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What spec should I buy for VR?How long will these spec last me?
Hi..I would like to buy MI2 or looks small and fancy.but what spec should I buy for VR gameplay and maybe some develop...
muhammadru 2 492 Last post 28-June-16, 20:19:56
by kassaryne
Fighting virtual reality sickness!!!
Engineers have developed a way to combat virtual reality sickness that can be applied to consumer head-worn VR displays, such as...
esfir1977 2 578 Last post 28-June-16, 20:05:37
by kassaryne
VR WORKOUT! | Holoball | HTC Vive Gameplay. Hey ,take exercise!
HoloBall plunges players into an action-sports arcade arena inspired by one of the most iconic games of all time. Use your paddl...
caelius20 1 542 Last post 28-June-16, 20:00:37
by kassaryne
Every VR Game in the Steam Summer Sale and summary list.
You should take a look at the typically madSteam Summer Sale and spend even more time inside your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. It’s ...
esfir1977 2 622 Last post 28-June-16, 02:58:39
by Edgedg
First Person Shooter game "VR SHOOTER GUNS"
VR SHOOTER GUNS still not available on steam store. But it looks good.
caelius20 0 517 Last post 27-June-16, 20:19:35
by caelius20
Should I waiting GTX1070 for VR? GTX970 with MI2/Aegis will have discount?
Should I waiting GTX1070 for VR? Old graphics with MI2 or Aegis will have discount?
muhammadru 4 751 Last post 27-June-16, 19:14:36
by caelius20
Is any bundle program with HTC Vive? (Aegis or Nightblade)
Is any bundle program with HTC Vive? (Aegis or Nightblade) Something like Oculus with ASUS. Tks
rickychen86 2 653 Last post 27-June-16, 18:12:30
by lukedavin
Oculus Removes DRM Restrictions Blocking ReVive Hack!!
That`s mean we can play oculus games on VIVE again…Oculus: "We won't use hardware checks as part of DRM on PC in the future."Upd...
esfir1977 2 556 Last post 27-June-16, 02:20:14
by tingting0702
Steam Summer Picnic Sale !!! Crazy Discount
Steam release Crazy Discount for many games from 23 June to July 4th Especially VR Game, It is a good time to enjoy VR in Summer...
rickkuo 5 938 Last post 26-June-16, 19:27:37
by esfir1977
MageWorks,HTC VR Game but you cannot find it from steam!
MageWorks,HTC VR Game but you cannot find it from steam!Created by Earthborn Interactive, LLCDay job got you down? Ever want to ...
adammola11 0 743 Last post 26-June-16, 07:09:48
by adammola11
ZefirVR : 360 Photo Editor and Viewer (Support Vive/Oculus/Cardboard.)
360 Photo Editor and ViewerCapture from Ricoh Theta S, edit and preview 360 photos  instantly with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Goog...
adammola11 0 954 Last post 26-June-16, 06:57:00
by adammola11
Future of StarVR Headset: Roomscale Tracking, Input, Eye-tracking..but....
Future of StarVR Headset: Roomscale Tracking, Input, Eye-tracking..but not consumer~~~~Share from VR to road.http://www.roadtovr...
adammola11 0 688 Last post 26-June-16, 06:42:31
by adammola11
More free contents release on steam. Free is good!! (23-Jun)
Whatever, Free is good. Just play it.Octoshield VR (Demo download , Early Access $125)
markheaven 3 719 Last post 26-June-16, 05:12:13
by emily6648
E3 2016 Awesome news - Fallout 4 will arrive on HTC Vive in 2017.
Fallout 4 is the best PC game of 2016 and the VR version will arrive on HTC Vive in 2017. That`s great news for VR gamers.
ampxxt9645 3 914 Last post 26-June-16, 05:07:24
by emily6648
How to make your own mixed reality VR setup!! You will like it.
That`s half MR , player still in VR world but video look like a MR world.Just show people what virtual reality is like?[img widt...
goodone11 4 1070 Last post 25-June-16, 09:10:24
by u8706017
Sony PSVR !! $399, Oct 13, 50 up games , that`s really exciting!!!
Sony come with its own VR HMD for the PlayStation 4, and it's called the PlayStation VR. We know it costs less than the Oculus R...
ampxxt9645 8 1757 Last post 25-June-16, 09:05:04
by u8706017
VR , the future of the Gaming , Aegis X launch day @Computex 2016
Let's check out ‪#‎MSI‬ ‪#‎M0810‬ ‪#‎AegisX‬ @ Computex 2016 , come to join the party with Gaming Desktop and Gaming All-in-One ...
edcwtsai 5 1294 Last post 25-June-16, 04:48:17
by cdbrave
PlayStation VR preview: Affordable virtual reality for the gamers.
Contents still the power of SonyShare from Pocket-lint.
markheaven 1 663 Last post 25-June-16, 04:16:26
by cdbrave
HTC Vive Teardown Review!
Very detail HTC Vive Teardown Review! Share from iFixit.
bertram999 3 638 Last post 25-June-16, 04:11:31
by cdbrave
Meet MSi's VRready products
Hi gamers,Do you catch the latest trend, Virtual Reality? It would be the next big thing you won't want to miss. Today let us se...
ginolin 4 864 Last post 25-June-16, 00:25:29
by maxcheng18999
Very detail Oculus Rift CV1 Teardown from iFixit!!
Very detail Oculus Rift CV1 Teardown from iFixit!!
bertram999 1 639 Last post 21-June-16, 15:55:06
by mktgho
Really new forum,could I share any types of VR contents, rules or conditions?
That`s a really new forum and relation contents still poor.Actually, I love VR that awesome feeling and also msi gaming fans.cou...
noahjohnson 1 552 Last post 21-June-16, 15:24:58
by mktgho
StarVR Prototype Will Give You Field-of-View Envy!!
StarVR is an in-development VR headset from Starbreeze Studios which revolves around a massive 210 degree field of view.E3 Star ...
ampxxt9645 1 828 Last post 19-June-16, 05:22:52
by mktgho
Zeiss VR One Plus Headset Hands On at E3
Just share the VR news. Have fun:)[img width=800 height=450]http://vrsource...
ampxxt9645 0 892 Last post 18-June-16, 08:09:45
by ampxxt9645
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