Gp73 Leopard 8rd (Change my ssd)
I have a Gp73leopard 8rd I would like to know if in case I buy a Samsung SSD 500GB 860EVO M.2 2280 SATA6Gbps, my notebook would ...
inumarujps 0 73 Last post 02-March-19, 04:22:32
by inumarujps
Change my ssd
I have a Gp73leopard 8rd I would like to know if in case I buy a Samsung SSD 500GB 860EVO M.2 2280 SATA6Gbps, my notebook would ...
inumarujps 0 84 Last post 02-March-19, 04:23:37
by inumarujps
MSI PE72 7rd Bios Unlock
HiI  need some help. How can i unlock my Bios  on Pe72 7rdversion: AMI E1799 IMS.31C3.0I wanted to change the OS. but i couldn't...
anzeigen 0 98 Last post 22-February-19, 13:31:00
by anzeigen
MSI GV72 8RE( Fan questions)
Hello forum week ago my laptop started to make rumbling noise in idle.  i think my fan is damaged by cooler boost. because i pla...
ergo.buschmann 1 100 Last post 20-March-19, 10:24:07
by abdelmoughitkinani
GP63 Leopard 8RD | Screen question
Hello everyone.I'm a total stranger around here unsure about where to ask my question, this seemed fit. & Bare with me i'm not e...
jordidv17 0 104 Last post 27-February-19, 02:21:45
by jordidv17
Hello,I am an architect student and my teacher suggested us to buy MSI GP63 notebook for us to work with. This nonetobook is nic...
berke.turgan 1 117 Last post 23-February-19, 00:43:26
by Galatea
MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF - Disable Lights?
Hello guys I have turned off the keyboard lights with FN + -/+I cant seem to find anywhere to turn off my monitors backlight LED...
salihu.b17 1 123 Last post 21-February-19, 22:44:21
by salihu.b17
No Webcam showing in device manager
Hi Guys brand new to this forum, bought a 7RFX Leopard Pro end of September and after the last Windows 10 update the internal we...
stevex19 0 124 Last post 11-February-19, 13:43:18
by stevex19
Micro sd adapter
Hi everybody.I bought a ps42 notebook. I would like to use a 400 gb micro sd but the adapter goes out of the chassis. Someone us...
g.polgar 0 124 Last post 07-February-19, 08:28:24
by g.polgar
Im new to PC gaming
Hello everyone this question has probably been asked a million times but how do I activate my led wizard/ steel series for my gl...
jaywollner3 0 165 Last post 15-January-19, 05:56:53
by jaywollner3
MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro CPU 100%
Hello, so I have this issue when I shift to any option but comfort, for example I shift to turbo or sport my CPU suddenly spikes...
sstevecardenas 0 166 Last post 22-December-18, 23:06:55
by sstevecardenas
i5 GV62 7rd phased out?
i want to ask if i5 gv62 7rd is still available.I already bought the laptop but i never seen it in gv series. I cannot review th...
clydezadores 0 177 Last post 03-January-19, 06:50:33
by clydezadores
Windows installation
My friend allowed somebody to install Linux on his notebook.  How do I put Windows 7 on it now?
coghill 0 184 Last post 25-January-19, 20:45:05
by coghill
GE363VR Raider HDMI not working when connected
I tried to detect the monitor in personalize settings, nothing.The cable and monitor work fine with my other laptop.Any ideas ho...
s.mcmahon 1 188 Last post 24-February-19, 00:00:38
by s.mcmahon
i cant use or install nahimic
 i have tried to reinstall it many time and still doesnt fixed it, nahimic and realtek is downloaded from the ge72vr 6rf support...
ivankris21 0 189 Last post 20-December-18, 12:01:48
by ivankris21
Speaker sound distorted, acting strange.
Hello,yesterday from out of nowhere I got a pop up window that I should restart my laptop in order to finish audo driver instala...
lukas.lembertas 0 202 Last post 05-January-19, 14:21:55
by lukas.lembertas
My MSI GF63 8RD: I'm worrying about electric leakage.
Hello,I purchased a GF63 8RD laptop,Now I've just found an issue, Not sure if it's a problem or not.Currently I'm using a wired ...
lehoavt06 0 206 Last post 22-December-18, 07:27:17
by lehoavt06
Trying to rebuild my CX72 7Ql laptop before i sell it, wanted to wipe it clean, followed the instrucations, and the error i got ...
jtthiele1963 0 213 Last post 24-December-18, 01:23:21
by jtthiele1963
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