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Hi gamers, Do you catch the latest trend, Virtual Reality? It would be the next big thing you won't want to miss. Today let us s...
edcwtsai 14 6584 Last post 20-April-17, 16:26:07
by abdulrahman191279
Normal Topics
AMD Launches RX 480, the $199 VR-Ready GPU ~Great value!!
Touted as the cheapest VR-ready graphics solution to date, the new Radeon RX 480 was made available today in 4GB ($199) and 8GB ...
maylin11 1 661 Last post 06-July-16, 13:36:56
by domainhei
Future of StarVR Headset: Roomscale Tracking, Input, Eye-tracking..but....
Future of StarVR Headset: Roomscale Tracking, Input, Eye-tracking..but not consumer~~~~Share from VR to road.http://www.roadtovr...
adammola11 0 780 Last post 26-June-16, 06:42:31
by adammola11
MageWorks,HTC VR Game but you cannot find it from steam!
MageWorks,HTC VR Game but you cannot find it from steam!Created by Earthborn Interactive, LLCDay job got you down? Ever want to ...
adammola11 0 862 Last post 26-June-16, 07:09:48
by adammola11
More free contents release on steam. Free is good!! (23-Jun)
Whatever, Free is good. Just play it.Octoshield VR (Demo download , Early Access $125)
markheaven 3 824 Last post 26-June-16, 05:12:13
by emily6648
Should I waiting GTX1070 for VR? GTX970 with MI2/Aegis will have discount?
Should I waiting GTX1070 for VR? Old graphics with MI2 or Aegis will have discount?
muhammadru 4 877 Last post 27-June-16, 19:14:36
by caelius20
What spec should I buy for VR?How long will these spec last me?
Hi..I would like to buy MI2 or looks small and fancy.but what spec should I buy for VR gameplay and maybe some develop...
muhammadru 2 632 Last post 28-June-16, 20:19:56
by kassaryne
ZefirVR : 360 Photo Editor and Viewer (Support Vive/Oculus/Cardboard.)
360 Photo Editor and ViewerCapture from Ricoh Theta S, edit and preview 360 photos  instantly with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Goog...
adammola11 0 1054 Last post 26-June-16, 06:57:00
by adammola11
16 JAPAN EXPO FFXV VR edition!!
PS4VR is coming!!!
bhekithemba 0 620 Last post 10-July-16, 20:19:10
by bhekithemba
1st time Charades in VR - Rec Room 'It's not what it looks like!!(Free)
First time playing Charades in Rec Room and it was such a blast haha, if you were playing with me give me a shout, would love to...
hansonhsu 1 782 Last post 25-July-16, 18:26:12
by toromalin
Adding PCI Express USB 3.0 Card for VR
Hi, I have an MSI Aegis 3 ( with a Geforce 1070 and it says VR Ready. However when I try to ...
cagri87 1 776 Last post 18-July-19, 04:00:24
by Mog
AE2420 3D where to reset CMOS BIOS?
Hi, for some reason I became confused and installed the BIOS for the AE2420 not the AE2420 3D. MSI software did not warn me, lik...
julia_johnsonjj 1 758 Last post 08-January-19, 04:55:07
by Mog
Aegis with vive , it will go black in 1-2 minutes.Help!!
HI...I got msi Aeigs and Vive few days ago ,but it cannot play vr properly.I try to play with my Vive since a few days but whene...
kowatwan 1 1024 Last post 27-July-16, 01:45:30
by rickkuo
Aegis X - VR Ready and VR Link
Are you ready for VR? VR wearable gadgets have become very hot in past years. System manufacturers are reacting positive to this...
myikari 16 3082 Last post 25-July-16, 20:50:31
by kowatwan
Aegisx cannot available in UK.
hi...Aegis x is great but i can`t find it in u.k.may i know where to buy whatever e-tailer or retailer.notice. i can`t get any i...
lukedavin 3 575 Last post 13-July-16, 21:01:20
by bechka
Anybody play the audiosheld ? it wouldn`t load any songs.
Anybody play the audiosheld ? it wouldn`t load any songs. That`s my problem or game`s problem?
nomoreice 1 842 Last post 29-September-16, 09:38:51
by rickkuo
Brookhaven Experiment full version realease. It time to kill zombies!!
The Brookhaven Experiment is available now on SteamVR to play on the HTC Vive! Only $19.99. Scary doesn't even cover it.http://s...
horrensui 2 767 Last post 07-July-16, 03:02:27
by babacadu
Can I exchange the HDMI cable to be DP on the link box of vive?
Can I exchange the HDMI cable to be DP on the link box of vive?My graphics card only one HDMI port. DP cable is workable for viv...
kowatwan 1 1026 Last post 26-July-16, 02:08:07
by mktgho
Chance to win a PlayStation VR Headset on Launch Day!! (10/1/2016)
PS-World are giving away one PlayStation VR Headset on Launch Day, Get you chance to win the highly anticipated gaming periphera...
bhekithemba 1 624 Last post 13-July-16, 20:52:52
by bechka
Connect HTC VIVE to Nightblade cause no display before enter win10.
Hi...I bought a nightblade x2 and every thing is fine.[font=Century G
sherry0816 7 1504 Last post Best Answer 30-June-16, 20:27:19
by mktgho
Considering All-in-one and my problems with mine
Hi i have an msi all in one. had for a while now. dont really know the model series. but the specs are like this : core i5-4210H...
nissaar2890 1 767 Last post 07-October-18, 00:09:59
by nissaar2890
CPU for virtual reality is important? (Help)
hey guys ...I want to build a gaming pc for play games and maybe vr in future. But a little confuse about cpu select. Some infor...
aodhagan 4 703 Last post 14-July-16, 03:26:03
by rickkuo
Deepoon Starts Shipping M2, the World's First All-in-One VR Headset
More news in Deepoon website. much to say here apart from that It's literally about 5...
toromalin 0 878 Last post 25-July-16, 19:27:46
by toromalin
Derren Brown’s HTC Vive VR Ghost Train Ride Now Open
Theme Park combine HTV Vive with Ghost Train.Looks like so horrible and creepy however this is U.K. only.Maybe VR experience wil...
rickkuo 2 911 Last post 15-July-16, 20:39:49
by babalassu
DIRT RALLY - Monte Carlo!the Subaru is fantastic to drive in VR!
Jump into some more Dirt Rally and check out the Monte Carlo stage with the HTC VIVE using Oculus rift Revive drivers !
hansonhsu 0 740 Last post 23-July-16, 04:45:14
by hansonhsu
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