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M. 2 notch key configuration
I'm not all that familiar with m.2 sockets but I figured since I have one on my krait edition  Z97s I might as well use it.  But...
hermesreborn 4 500 Last post 12-July-16, 05:12:09
by hermesreborn
MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon unable to connect Oculus Sensor to back USB3/3.1
I updated my MSI mb to latest firmware and drivers but I can't get rid of the error Oculus is showing me. It works on the USB3 f...
ramond 8 1554 Last post 11-July-16, 13:36:42
by ramond
Driving or Racing sims on the Vive recommendation
Hi, msi people!Are there any good racing sims for the vive yet? I've searched some videos about PCars patch, so how is this game...
dan.p.driscoll01 1 813 Last post 11-July-16, 10:07:01
by kdbandWgg
Perfect combination of 2 gaming styles in 1 game Ruckus Ridge VR Party is actually quite creative to merge 2 gaming styles into one game. great for a bunch...
wildostrich84 2 420 Last post 11-July-16, 08:28:55
by himee
SoundStage Lets You Build Your Dream Music Studio in Room-Scale VR
This is SoundStage, from solo developer Logan Olson, a VR application that aims to let musicians build their own dream music stu...
tjtsung 2 626 Last post 11-July-16, 07:01:13
by chomowe
Fallout 4 VR with vive,wow!!! Fallout 4 will support HTC vive!! wow!
starplatinum 2 562 Last post 11-July-16, 06:44:14
by wildostrich84
Vanishing Realms in VR. Just grab your sword and fight monsters in epic combat.
Vanishing Realms is an immersive RPG designed exclusively for Virtual Reality. Grab your sword and fight life-sized monsters in ...
zerijelly 3 475 Last post 11-July-16, 06:40:22
by kdbandWgg
MSI X99A GODlike gaming Carbon Black Motherboard
Please someone help! I have the most frustrating issue ever!I'm running my motherboard, the x99a godlike gaming carbon edition.....
afshin1989 0 451 Last post 11-July-16, 04:15:55
by afshin1989
Msi Godlike + HTC Vive
Hello,Ive red some mobos are not compatible with VR headsets. Tho I dont think MSI would release their premium product without c...
kupaaaa 2 581 Last post 11-July-16, 04:01:04
by HenryW
How to remove cpu fan support on a K9ND Speedster-WA6 to install dynatron A86G c
I have an MSI K9ND Speedster-WA6 and the supports for the cpu fans are preventing the installation of the Dynatron A86G cpu cool...
darthperil 6 993 Last post 10-July-16, 00:21:20
by HenryW
Experiencing the Doraemon Dokodemo Anywhere Door using HoloLens!!
This is awesome!!! One of my childhood daydreams becomes (virtual/augmented) reality!!Simple and fun!Doraemon Dokodemo Anywhere ...
z22 5 643 Last post 07-July-16, 09:46:24
by Formosan rock-monkey
funny...Nvidia GTX 1080 and 1070 Display Ports don't work with HTC Vive
I've found this today, is it true? Or also impact to ALL graphics card vendors? GPU problem?[url=
mrcaiover40 2 687 Last post 07-July-16, 06:14:25
by JLio01
Having the most lively flying experience in War Thunder with VR!!
Can't wait to have the most lively flying experience in War Thunder with VR goggle.
zerijelly 2 747 Last post 07-July-16, 06:09:16
by kdbandWgg
minimum requirement for HTC Vive
I currently have MSI X99S XPOWER AC which is not gaming series. Does it meet the minimum requirement for HTC Vive?
IanLiu 4 576 Last post 07-July-16, 05:02:07
by kdbandWgg
Has anyone played this game yet?
Space Pirate Trainer, one of my favourite games I played on VR so far. Brilliant arcade shooter game fighting off waves of drone...
Kad.Satosh 1 484 Last post 07-July-16, 04:46:21
by kdbandWgg
Final Fantasy XV NEW VR Gameplay Trailer
There is a great game coming in VR ""
tjtsung 1 608 Last post 06-July-16, 11:46:28
by zerijelly
The Brookhaven Experiment-If you like walking dead you can't even miss this game
Brookhaven is a VR survival shooter for the HTC Vive. Players will have to use the weapons and tools provided to survive ever mo...
zerijelly 0 522 Last post 06-July-16, 10:55:52
by zerijelly
The Conjuring 2 VR experience
You should try it...   Download The Conjuring 2 By Experience Enfield
tjtsung 3 670 Last post 06-July-16, 06:33:52
by ernestliu
Oculus Rift Review
Oculus Rift reviewOculus Rift is missing key ingredients to make it a fully realized VR experience Tuesday June 28, 2016  By Lil...
tjtsung 0 656 Last post 05-July-16, 10:57:23
by tjtsung
Steam-Hover Junkers is 30% discount NOW!
Hover Junker is a VR with tracker controllers only MULTI-Player Shooters design from the ground up for VR!it's time to get it NO...
kateycchen 1 550 Last post 05-July-16, 07:52:21
by zerijelly
"Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes"- queer game name but extremely amazing
Find yourself trapped alone in a room with a ticking time bomb. Your friends have the manual to defuse it, but they can't see th...
zerijelly 0 514 Last post 05-July-16, 07:34:19
by zerijelly
AWESOME VR SPIDERMAN GAME! | Windlands (HTC Vive Gameplay)
[font=新細明體]Wow![/font] My body is ready to explore Windlands on my MSI X99A GAMING 9 ACK!
Formosan rock-monkey 1 691 Last post Best Answer 05-July-16, 07:10:10
by zerijelly
VR adventure games
I've got a chance to play "Lucky's tale" adventure games during a convention and this games is really quite fun to play!
pandaz 2 510 Last post 05-July-16, 06:31:04
by himee
Ragnarok VR is an Immersive Remake of the Biggest MMO You’ve Never Heard Of[url=
starplatinum 1 729 Last post 04-July-16, 14:12:15
by gerbera1126
Virtually Real
[font=新細明體]On this new gaming generation, virtual reality is working and cooperating with not only gaming or entertaining, peopl...
ghostindahouse 2 593 Last post 04-July-16, 12:50:28
by gerbera1126
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