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Sticky Topics
Here is our MSI exclusive utility, give them a try and leave your thoughts and commands!"Silent Option" Fan Control Application ...
msiTechNB 0 24066 Last post 21-July-15, 06:41:16
by msiTechNB
Information Update(Date: 2016/7/24)Dear valued customer,We have been receiving several reports of TDR problem at our gaming note...
msiTechNB 0 10440 Last post 01-April-16, 12:28:30
by msiTechNB
Dear all,If you want to insert files and know more forum text edition functions, please refer to the attachment.Best Regards,msi...
msiTechNB 0 6960 Last post 05-August-16, 11:37:04
by msiTechNB
NB Technical Discussions Forum Rules & Posting Guide:1. This sub forum is only for [Technical Discussions] of [MSI Gaming Notebo...
msiTechNB 0 9462 Last post 10-February-17, 09:22:00
by msiTechNB
Find more Gaming Notebook FAQs before 27-October-13 HERE[GT70]Camera not working.(May 3rd 2014)[GS70 2PC/2PE] Game, Benchmark so...
msiTechNB 10 18666 Last post 05-March-17, 15:06:16
by crafting201502
According to a post by PUBG’s community manager on their forum, the new anti-cheat system will search the game’s files to detect...
msiTechNB 27 11520 Last post 14-June-19, 17:12:55
by vellinboute.vb
Normal Topics
bluetooth not working
My bluetooth is not working.  I have tried downloading several times and it works every now and then.  I can't find anything in ...
busbytw 0 660 Last post 09-December-16, 00:56:12
by busbytw
Fn key not working on Notebook U130
HelloThe Fn key on my Notebook U130 doesn't seem to be working although I have only used it a handful of times.This means I can'...
bluenose_ted 0 619 Last post 11-December-16, 22:14:44
by bluenose_ted
Are others having recurring driver and utility issues?
I have spent thirty to forty hours dealing with poorly written software over and over and over again.  This website is a perfect...
maxl 2 785 Last post 15-January-17, 17:28:22
by ryanee7414
question about the Shift boost
Hey, guys, i just recently bought a PE60 6QE computer and i found out the shift boost is not working on this computer, can anyon...
yiwenkairen 1 505 Last post 08-February-17, 11:23:30
by pralaimi
Msi gs63vr does not charge?
I just bought a brand new GS63VR 7Rf. It came with only Freedos installed, so no Win10!When I plugged in the AC charger on the l...
canmehmet 1 916 Last post 08-February-17, 14:22:21
by sportkung
Battery program
Hello. I don't know is this the right place to ask but I'll give it a try.I own a GE72 6QD MSI laptop and I was wondering is the...
nerijuskuprys92 1 659 Last post 08-February-17, 14:27:36
by sportkung
MSI GT72 6QD slows after using for several hours
Hello all,I have awkward problem with my GT72 6QD which gets slowed severely after using laptop for few hours.Normaly, when I pl...
rladnxo 1 536 Last post 10-February-17, 18:54:23
by zipper
GE72 2QF APACHE PRO Buzzing/rattling sound when GPU comes on ???
Hi everyone.So as the title says,I've had the laptop for some time now(Warranty is still on + ticket already created)My fan just...
maxsyme.mondoux 1 585 Last post 13-February-17, 09:41:38
by zipper
which model ofd lcd panel for ge62vr can work for true colour and where to buy
which model ofd lcd panel for ge62vr can work for true colour and where to buy thanks in advance
jeremy.yourstruely 1 413 Last post 13-February-17, 10:46:13
by Konstantin
MSI GT62VR 6RE Dominator Pro RAM usage steadily increases
I've noticed that my ram usage steadily increases even if I am doing nothing and not having any other programs open. It''ll star...
Raastheboss 1 557 Last post 13-February-17, 10:55:53
by Konstantin
win 10 login screen goes on and off
Hi all i have a problem with my gt73vre 6re: when i start the pc and i arrive at the login screenm the screen goese on and off a...
giuliodraghi 1 460 Last post 13-February-17, 11:09:42
by Konstantin
GT72 2QD G-1667 Freezing on MSI logo on boot, then powers off
Help, I am pulling out my remaining hair over this one.  Until this morning my GT72 was running flawlessly, however this morning...
kdillg 3 521 Last post 13-February-17, 11:40:36
by Konstantin
AE72VR 7RF can not boot with UFEI
I'm testing a cable card TV viewer that requires UFEI and TPM.  By default, my new laptop was set to 'legacy' boot.   When I set...
ggrussell 2 498 Last post 13-February-17, 12:17:47
by Konstantin
MSI GL62 M.2 NVMe gen.3 x4 doesn't show up in BIOS bought this SSD ...
angelus_ 1 634 Last post 13-February-17, 12:31:02
by Konstantin
Very loud noise from GPU of my new GE72vr
When I start a game the noise starts and continues after I exit game. Noise stops when I restart my laptop (I guess external GPU...
dtsaykopat 2 866 Last post 13-February-17, 13:11:51
by Konstantin
Dedicated GPU for video editing
I purchased a new 2017 MSI GE72VR 7RF Apache specifically for the GTX1060 which is supported with my video editor and other medi...
ggrussell 2 518 Last post 13-February-17, 13:26:53
by ggrussell
MSI GS63 VR 7RF BIG white dot on the screen! NEW LAPTOP!
Hello!I just bought MSI GS63 VR 7RF with UHD screen, when I power it up and use it for less than 4 hours I found big white dot o...
gerush 5 985 Last post 13-February-17, 13:30:14
by gerush
Help with BIOS update
hey guys, i want to up date bios on my GP62 6QF to E16J5IMS.118 from  E16J5IMS.10D, but on the BIOS download page it says, If yo...
harsh.p420 3 733 Last post 13-February-17, 13:48:31
by Konstantin
Help with back-lit logo
So I just got my Leopard pro-408 notebook and was wondering if it had the back-lit logo on the lid. I have seen other MSI notebo...
bzbutler96 2 1191 Last post 13-February-17, 13:55:26
by Konstantin
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