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Eye Tracking technology for VR
I just found some VR news about Eye Tracking,  Here:
55688k 0 452 Last post 21-July-16, 07:42:43
by 55688k
Top 10 Upcoming PLAYSTATION VR Games
Top 10 Upcoming PLAYSTATION VR GamesComment your thoughts on the Top 10 Upcoming PS VR Games!
900millions 4 496 Last post 21-July-16, 13:13:05
by haroldkuipers
Top 5 Virtual Reality gadgets of the future
Top 5 Virtual Reality gadgets of the future, which one you want???
900millions 2 476 Last post 21-July-16, 08:25:34
by taichou31
MSI X99A GODlike gaming Carbon Black Motherboard
Please someone help! I have the most frustrating issue ever!I'm running my motherboard, the x99a godlike gaming carbon edition.....
afshin1989 0 404 Last post 11-July-16, 04:15:55
by afshin1989
bo-1956 3 714 Last post 26-November-17, 18:23:27
by nsminhminh
MSI Gaming APP "VR Ready" button
Hi, I recently purchased a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X card and when checking out the MSI Gaming APP, noticed a "VR Ready" button avai...
brookshowell 7 6569 Last post 19-July-16, 07:33:26
by tjtsung
Computer dont wake up after close
After closing my computer from Win 10 normale - Close-I cant WAKE up the net with my buttons, I must open up the chassi and draw...
caf 2 834 Last post Best Answer 20-June-16, 15:40:54
by teunvandemeerakker
The Blue, to make you feel real in the sea
Personnaly i love diving and exploring the sea and when I tried this game i was feel like in heaven!!This world is so real and m...
changpatricia8672 2 481 Last post 04-July-16, 07:13:21
by changpatricia8672
DiRT Rally VR version
The best rally game in years!!! Very soon we can play a custom-built VR version of the game on the Oculus Rift. Can't waitttt!!!!
changpatricia8672 3 492 Last post 14-July-16, 02:32:13
by tjtsung
For those who love cooking
Hi Everyone, this job simulator CHEF is a very nice game that i've tried at my friend's house.If you like to cook your for other...
changpatricia8672 7 790 Last post 19-July-16, 06:35:54
by Formosan rock-monkey
Back to Hogwarts
Harry Potter fan will know what im talking about right? Welcome to Hogwart and in the world of Harry Potter
changpatricia8672 1 414 Last post 15-July-16, 16:17:15
Want to immerse in the sci-fi gameworld with RAW DATA?this Game is one of the top sellers with -20% of reduction on Steam!GoGo p...
changpatricia8672 1 390 Last post 22-July-16, 07:04:39
by jamiegao
A chair in a room
I just start the chapter one and i'm in love. If you guys love scary games like this one, don't hesitate to try!
changpatricia8672 1 358 Last post 14-July-16, 09:10:57
The Brookhaven Experiment, the most terrifying Zombie game!
I tried to start this game yesterday and I really wanted to continue and shoot all of them, but I was too bad on shooting XDFor ...
changpatricia8672 1 420 Last post 15-July-16, 15:36:54
Virtual Desktop
Virtual Desktop is an application developed for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that lets you use your computer in VR. You can brow...
changpatricia8672 2 660 Last post 10-August-16, 01:00:59
by simon.lspencer
VR Boxing - Thrill of the Fight
[font="Segoe UI", "Helvetica Neue", "Liberation Sans", "Nimbus Sans L", Arial, sans-serif]VR Bosing - Thrill of the Fight.[/font...
chomowe 2 443 Last post 25-July-16, 09:43:58
2016 Rio Olympics events in virtual reality via the Samsung Gear VR
Olympics fans will be able to watch some 2016 Rio Olympics events in virtual reality via the Samsung Gear VR. The headset is com...
chomowe 5 705 Last post 21-July-16, 11:19:20
by zerijelly
How to setup VR
Hi, With new 1060 card how I can setup a VR system, what I need ?
coolday70 4 1007 Last post 15-August-16, 07:09:19
by orlandosolorza
Driving or Racing sims on the Vive recommendation
Hi, msi people!Are there any good racing sims for the vive yet? I've searched some videos about PCars patch, so how is this game...
dan.p.driscoll01 1 741 Last post 11-July-16, 10:07:01
by kdbandWgg
MOVED: Error A2 msi z97 motherboard
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
darkhawk 0 461 Last post 07-August-16, 14:19:52
by darkhawk
MOVED: need help
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
darkhawk 0 463 Last post 07-August-16, 14:20:38
by darkhawk
MOVED: led lights on msi370 krait
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
darkhawk 0 680 Last post 19-June-17, 02:22:41
by darkhawk
MOVED: PCI_e1 slot doesn’t detect graphic card
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
darkhawk 0 430 Last post 13-February-18, 15:30:09
by darkhawk
How to remove cpu fan support on a K9ND Speedster-WA6 to install dynatron A86G c
I have an MSI K9ND Speedster-WA6 and the supports for the cpu fans are preventing the installation of the Dynatron A86G cpu cool...
darthperil 6 890 Last post 10-July-16, 00:21:20
by HenryW
MY GL62M 7RDX Not Detecting the GTX1050
Hello, I have an issue my msi laptop GL62M 7rdx not detecting the GTX1050 Hardware at all only the Intel HD G 630,Not detected a...
eng.omoush 0 231 Last post 09-November-18, 18:55:05
by eng.omoush
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