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Go Surfing with Vortex in VR World
With dimensions of 192 x 103 x 278 mm, the MSI Vortex is very compact and about three times smaller than a conventional gaming m...
nicolechen 0 421 Last post 29-June-16, 04:13:00
by nicolechen
The World's 1st VR-Ready Mobile Workstation with enthusiast performance ever !
"The WT72 6QN with NVIDIA’s M5500 Quadro graphics is the World's First VR-Ready mobile workstation that blazes through the most ...
jackylai 0 492 Last post 29-June-16, 04:06:19
by jackylai
Vortex for this Hot VR Summer: Will it be VeRy Cool??
Vortex: A VeRy Cool Little Wonder [FR] CES 2016 : MSI Vortex, le miniPC gamer ultrapuissa
alantang 0 572 Last post 29-June-16, 04:04:08
by alantang
MSI Vortex, be born to support VR!!
[font=Century Gothic","sans-serif]MSI Vortex, it has 4 USB ports, 2 HDMI, and USB 3.1 support. With a pair of Nvidia GTX 980 SLI...
hermeshou 0 435 Last post 29-June-16, 03:53:45
by hermeshou
MSI Vortex is All The Rage !
MSI’s Vortex is a powerful compact gaming PC designed to fit anywhere.Potent yet small, the Vortex is only about 6.5L and comes ...
nicolechen 0 410 Last post 29-June-16, 03:30:32
by nicolechen
The most VR powerful WT72 6QN laptops with Stingray on the market
WT72 6QN has equipped Nvidia Quadro M5500, it can be used in conjunction with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift as a complete VR workstati...
jackylai 0 425 Last post 29-June-16, 03:30:07
by jackylai
MSI Vortex Brings 4K Gaming & VR to the Living Room
The Vortex's stunningly small design and desktop-grade specs make it one of the most head-turning gaming PCs.The Vortex looks co...
neowu62 0 483 Last post 29-June-16, 03:27:58
by neowu62
WT72 M5500 : How a VR-Ready Laptop Can Take You to the Lost City of El Mirador
No roads lead there. Reaching it requires an arduous, two-day trek through dense Guatemalan jungle, or flying over the treetops...
neowu62 0 463 Last post 29-June-16, 02:57:07
by neowu62
Vortex, the World's smallest gaming cylinder
MSI Vortex, "the world's smallest gaming cylinder"boasts an Intel Core i7 6700K processor, up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, dual NVIDI...
jackylai 0 537 Last post 29-June-16, 02:54:01
by jackylai
The virtual reality headset offered by HTC is available through its online stores around the world. Japan consumers will be able...
danielt38r320 1 526 Last post 29-June-16, 02:06:11
by pklajoepk0610
Jay Chou Directs VR Trailer
It is widely accepted that 2016 is the year of VR. With increasing applications of VR technology in many fields such as game and...
danielt38r320 0 409 Last post 28-June-16, 16:53:03
by danielt38r320
I think this will come to Vive sooner or later
Because We All Noticed that Capcom as a money-grabbing "All platform" company!Resident Evil 7 is a PlayStation VR game coming in...
danielt38r320 0 472 Last post 28-June-16, 15:42:27
by danielt38r320
MSI Votex , Unlimited Power !! No trouble powering that Oculus Rift or HTC Viv
Power! Unlimited power![font="Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]All that power translates into some pretty impressive tricks. M...
neowu62 0 448 Last post 28-June-16, 15:42:03
by neowu62
MSI WT72 Mobile Workstation Released – First VR Ready Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro M5500MSI recently introduced the world’s fi...
neowu62 0 555 Last post 28-June-16, 15:30:19
by neowu62
Look like so dumb but...
But I've tried it with Vive... Demaciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
danielt38r320 0 553 Last post 28-June-16, 15:23:17
by danielt38r320
Oculus reverses course, dumps its VR headset-checking DRM
Finally I can play VR Super Mario Bros  in HTC Vive!What a difference an Internet uproar can make.The Oculus team has reversed c...
danielt38r320 0 624 Last post 28-June-16, 15:13:29
by danielt38r320
BMW with VR!!! man so cool!
VIRTUAL REALITY AIDS BMW DEVELOPMENT. BMW is to be the first car manufacturer to adopt Virtual Reality - technology devised pred...
huhu 0 697 Last post 28-June-16, 15:09:54
by huhu
AAA Game : Virtual reality Fallout 4 is coming to HTC Vive in 2017
Bethesda Softworks is releasing last year's Fallout 4 for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset in 2017. The company made the sur...
huhu 0 594 Last post 28-June-16, 14:49:07
by huhu
VR Fan must see : The Secret Prototypes of Valve's VR Lab
The team at Make: Magazine visit the [color
huhu 0 473 Last post 28-June-16, 14:43:29
by huhu
where to play VR?? A Look Inside CtrlV - Canada's First VR Arcade
so cool! take a look for it!
huhu 0 496 Last post 28-June-16, 14:38:25
by huhu
Horror VR game....wanna try? lol
[font="Roboto Slab", sans-serif] [font=新細明體, serif]‘[/font]A Chair in a Room: Greenwater’ Review – True VR Horror[/font][font="R...
huhu 0 581 Last post 28-June-16, 14:34:37
by huhu
MSI laptop is your first choose for VR gaming
In 2016, it is the biggest year for virtual reality, especially in gaming. Many venders, Intel, NVidia, HTC and Oculus Rift, are...
Dragoonyang 6 2491 Last post 28-June-16, 07:27:31
by Frank88
I wanna to play StarWar in VR
I wanna be a Jedi in VR! And actually I did...last night. Can't fight the desire of holding lightsaber!"
danielt38r320 7 1258 Last post 28-June-16, 07:03:57
by dreamer
The best HTC Vive games you need to play
The HTC Vive is finally alive and in out the wild for all the world to use. But what exactly can you try right now?Well, Valve h...
danielt38r320 7 2029 Last post 28-June-16, 04:48:52
by tjks_world
VR makes you redefine the Game
The most popular topic in 2016 Computex must be the virtual reality. It is conceivable that a lot of manufacturers would focus o...
Dragoonyang 3 839 Last post 21-June-16, 02:38:37
by airfkimo
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