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As the No.1 in Gaming brand in the gaming industry, MSI sees the trend and potential of Virtual Reality far earlier than the res...
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Dragoonyang 78 18690 Last post 17-January-19, 10:18:10
by g.gdulce445
Normal Topics
Some bug that i found 🐛 in Creator Center and USB quick charge 3
Hey,I had a problem with to USB quick charge 3.0 in my new MSI laptop, the light was always on, and the usb was always on, and t...
ben9371 0 5 Last post Yesterday at 18:27:58
by ben9371
Some bug that i found 🐛 in Creator Center and USB quick charge 3
Hey,I had a problem with to USB quick charge 3.0 in my new MSI laptop, the light was always on, and the usb was always on, and t...
ben9371 0 8 Last post Yesterday at 18:25:28
by ben9371
MS 1681 CR 620 Laptop Bluetooth
Hi everybody, I am having issues trying to use Bluetooth on the CR620 laptop, the software is installed but I am not sure how to...
julian.pitt 0 62 Last post 16-August-19, 17:23:09
by julian.pitt
Dear PS42 8RB friends, I need your help.
Dear PS42 8RB friends, I have a MECHREVO S1 and then I found that this uses the same motherboard mold as the PS42 8RB, marked MS...
qqpp 0 83 Last post 28-July-19, 11:36:42
by qqpp
MSI service in Poland
hey.  i called MSI for support and they asked me to send the laptop to Poland for service, they said it takes 2 weeks for servic...
nuttynitinjnkp 0 109 Last post 17-July-19, 10:52:56
by nuttynitinjnkp
Need Help With PS42 8RG
My fans are broken and my mouse slows down every couple minutes I'm not very good with computers so I need helpI turned my fans ...
hypercatgod 0 120 Last post 30-July-19, 02:21:02
by hypercatgod
GS73VR 7RG Upgrading my SSD
Hi, I am currently using GS73VR 7RG. I mostly use it for games but really got tired with long loading times. I have even moved t...
jt.tarigan 0 149 Last post 08-July-19, 08:46:54
by jt.tarigan
Does msi manufacture a laptop without the appallingly badly designed Steelseries keyboard?
petewallace59 1 169 Last post 20-July-19, 18:15:58
by creationation
Not sure if right category.
So I've got a msi gaming laptop that my friend gave to me in great condition, I just moved houses and the screen broke, I got it...
gabster1919 0 173 Last post 07-June-19, 03:01:05
by gabster1919
One color back light keyboard only on this model?
Hi there,I'm not a big tech person but here i am with a MSI based on recommendation from a friend. I have the GV62 8RD and the k...
Goob 2 181 Last post 12-June-19, 06:54:06
by Goob
GL63 8RD No SCM Utillity Download
So my dragon center stopped working so i reinstalled it, which it continued to fail. So I Uninstalled the System Control Manager...
themakingman4508 1 189 Last post 24-July-19, 14:25:13
by juan2128
Laptop w AutoCAD 2019 on WE63 8S
I have had this laptop for about 1 month and I am not satisfied at all. I have called into tech support twice. I went through an...
theplaypros 0 191 Last post 04-March-19, 02:20:35
by theplaypros
The Best non-Gaming Laptop?
If I want buying MSI laptop for every thing but not for gaming, what it will be?
sbarghouthy 0 192 Last post 09-May-19, 01:26:48
by sbarghouthy
GP60 2OD
CMOS password reset. How can I do this?what I have done so far-Removed cmos battery wait for 1 day to drain remaining power in C...
rsavena 0 196 Last post 05-May-19, 14:39:44
by rsavena
docking station
Any suggestions on a good docking station supporting minimum dual video for a MSI GP73-8RE-079CA. Thanks
ron 0 201 Last post 29-May-19, 22:39:45
by ron
No fan readings
GL 63 has no fan readings. Re -downloaded Dragon Center but no change. Put fans on auto  then changed to cooler ,still no change...
vistaboy 0 204 Last post 18-April-19, 17:12:22
by vistaboy
8RD? Noob at the wheel
Im not a gamer and don't know a lot about computers. I got this MSI GV62 8RD based on a recomendation from a friend. I can't fin...
Goob 1 207 Last post 12-June-19, 07:41:25
by sunscreen
Graphics card
Hello, I was recently playing Skyrim on my GL62M 7RDX MSI laptop. The game was running fine and I am really enjoying it. After a...
todmaster101 0 208 Last post 21-March-19, 15:50:34
by todmaster101
Gp73 Leopard 8rd (Change my ssd)
I have a Gp73leopard 8rd I would like to know if in case I buy a Samsung SSD 500GB 860EVO M.2 2280 SATA6Gbps, my notebook would ...
inumarujps 0 209 Last post 02-March-19, 04:22:32
by inumarujps
MSI EX 610 /163d on w7
Q. can my MSI EX 610 /163d  work on w7/64
savicsvetolik 1 210 Last post 19-June-19, 02:12:36
by sunscreen
MSI PE72 7rd Bios Unlock
HiI  need some help. How can i unlock my Bios  on Pe72 7rdversion: AMI E1799 IMS.31C3.0I wanted to change the OS. but i couldn't...
anzeigen 0 211 Last post 22-February-19, 13:31:00
by anzeigen
hello i am new to MSI this is my first 1 its a GL73 BDR i just got it from amazon it is a refurbished like new but when i go to ...
reefman520 0 213 Last post 14-March-19, 13:06:22
by reefman520
The keyboard backlight does not go after the GPU is replaced
Hi all, MSI GT70 2PE czech,She started to get angry with the GTX880M, so I bought the GTX980M, everything seems to work with the...
ravacz 0 215 Last post 21-April-19, 11:24:31
by ravacz
Overheating while charging
Hi everyone, I am an MSI PS42 8M user. I have updated my computer. When I put the laptop in charge after the update, the fan sta...
goksuozturk92 0 221 Last post 14-March-19, 00:23:38
by goksuozturk92
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