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nvidia driver issue?
Just anyone wondering or for anyone experiencing this problem,  The nvidia  latest 372... drivers still causing massive frame ra...
nomoreice 1 966 Last post 29-September-16, 09:42:00
by rickkuo
Anybody play the audiosheld ? it wouldn`t load any songs.
Anybody play the audiosheld ? it wouldn`t load any songs. That`s my problem or game`s problem?
nomoreice 1 842 Last post 29-September-16, 09:38:51
by rickkuo
Hello,I wanted to install Linux Ubuntu 16.04 on a Cubi N but I have is, remove the USB key too soon to reboot, then I have a bla...
bendahmanefabienne 1 1065 Last post 24-September-16, 09:29:15
by badboy2k
VR Equipment suggestions, advice, prices.
Hello people!!  So, i just got my new MSI gaming gtx 970 4g, and im thinking about some VR equipment...Ill gladly listen to sugg...
jurisicmarkojurke 5 1293 Last post 19-September-16, 15:47:25
by badboy2k
VR (Vive & oculus) vs AR (Microsoft Hololens)
I think this is pretty awesome. User doesn't need to wear heavy helmet.The movie Iron Man scene will come true recently.Game pla...
rickkuo 0 978 Last post 07-September-16, 07:00:03
by rickkuo
Aegis with vive , it will go black in 1-2 minutes.Help!!
HI...I got msi Aeigs and Vive few days ago ,but it cannot play vr properly.I try to play with my Vive since a few days but whene...
kowatwan 1 1024 Last post 27-July-16, 01:45:30
by rickkuo
Can I exchange the HDMI cable to be DP on the link box of vive?
Can I exchange the HDMI cable to be DP on the link box of vive?My graphics card only one HDMI port. DP cable is workable for viv...
kowatwan 1 1026 Last post 26-July-16, 02:08:07
by mktgho
Aegis X - VR Ready and VR Link
Are you ready for VR? VR wearable gadgets have become very hot in past years. System manufacturers are reacting positive to this...
myikari 16 3082 Last post 25-July-16, 20:50:31
by kowatwan
NVIDIA® VR Funhouse free download on steam!!check your rig if powerful enough!
Note: This game requires a high end GeForce GTX GPU and CPU – please ensure you meet the system requirements below before downlo...
bloodboost 6 1010 Last post 25-July-16, 20:48:01
by kowatwan
Deepoon Starts Shipping M2, the World's First All-in-One VR Headset
More news in Deepoon website. much to say here apart from that It's literally about 5...
toromalin 0 878 Last post 25-July-16, 19:27:46
by toromalin
VR owners. how has your usage been over time?Just help to research.
VR owners. how has your usage been over time?Just help to research.How long and how few times a week well after purchase?Thank f...
babalassu 5 927 Last post 25-July-16, 19:18:08
by toromalin
What games do people want developed in VR?
Kiiler app still not available, what kind of vr game do you want to developed? What`s your VR idea?Everything is possible to be ...
illystockton 3 907 Last post 25-July-16, 19:14:17
by toromalin
Nightblade MI with GTX960 , VR Performance "capable" , should I buy VR?
lot time for video and sometimes for games , I should upgrade the graphic card or any recommend?Is it any different between Ocul...
selinachiu 5 965 Last post 25-July-16, 19:12:24
by toromalin
What are the best VR games of multiplayer you played?
there`re more and more vr game for multiplayer , how many games you played and which is the best?Hover Junker? Pool nation? or R...
kwabena11 3 697 Last post 25-July-16, 19:02:35
by toromalin
Star Wars - Trials on Tatooine,Commence your Jedi training !!! (Free)
Commence your Jedi training in this Star Wars virtual reality demo experience. Repair the Millennium Falcon, defend it from atta...
hansonhsu 1 762 Last post 25-July-16, 19:00:54
by toromalin
1st time Charades in VR - Rec Room 'It's not what it looks like!!(Free)
First time playing Charades in Rec Room and it was such a blast haha, if you were playing with me give me a shout, would love to...
hansonhsu 1 782 Last post 25-July-16, 18:26:12
by toromalin
DIRT RALLY - Monte Carlo!the Subaru is fantastic to drive in VR!
Jump into some more Dirt Rally and check out the Monte Carlo stage with the HTC VIVE using Oculus rift Revive drivers !
hansonhsu 0 740 Last post 23-July-16, 04:45:14
by hansonhsu
ILMxLAB's Darth Vader VR Story Experience Teaser!!!
ILMxLAB announced its latest project at Star Wars Celebration Europe. The infamous villain Darth Vader will take a central role ...
hansonhsu 0 741 Last post 23-July-16, 04:40:40
by hansonhsu
Which one easy to setup, oculus or vive? I'm not expert in computer.
I have a chance to buy a VR device. but which one easy to setup, oculus or vive? I'm not expert in computer. any recommend?
selinachiu 3 1025 Last post 23-July-16, 04:12:39
by hansonhsu
Raw Data - nVidia Performance`s a possible to fix!
Just try if have the same issue. Hope it will help you guys.edit steam.vrsettings (in steamvr folder)"renderTargetMultiplier" : ...
kwabena11 2 702 Last post 22-July-16, 21:28:24
by melatisun
Pokemon Go!! Perfect match!!Aegis and Pikachu....
Share by MSI USA Facebook;D Perfect match!!!
adamsouli 2 613 Last post 22-July-16, 21:03:02
by melatisun
HTC Vive VR Cover (Waterproof for Exhibitions / Sport)
The HTC Vive VR Cover offers an easy way to keep your Vive clean. The waterproof Vive VR Covers are made from a soft leather lik...
horrensui 7 1483 Last post 22-July-16, 20:24:09
by illystockton
Raw Data - Change the Vsync and window size to get better performance.
Have a look at this file: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\RawData\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini.Setting "bU...
kwabena11 1 777 Last post 22-July-16, 20:17:23
by illystockton
GTX1060 coming, the best choice for VR? $299 almost gtx980 performance
GTX1060 will be the best choice of VR ? It look cheaper than GTX970 and performance up to GTX980 .msi gaming desktop will have i...
adamsouli 5 1066 Last post 22-July-16, 19:44:30
by illystockton
VRChat is coming!Creat and play in virtual worlds!!
VRChat lets you create, publish, and explore virtual worlds with other people from around the world.This is a great time to conn...
kwabena11 0 769 Last post 18-July-16, 20:24:04
by kwabena11
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