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Hi gamers, Do you catch the latest trend, Virtual Reality? It would be the next big thing you won't want to miss. Today let us s...
edcwtsai 14 6584 Last post 20-April-17, 16:26:07
by abdulrahman191279
Normal Topics
DolphinVR!Play Wii and Gamecube on Oculus and VIVE.
DolphinVR is an emulator with enhanced support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.That runs Wii and Gamecube games and has been in...
adammola11 1 959 Last post 07-July-16, 02:45:35
by macalanyu
Future of StarVR Headset: Roomscale Tracking, Input, Eye-tracking..but....
Future of StarVR Headset: Roomscale Tracking, Input, Eye-tracking..but not consumer~~~~Share from VR to road.http://www.roadtovr...
adammola11 0 780 Last post 26-June-16, 06:42:31
by adammola11
ZefirVR : 360 Photo Editor and Viewer (Support Vive/Oculus/Cardboard.)
360 Photo Editor and ViewerCapture from Ricoh Theta S, edit and preview 360 photos  instantly with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Goog...
adammola11 0 1054 Last post 26-June-16, 06:57:00
by adammola11
MageWorks,HTC VR Game but you cannot find it from steam!
MageWorks,HTC VR Game but you cannot find it from steam!Created by Earthborn Interactive, LLCDay job got you down? Ever want to ...
adammola11 0 862 Last post 26-June-16, 07:09:48
by adammola11
GTX1060 coming, the best choice for VR? $299 almost gtx980 performance
GTX1060 will be the best choice of VR ? It look cheaper than GTX970 and performance up to GTX980 .msi gaming desktop will have i...
adamsouli 5 1066 Last post 22-July-16, 19:44:30
by illystockton
Pokemon Go!! Perfect match!!Aegis and Pikachu....
Share by MSI USA Facebook;D Perfect match!!!
adamsouli 2 613 Last post 22-July-16, 21:03:02
by melatisun
Zeiss VR One Plus Headset Hands On at E3
Just share the VR news. Have fun:)[img width=800 height=450]http://vrsource...
ampxxt9645 0 1043 Last post 18-June-16, 08:09:45
by ampxxt9645
StarVR Prototype Will Give You Field-of-View Envy!!
StarVR is an in-development VR headset from Starbreeze Studios which revolves around a massive 210 degree field of view.E3 Star ...
ampxxt9645 1 915 Last post 19-June-16, 05:22:52
by mktgho
E3 2016 Awesome news - Fallout 4 will arrive on HTC Vive in 2017.
Fallout 4 is the best PC game of 2016 and the VR version will arrive on HTC Vive in 2017. That`s great news for VR gamers.
ampxxt9645 3 1100 Last post 26-June-16, 05:07:24
by emily6648
Sony PSVR !! $399, Oct 13, 50 up games , that`s really exciting!!!
Sony come with its own VR HMD for the PlayStation 4, and it's called the PlayStation VR. We know it costs less than the Oculus R...
ampxxt9645 8 2018 Last post 25-June-16, 09:05:04
by u8706017
MSI Cubi N Celeron 4GB 32GB SSD
Hi!Just purchased a Cubi N Celeron 4GB 32GB SSD and want to install a harddrive.Is it only M.2 SSD that fits or do a traditional...
AndieB 1 871 Last post 09-January-19, 03:57:42
by Mog
New Power Supply
Hello,I currently own a Nightblade MI Series Model MS-B09011 which currently has a 350W power supply. I need to upgrade to a 750...
andrew 10 3630 Last post 17-November-17, 21:21:48
by andrew
So far...what are the best vr games worth to buy ? is time to buy VR device?
Hi.. So far...what are the best vr games worth to buy ? and is time to buy VR device?or I can wait for more killer contents?
aodhagan 4 678 Last post 18-July-16, 18:45:43
by marrylin
CPU for virtual reality is important? (Help)
hey guys ...I want to build a gaming pc for play games and maybe vr in future. But a little confuse about cpu select. Some infor...
aodhagan 4 703 Last post 14-July-16, 03:26:03
by rickkuo
Reclaiming a Telikin Computer
A friend of mine has a Telikin Breeze 18.6" AIO which is built on the MSI Wind Top AE1920. She has decided that the computer is ...
arnold.sanders 1 718 Last post 25-January-19, 03:34:41
by Yang
Hi everyone. I have msi ae2420 aıo pc. This pc have e sata port on motherboard. I want to use this port for my hdd.Last month i ...
asmakopruler3 1 47 Last post Yesterday at 20:21:38
by flobelix
VR owners. how has your usage been over time?Just help to research.
VR owners. how has your usage been over time?Just help to research.How long and how few times a week well after purchase?Thank f...
babalassu 5 927 Last post 25-July-16, 19:18:08
by toromalin
Hello,I wanted to install Linux Ubuntu 16.04 on a Cubi N but I have is, remove the USB key too soon to reboot, then I have a bla...
bendahmanefabienne 1 1065 Last post 24-September-16, 09:29:15
by badboy2k
HTC Vive Teardown Review!
Very detail HTC Vive Teardown Review! Share from iFixit.
bertram999 3 773 Last post 25-June-16, 04:11:31
by cdbrave
Very detail Oculus Rift CV1 Teardown from iFixit!!
Very detail Oculus Rift CV1 Teardown from iFixit!!
bertram999 1 758 Last post 21-June-16, 15:55:06
by mktgho
16 JAPAN EXPO FFXV VR edition!!
PS4VR is coming!!!
bhekithemba 0 620 Last post 10-July-16, 20:19:10
by bhekithemba
How VR Video is Being Used to Help Kids Conquer Fear of Swimming
A new Swedish initiative hopes to encourage the countries children, one fifth of which cannot swim, some suffering anxiety and f...
bhekithemba 0 524 Last post 10-July-16, 19:41:24
by bhekithemba
Chance to win a PlayStation VR Headset on Launch Day!! (10/1/2016)
PS-World are giving away one PlayStation VR Headset on Launch Day, Get you chance to win the highly anticipated gaming periphera...
bhekithemba 1 624 Last post 13-July-16, 20:52:52
by bechka
Hands-On: ‘Envelop VR’ And How It Differs From ‘Virtual Desktop’ and ‘BigScreen’
Virtual Desktop and BigScreen are very closely tied to your physical display(s) right now. You should be able to buy dummy plugs...
bhekithemba 0 632 Last post 10-July-16, 20:09:45
by bhekithemba
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