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Sticky Topics
Dear all,If you want to insert files and know more forum text edition functions, please refer to the attachment.Best Regards,msi...
msiTechNB 0 6293 Last post 05-August-16, 11:37:04
by msiTechNB
Here is our MSI exclusive utility, give them a try and leave your thoughts and commands!"Silent Option" Fan Control Application ...
msiTechNB 0 22621 Last post 21-July-15, 06:41:16
by msiTechNB
Find more Gaming Notebook FAQs before 27-October-13 HERE[GT70]Camera not working.(May 3rd 2014)[GS70 2PC/2PE] Game, Benchmark so...
msiTechNB 10 17449 Last post 05-March-17, 15:06:16
by crafting201502
Information Update(Date: 2016/7/24)Dear valued customer,We have been receiving several reports of TDR problem at our gaming note...
msiTechNB 0 9635 Last post 01-April-16, 12:28:30
by msiTechNB
NB Technical Discussions Forum Rules & Posting Guide:1. This sub forum is only for [Technical Discussions] of [MSI Gaming Notebo...
msiTechNB 0 8575 Last post 10-February-17, 09:22:00
by msiTechNB
According to a post by PUBG’s community manager on their forum, the new anti-cheat system will search the game’s files to detect...
msiTechNB 20 9085 Last post 14-March-19, 21:00:46
by Kaushal Mehta
Normal Topics
Installing windows 7 on new gt73vr 6re
Hello!Ive recently bought long waited laptop, everything shiny and awesome (compared to my previous bag of potatoes with screen)...
010.pozor 0 353 Last post 03-December-17, 21:21:33
by 010.pozor
Intel-SA00125 fix for MSI GS43VR 7RE
When do we get the latest Intel Management engine firmware fixing Intel-SA00125 for MSI GS43VR 7RE?
010111P 1 155 Last post 06-November-18, 06:12:40
by freeyh
MSI GL62m 7RDX Keyboard issue.
Hi.My MSI Gl62m 7rdx has lately starting to experience an issue where I need to hold FN to use keys on my keyboard like Backspac...
1337yuriboyka 1 453 Last post 13-April-18, 13:05:06
by Shoukaku
Internal Hard Drive not Showing Up
The internal hard drive in my gs63vr stealth pro doesn't show up in the disk management folder and I have no access to it, no fo...
14clehman.stem 5 774 Last post 09-March-19, 15:37:11
by mistrall
MSI GS65 8RF-078 - 100% CPU Load while gaming
Hello guys,right now after hours of research, I need further help/tips. I got the strange problem that my CPU load is awkwardly ...
1704nico 4 176 Last post 20-December-18, 15:33:14
by 1704nico
Windows gone, need default admin password.
Woke up one morning to find that Windows had completely gone, leading to the recovery screen of "Looks like Windows didn't load ...
17nousey.stem 1 627 Last post 19-June-17, 07:17:30
by Konstantin
GE73VR 7RE Ram Use?
My Laptop shows I've got installed 8gb of Ram but only 7.75gb is useable is this right for this Gaming Laptop or should it show ...
1976steven 1 103 Last post 16-September-18, 18:32:05
by sydneyblue203
MSI GE73VR New Firmware update
Today I checked on the device manager on my MSI GE73VR-7RE laptop for firmware update and it downloaded new version 17C1EMSI.107...
1976steven 0 267 Last post 01-March-18, 19:40:35
by 1976steven
GE73VR 7RE Help
Yesterday through device manager checked for firmware update and their was new update MS-17C1 SBIOS Ver. 107 before that it's wa...
1976steven 0 291 Last post 02-March-18, 10:00:57
by 1976steven
New BIOS for GE73VR
As you can see I've got new BIOS dated 2018/02/08 on my laptop even before it's up on the support page for this model.Few things...
1976steven 0 260 Last post 03-March-18, 23:15:09
by 1976steven
New BIOS for GE73VR 7RE with new Intel microcode for spectre flaw
As can see just got the new BIOS update dated 2018/02/22 and is protected against spectre flaw. This update as I can see not up ...
1976steven 8 1097 Last post 04-April-18, 13:13:09
by DarkwingsDuck
GE73VR 7RE Intel i7-7700HQ Windows 10 upgrade 1803 Help
Has anyone upgraded their one yet to the new April update of Windows 10 as I'm still waiting on to see first to do it or not yet...
1976steven 1 326 Last post 01-May-18, 17:30:05
by CTKirito
New BIOS for GE73VR 7RE After upgrading to Windows 10 ver 1803
I've just upgraded to the new Windows 10 April update all went great for it then when I checked in device manager on my BIOS upd...
1976steven 1 335 Last post 02-May-18, 06:01:19
by igor.kolgotin
Killer Control Center
Watch out for the new version of killer control center ver 1.6.1858 if you get it through windows update. As i got it through wi...
1976steven 2 6758 Last post 21-May-18, 21:22:33
by doctor.xause
GE73VR Intel HD Graphics 630 using there auto update driver online heads up
As you can see from the uploaded picture I took I ran Intel driver update and how can Intel say I've got update for this when it...
1976steven 3 190 Last post 15-June-18, 02:36:03
by DarkwingsDuck
GE73VR 7RE Turbo mode help
I'm now at last having good mess about with settings though Dragon center for this Gaming Laptop.Just wondering what would you r...
1976steven 3 369 Last post 19-June-18, 01:32:19
by sydneyblue203
GE73VR 7RE Help memory
Is this normal usage of the memory for this laptop as it never goes below 49% as its like this when boot it up and I don't do an...
1976steven 4 205 Last post 26-September-18, 17:05:43
by 1976steven
GE73VR 7RE Help usb ports stopped working?
My 2 sub ports on the right hand side have stopped working won't light up or recognise anything plugged into them the one on the...
1976steven 0 72 Last post 30-August-18, 18:44:33
by 1976steven
GE73VR 7RE Nvidia Graphics GTX1060 6gb help
I just got a update for my Nvidia GTX1060 through windows I've been on driver version 391.35 from nvidia themselves. When i chec...
1976steven 1 170 Last post 08-September-18, 20:52:58
by MichaelT.
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