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anna97, daniel.sole.morera and 74 Guests are viewing this board.
Got a typical GE72 keyboard defect, RMA rejected cause liquid damage
When I got problems with my GE72 keyboard (not working R, Q and D keys) I researched the issue on the internet and found out tha...
fireofthemind123 2 36 Last post Today at 07:44:10
by free103486
msi gt72 6qe dominator pro....keyboard...problems
Two...days...ago...I...noticed...three. ..keys...are...not...workin''s...wrong....sometimes they.....
alleryaxxx 8 1660 Last post Today at 04:45:20
by jakub1936
CD/DVD Rom won't open
There is a button on the right side of my GF78RE gaming notebook.  It looks like a cd/dvd rom but it will not open.  I've presse...
woodardkc 12 159 Last post Today at 00:44:33
by pennknig
Replacement laptop under warranty
I bought my laptop in September 2018, from PC World. In December the hinge broke and I took it back to PC World. They told me th...
photog 1 28 Last post Yesterday at 22:22:23
by pennknig
GL62VR 7RFX won't update BIOS.
Hello,I am having issues at updating this laptop to the latest BIOS E16JBIMS.319 from MSi's official site. Currently this laptop...
gonzalesg10 7 187 Last post Yesterday at 18:29:04
GF63 8RC - CPU throttles at 25W TDP while all temps are OK
Hello, everyone.I have this computer, MSI GF63 8RC gaming notebook. It has i5 8300H processor and GTX 1050 graphics processing u...
karamelemre 2 236 Last post Yesterday at 15:37:26
by biezdar
Upgrading SSD advice/experience sharing for MSI GT72 with 2017 hardware
Hello, I am the proud owner of an older GT72 2QE, ...
crazyworld238 8 1193 Last post Yesterday at 15:34:02
by david
ge63 raider rgb 8re - plugging in headphones, having to select them on pop-up
i got this laptop for christmas for gaming and art use but there seems to be an issue regarding the title. anytime i plug in ear...
hoshitobokurato 1 43 Last post Yesterday at 12:28:04
by free103486
Wi-Fi constantly stops working whenever I play any game GS63 Stealth
For the past week or two, I have been constantly lagging whenever I start up any of my games. This doesn't happen to me when I a...
zephyrusarrow24 2 45 Last post Yesterday at 12:27:33
by anneht
Laptop shut down in mid game
Hey guys ! I have a notebook GT62Vr 7RE Dominator Pro. I bought it in December 2017. So I am having a hard time because my lapto...
nadyapeanut 1 46 Last post Yesterday at 12:09:02
by anneht
Windows 10 endless repair loop - help!
I just had a little issue with my GE73VR laptop which is less than a year old. Before I had it, it belonged to my boss and she p... 4 92 Last post Yesterday at 10:13:27
by pennknig
msi ge72vr 7rf/Overheating in games
BIOS Version:E179BIMS.307 BIOS RELEASE DATE:2017/01/16 EC VERSİON:9S7179B11290ZH3000054 ([font
ssahin1531 9 1967 Last post Yesterday at 10:07:45
by whitecat8890
No Sound, No GPU, Restart requires changing bios
I bought an Apache Pro GE70 2PE off kijiji and I put a 480GB kingston SSD in it.I installed windows 10 professional onto it.Ther...
axiom.choi 8 143 Last post Yesterday at 10:02:55
by free103486
Fail to autodetect analog jack input- GE73 Raider
My rig- Ge73Raider RGB 8RFwin10 home, 1809i7 8750, nvidia 1070, 16GB ramI have just gotten a brand new Ge73 Raider, and used hea...
NawtL33t 3 69 Last post Yesterday at 09:55:02
by free103486
realtek digital output "not plugged in"
Alright, so my Realtek Digital Output playback device is listed as "not plugged in". I am able to hear sounds, its just that whe...
moran.225 3 68 Last post Yesterday at 09:47:36
by free103486
MOVED: Deepcool RGB 100 Plus to my B450M Mortar Titanium
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
msiTechNB 0 10 Last post Yesterday at 09:42:40
by msiTechNB
How to Calibrate battery / How to bind function button P1 ???
Hello. a month ago I bought new - MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RESo after starting up up computer for the first time they offered me to ...
elvijsag 2 36 Last post Yesterday at 09:09:35
by free103486
GV62 7RD not recognizing M.2 NVME SSD
I've spent the last 3 hours trying to figure out what's wrong and I'm tired...According to MSI, 1x M.2 SSD Combo (NVMe PCIe Gen3...
alexandru-gheorghiu 7 75 Last post Yesterday at 09:01:51
by pennknig
No Touchpad settings show up in mouse settings on new GL73 8RD laptop
So I just got this brand new GL73 8RD laptop.  The setup of everything else went just fine but of course the touchpad scrolling ...
shanamyr 2 36 Last post Yesterday at 08:12:16
by free103486
Speakers and mic disappeared
Hi,  I was using my GE73 Raider 8RE and windows 10 crashed suddenly. I restarted the computer and after that, i have lost all th...
ptz 3 79 Last post Yesterday at 01:41:38
by dragonsbreathe
Disk reading files of my hdd is really slow, is it normal?
Hello guys, i need to ask 1 thing. I have a msi gp63 leopard 8re, hdd with 1 TB size. So the problem is my hdd disk reading is r...
freddystanlee987 1 26 Last post 16-January-19, 20:40:23
by pennknig
External monitor lag
Hi,just bought a GP63-8RE gaming laptop and want to use an external monitor on the Mini Display Port with this adapter:UGREEN Mi...
bitschech 3 78 Last post 16-January-19, 14:04:05
by bitschech
projector issue
There is a strange "flickering" only on one side/corner of my image. This happens regardless of my input source (computer, DVD, ...
tryinlanister 1 40 Last post 16-January-19, 12:32:43
by free103486
Change language
Hi, I just bought an MSI GF63 8RC from china. Everything is in chinese how can I change the language ?
laughlove02 2 50 Last post 16-January-19, 10:06:06
Msi gt73evr 7rf vga bios
I have an msi gt73evr 7rf and i need the latestl original vios for thr gtx 1080 please!!!i am having problem with some games lik...
dimitrios.christou.87 5 116 Last post 16-January-19, 09:58:46
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