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DirectX crashes in game only when laptop plugged in
A variety of games don't work - they work fine when the laptop is unplugged, but as soon as it plugs in DirectX crashes and goes...
danielkang380 1 690 Last post 13-February-17, 14:15:52
by Konstantin
Does MSI make this board anymore [font="Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][font="Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif...
chancey.auman 1 562 Last post 13-February-17, 14:31:49
by Konstantin
Looking for suggestions to enhance gaming performance.
Looking to upgrade my processor and/or one of my graphics cards. Just want the best performance for my computer, and would prefe...
kpanda92 2 736 Last post 13-February-17, 14:33:17
by kpanda92
MSI GS70 Stealth Battery Not Charging (+other issues)
HiI have had my GS70 Stealth for almost 4 years now. Theres been a few issues, but generally I love it. Not long ago the battery...
freddie.brown 1 974 Last post 13-February-17, 15:07:28
by Konstantin
MSI Brick
I screwed up when I was doing a BIOS update and now I own a very expensive "BRICK". Can anybody tell me if it's possible to get ...
trucker2k1 1 632 Last post 13-February-17, 15:09:13
by Konstantin
Display adjustments
Just bought a new AE72VR with 7700HQ and GTX1060.  I find all the preset display settings not for my taste.  I can adjust bright...
ggrussell 4 4225 Last post 13-February-17, 15:14:50
by ggrussell
LOW FPS problem, GP62MVR leopard pro notebook(GTX 1060)
Hi I recently bought a Leopard pro gaming laptop with a GTX 1060, ive noticed that ive been getting low fps on 1080p games, even...
jeffwalker.hvac 1 844 Last post 13-February-17, 15:15:03
by Konstantin
Cooling fans problems
Anybody else having problems with their cooling fans on their laptop ? Almost brand new bought in December and now one of the fa...
henrikp74 1 448 Last post 13-February-17, 15:16:49
by Konstantin
HiI red on forum about installing the EC UPDATE however I have tried that and when i run the install it says PRODUCT INCORRECT I...
danielalexnegoita 1 748 Last post 13-February-17, 15:19:58
by Konstantin
MSI GT73VR 6RE Titan - CRASHES FIXED - Return or Keep???? Looking for Advice
Hey all,Not long joined these forums and have had some great information/help from everyone to sort the issue for my Titan Lapto...
c.crocker 1 781 Last post 13-February-17, 15:32:08
by Konstantin
Dragon center
Hi,I have a issue with my dragon center, in the shift mode. I realized when I restore my computer to factory setting, plus updat...
luis_ku17 1 668 Last post 13-February-17, 15:36:17
by Konstantin
MSI GE-60 (motherboard ms-16GH1) component dommage
Hi every one, I would be very thankful if someone give me the answer I need.For a while my laptop took a very long time to boot ...
slama.yousri 1 1096 Last post 13-February-17, 15:43:59
by Konstantin
Help me with my crashed nvidia in my msi laptop
Can someone please tell me what to do to fix my computer?
mikadewit2002 1 461 Last post 13-February-17, 15:45:47
by Konstantin
GT72 2QD Dom-G Ram Voltage?
Hi there, Can anyone confirm what voltage this rig can handle? DDR3L prob means low voltage, so currently I have 1.35V, but can ...
Sagittia 2 528 Last post 13-February-17, 19:25:29
by Sagittia
GT73VR 6RE-034 - Sound Issues. Muddy/Distorted
Hi All,Recently spent a lot on a  GT73VR 6RE gaming laptop - and from day one there seems to be issues with the sound. Quite oft...
chrisbyatt99 2 569 Last post 14-February-17, 08:27:12
by chrisbyatt99
MSI PX60 Multiple Issues
Hi Everyone.I bought a MSI PX60 6QE 2 or 3 months back with Win 10 OS, it had been working perfectly till the last few days. I h...
najm989 3 655 Last post 14-February-17, 17:44:06
by najm989
cooling fan issue
I have a Radeon R9 290 Gaming, and the fans just started to run at 100% (card was idle) and continue to do so constantly. Any id... 3 665 Last post 14-February-17, 17:54:47
by leonardo.zng
MSI GS43VR Not Chargin
Hi Everyone,I just bought my first MSI Laptop, a GS43VR, and I love it. But, it doesn't seem to be charging. I saw a previous fo...
grnman1963 1 749 Last post 14-February-17, 17:57:41
by leonardo.zng
Hi everybodyA while back I was facing crashes in every single game just about I played (2 out of 9 I could play). I sent it off ...
warpedspaceman 2 646 Last post 14-February-17, 20:56:51
by tapa-rasa
Hi  need help on how to adjust sound bass and treble .just purchased notebook GP72 6QF W10HOME.thanks
alytus1974 1 5801 Last post 14-February-17, 21:06:30
by david
Ge72VR 6RF Apache Pro / I can't turn off led lights on keyboard
Hi guys, i hope you will help me to solve my led problem. Led lights are working without problem but when i try to turn them off...
brsfurkanuzun 3 5146 Last post 14-February-17, 21:16:47
by arfalconi
CX62-6QD SSD+HDD Combo will this work?
My brother has this laptop and his birthday is in a few months. I'm appalled by how slow a pc can boot up in 2017 especially wit...
shawn.recupido 2 1657 Last post 14-February-17, 22:27:05
by shawn.recupido
Hiya,Could someone please help me identify which eGPU will be compatible with this laptop? It's got USB-C, mDP and a Sandylake c...
mattblak81 2 809 Last post 15-February-17, 00:03:20
by mattblak81
MSI GE 72 2QD Apache Pro HELP PLZ
OK so ive had my msi for about a year now and its been amazing but for about a week and a half now every time i play OW the bott...
kenny.ermis 1 505 Last post 15-February-17, 15:57:39
by msiTechNB
Help with GE72 2QD Apache Pro
OK so ive had my msi for about a year now and its been amazing but for about a week and a half now every time i play OW the bott...
kenny.ermis 1 464 Last post 15-February-17, 16:00:52
by msiTechNB
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