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Here are is the basic procedure to clearing your CMOS.It is important to understand that clearing the CMOS will:-Restore BIOS's ...
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Svet 63 778648 Last post 24-October-16, 09:25:13
by flobelix
Memory Timings ExplainedDDR3: Double Data Rate synchronous dynamic random access memory version 3Double Data Rate means that thi...
xmad 4 7085 Last post 10-January-15, 23:23:19
by flobelix
Hi all,here's a small tutorial how to enable Wake on LAN.1: Start with disabling EuP 2013 in the bios (see attached, EuP
Leon 0 6843 Last post 13-August-12, 13:50:30
by Leon
Couldn't find an authoritative link for this one, so just copied and pasted what I found posted on several Google hits I found o...
Stu 0 34459 Last post 14-March-12, 20:49:04
by Stu
Forums: nForceHQ New command-line tools Troubleshooting Windows XP Shutdown Issues [URL=
CDM 15 23805 Last post 27-January-12, 11:18:47
by msummers
I came across this problem today, and thought I'd share my solution with you all, in case someone encounters the same problem......
Stu 46 88401 Last post 06-January-11, 16:57:21
by artesis
Because the entire MSI forum is full of topics related to DDR2-1066 issues.As I said many times before, DDR2-1066 5-5-5-15 at 1....
RemusM 25 50264 Last post 08-October-10, 21:15:54
by overvolt
i'm reading that alot of people on here are having problems with their front (or top) usb on their cases not working with their ...
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truelove 109 176218 Last post 20-August-10, 00:41:18
by Fredrik
Sometimes it is necessary or desirable to repair your Windows installation.  For instance, you might see Windows showing unusual...
fafner 25 34240 Last post 25-March-09, 03:31:35
by banger696
Power Supply Units - Simplified----------There is plenty of info on this forum about power supplies - I decided to round it all ...
Aaron 0 8214 Last post 28-April-08, 02:04:07
by Aaron
A random restart of your PC, or an appearance of the dreaded 'blue screen of death' usually indicates some kind of hardware prob...
Stu 0 14559 Last post 29-December-06, 01:00:44
by Stu
Posting Guide:Helping to troubleshoot a system from long distance is a challenge. To help us, help you, please make sure to prov...
Svet 0 25184 Last post 30-October-04, 21:35:34
by Svet
Normal Topics
Intel EIST and Processor C-states - A Simple Breakdown of the Technologies
Aaron 4 18959 Last post 27-May-16, 14:59:51
by flobelix
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
emersonyang 0 2585 Last post 13-July-15, 02:28:09
by emersonyang
Arctic silver 5 how to apply pics and specs on temps
found this for anyone who dont know how to apply thermal paste, some good pics and lower temps using silver 5http://www.techware...
bogs dollocks 5 6752 Last post 10-January-15, 22:12:31
by raulfp
Win 8 Hiberfil.sys size
In order to use Fast boot in Win 8, you need to use Hiberfil.sys.The default size of this file is 75% of available memory. Since...
xmad 0 3718 Last post 19-November-13, 19:21:23
by xmad
DDR3 Memory Standards: Blurry Lines
DDR3 Memory Standards: Blurry LinesRated speed, JEDEC, XMP, EPP, overclocking, overvolting... and what it all meansMuch confusio...
Aaron 20 27331 Last post 27-May-13, 04:00:33
by Froggy Gremlin
How to install Windows 7 from a USB drive!
This is even easier than installing Windows XP from a USB drive, and will also reduce the time taken to install Windows 7, it to...
Stu 10 41042 Last post 11-April-13, 23:09:18
by blexbg
How to install Windows without a CD drive
Windows XP / 2000Use the WinSetupfromUSB tool found here: You'll need a US...
Stu 20 125705 Last post 12-February-13, 21:26:26
by nestea69
AMI post codes guide
attached is the document thats most usful for determining the AMI post codes that MSI boards use!this is just used for referanci...
badboy2k 1 4171 Last post 03-January-13, 20:09:07
by Stu
Reprogram BIOS on bricked board through JSPI1 port
Bad flash means RMA, but with MSI having such onerous RMA policies, that usually means being without your board for up to 2 week...
claykin 15 25689 Last post 03-January-13, 19:18:00
by doveman
How to use Speedfan
I made up a little guide here for those of you looking to use Speedfan to control the fans in your system.Note: Speedfan is not ...
Svenomous 6 137983 Last post 14-August-12, 21:29:32
by flobelix
Audio problems and Windows Vista
It seems that the most common problems that Vista users are experiencing are with audio chipsets and drivers. Vista handles audi...
Stu 8 15582 Last post 05-August-12, 12:21:22
by badboy2k
64bit myths...
Hi guys,Sadly there are a lot of people that think they have seen the light and move to 64bit Linux / Windows for no reason othe...
Ex Forum User 3 19 27945 Last post 15-November-11, 07:46:26
by Ex Forum User 3
Temperatures and Fanspeeds.
Hi there,There seems to be a lot of confusion as to why sensors give values and why Speedfan can't do anything with them.Or why ...
Ex Forum User 3 6 10543 Last post 07-March-11, 20:55:55
by Stu
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