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The Conjuring 2 VR experience
You should try it...   Download The Conjuring 2 By Experience Enfield
tjtsung 3 620 Last post 06-July-16, 06:33:52
by ernestliu
Oculus Rift Review
Oculus Rift reviewOculus Rift is missing key ingredients to make it a fully realized VR experience Tuesday June 28, 2016  By Lil...
tjtsung 0 603 Last post 05-July-16, 10:57:23
by tjtsung
Steam-Hover Junkers is 30% discount NOW!
Hover Junker is a VR with tracker controllers only MULTI-Player Shooters design from the ground up for VR!it's time to get it NO...
kateycchen 1 495 Last post 05-July-16, 07:52:21
by zerijelly
"Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes"- queer game name but extremely amazing
Find yourself trapped alone in a room with a ticking time bomb. Your friends have the manual to defuse it, but they can't see th...
zerijelly 0 457 Last post 05-July-16, 07:34:19
by zerijelly
AWESOME VR SPIDERMAN GAME! | Windlands (HTC Vive Gameplay)
[font=新細明體]Wow![/font] My body is ready to explore Windlands on my MSI X99A GAMING 9 ACK!
Formosan rock-monkey 1 616 Last post Best Answer 05-July-16, 07:10:10
by zerijelly
VR adventure games
I've got a chance to play "Lucky's tale" adventure games during a convention and this games is really quite fun to play!
pandaz 2 468 Last post 05-July-16, 06:31:04
by himee
Ragnarok VR is an Immersive Remake of the Biggest MMO You’ve Never Heard Of[url=
starplatinum 1 673 Last post 04-July-16, 14:12:15
by gerbera1126
Virtually Real
[font=新細明體]On this new gaming generation, virtual reality is working and cooperating with not only gaming or entertaining, peopl...
ghostindahouse 2 537 Last post 04-July-16, 12:50:28
by gerbera1126
HTC Vive The Lab-Longbow(Gameplay)
Playing Longbow of the Lab via HTC Vive on MSI Gaming motherboard during computex is such an exciting and unforgetable experienc...
Formosan rock-monkey 2 546 Last post 04-July-16, 12:00:12
by gerbera1126
The Blue, to make you feel real in the sea
Personnaly i love diving and exploring the sea and when I tried this game i was feel like in heaven!!This world is so real and m...
changpatricia8672 2 497 Last post 04-July-16, 07:13:21
by changpatricia8672
Envelop VR
so it finally comes to the era that we gonna work in VR, play in VR, and live in the VR with Envelop VR solution https://www.en...
wildostrich84 2 523 Last post 04-July-16, 07:09:56
by IanLiu
Paranormal activity VR would totally freak me out
Despite there are tons of possibilities of the new virtual reality device, I don't think it's a good idea to ever make my nightm...
JLio01 5 765 Last post 04-July-16, 07:09:21
by fattyelephant
Birdly VR simulator
Birdly VR MachineWas browsing the internet and found this awesome fly simulator machine!!!!basically the machine will provide al...
fattyelephant 2 632 Last post 04-July-16, 06:54:29
by changpatricia8672
I am not able to update the bios in my X99A Godlike MB.  I have tried via the live update utility and by downloading the file an...
seth008 1 735 Last post 04-July-16, 06:46:48
by Leonard
Defense Grid 2 games
For all folks who loved to play Tower defense games,  this one seems pretty good.
Leonard 1 544 Last post 04-July-16, 06:38:35
by taichoug31
Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine
I very love Star Wars movie, so if I can get this game, it is the best thing!!Unlike Star Wars Battlefront, which VR-wise will a...
taichoug31 1 401 Last post 04-July-16, 06:37:34
by pandaz
Major Typo on this website goes viral your Graphics cards as CRAPhics cards, yes Crap as in rubbish, useless.  This ...
henry.grace1 0 481 Last post 03-July-16, 23:55:06
by henry.grace1
MOVED: Problems with new computer build. Slow and acting weird.
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 505 Last post 01-July-16, 12:47:44
by Nichrome
Oculus Rift v HTC Vive: Which VR headset should you get?
 Thursday June 30, 2016  By Lily Prasuethsut @lilyhulk [url=
tjtsung 0 820 Last post 01-July-16, 06:30:11
by tjtsung
couldn't turn on cpu.
Last time shut down normally. After some time when tried to turn on, didn't turn on. But all fans running (processor, system, GP...
marzooque.thy 2 525 Last post 29-June-16, 18:43:08
by marzooque.thy
CRYENGINE VR Score-New VR benchmark
Basemark and Crytek Release a VRScore and Codename: Sky Harbor, an objective and vendor-independent VR system testing tool. With...
meya7852 0 553 Last post 29-June-16, 05:01:50
by meya7852
Beyond Gaming: 10 Other Fascinating Uses for Virtual-Reality Tech
Article from: Live Science[img]
slightlysweetenjoy 0 756 Last post 29-June-16, 04:44:54
by slightlysweetenjoy
Google’s VR-ready phones don’t come out until later this year
Google’s VR-ready phones don’t come out until later this year, but Android N gives us a taste of what it’s like to use a Daydrea...
jump_w 0 528 Last post 29-June-16, 03:32:50
by jump_w
AMD's Radeon RX480 is the cheapest VR-capable graphics card yet
$199 for a card that can handle games on Rift and Vive [/
slightlysweetenjoy 0 526 Last post 29-June-16, 02:48:03
by slightlysweetenjoy
Steam and Oculus Summer Sales Offer Steep Savings on 120+ VR Games
Steam’s legendary seasonal sale is now underway, but this year, virtual reality consumers have two competing platforms from whic...
jaywang 0 615 Last post 29-June-16, 02:38:09
by jaywang
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