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Killer Control Center
Watch out for the new version of killer control center ver 1.6.1858 if you get it through windows update. As i got it through wi...
1976steven 2 11210 Last post 21-May-18, 21:22:33
by doctor.xause
MSI GE73VR New Firmware update
Today I checked on the device manager on my MSI GE73VR-7RE laptop for firmware update and it downloaded new version 17C1EMSI.107...
1976steven 0 320 Last post 01-March-18, 19:40:35
by 1976steven
GE73VR 7RE Help memory
Is this normal usage of the memory for this laptop as it never goes below 49% as its like this when boot it up and I don't do an...
1976steven 4 247 Last post 26-September-18, 17:05:43
by 1976steven
GTX 1060 6gb GE73VR benchmark tests?
Been running some benchmark tests for this Gaming Laptop see what the graphic card is giving I'm getting 1911Mhz from it no over...
1976steven 0 165 Last post 29-September-18, 23:20:57
by 1976steven
Ram memory use with win 10 1803 GE73VR
As you can see my ram memory use in idle is in what should be low 30s% while using win 10 1809 it was way to high in the 60% in ...
1976steven 1 101 Last post 10-October-18, 21:26:53
by ThatOneName
GE73VR 7RE & MSI Afterburner?
Is it safe to use this overclocking software on gaming Laptop to overclock the GPU?I know that the Dragon center does it but doe...
1976steven 1 149 Last post 19-September-18, 18:26:15
by MichaelT.
GE73VR 7RE Help usb ports stopped working?
My 2 sub ports on the right hand side have stopped working won't light up or recognise anything plugged into them the one on the...
1976steven 0 113 Last post 30-August-18, 18:44:33
by 1976steven
GE73VR 7RE Ram Use?
My Laptop shows I've got installed 8gb of Ram but only 7.75gb is useable is this right for this Gaming Laptop or should it show ...
1976steven 1 157 Last post 16-September-18, 18:32:05
by sydneyblue203
GE73VR 7RE Nvidia Graphics GTX1060 6gb help
I just got a update for my Nvidia GTX1060 through windows I've been on driver version 391.35 from nvidia themselves. When i chec...
1976steven 1 252 Last post 08-September-18, 20:52:58
by MichaelT.
GE73VR 7RE Help
Yesterday through device manager checked for firmware update and their was new update MS-17C1 SBIOS Ver. 107 before that it's wa...
1976steven 0 354 Last post 02-March-18, 10:00:57
by 1976steven
GE73VR Drivers Update
Should I use msi own drivers to update to latest version on there support page of this make of laptop or use the Generic Drivers...
1976steven 1 204 Last post 09-September-18, 17:21:24
by MichaelT.
Have z270 with i3 and loaded civ.4. Try to play and get error message not compatible. any suggestion.
1bayoucajun 0 182 Last post 26-March-18, 14:11:07
by 1bayoucajun
Some games causing my gt72vr 7re k1611n to restart
I bought a MSI gt72vr 7re k1611n gtx1070 recently and I have only had the time to play a few games. For the most part I have fou...
1blimp1 5 856 Last post 26-November-17, 19:36:44
by Amaella
Issue with keyboard. Three buttons stopped working. What can be the issue?
The button are: "p", "'" and upper arrow. Malfunction in same time. Nothing was spilled, keyboard was not repaired or anything l...
1dziubo1 5 180 Last post 08-November-18, 12:48:36
by vadim605
[MSI GL62MVR 7RFX][Win 10] Sound and Video Internal Memory Management issues
Recently my computer has started to glitch out at certain points when a sound/video/game is played that causes my sound to makin...
2597615832 2 315 Last post 16-November-18, 19:40:59
by 2597615832
MSI GP72MVR 7RFX, hard drive connector
Hello, after the fall my laptop (MSI GP72MVR 7RFX) stopped seeing the hard drive, problem in hard drive connector on motherboard...
358963 1 150 Last post 03-August-18, 18:56:10
by NechArt
My laptop is overheating with no reasons
My laptop is msi gp72 leopard pro 6qeThe temperature is between 55 70 degrees while idle and between 70 85 degrees when my littl...
37kafkef 1 429 Last post 25-January-18, 17:38:46
by Amaella
How can I get an MSI windows 7 restoration dvd or .iso?
HelloI have been having problems with windows 7 updates lately. Windows gets an error that says "Failure to configure updates.. ...
3ld3rm4l490n 2 1221 Last post 24-April-17, 10:44:33
by Konstantin
GS 65 keyboard issue maybe
ok so when i have the key board set to white the webcam key is lit up red is this normal?
440camaro 1 130 Last post 24-September-18, 07:40:59
by MichaelT.
2 issues with my GL 62M 7RD
I just got this laptop and it has two issues. 1. A few keys on the keyboard are out and it looks like changing the board will me...
4gknights 5 179 Last post 09-May-19, 23:50:08
by 4gknights
keyboard gl62 6qe
the problem is that my keyboard keep typing ``````````````````` by itself.. i cant do my work because its keep appears and spamm...
4krammazlan 10 1848 Last post 31-May-17, 20:34:51
by 4krammazlan
Notebook GS70 2QE Stealth Pro - Mitigating Spectre
Can someone please advise - Is the development of BIOS updates mitigating Spectre Side Channel vulnerabilities .. Still being de...
4uldph4rt 4 382 Last post 05-May-18, 14:47:53
by 4uldph4rt
New [Exactly 1 week old] MSI GL62M 7RD notebook Running SLOW
so my father got me a new laptop which is a GL62M 7rd notebook.But for some reason out of the box I noticed that something was o...
4zurcrezemoht 1 145 Last post 04-December-18, 08:50:25
by annet
The Z X and Ctrl key on my gt72s 6qe stop working
Hi everyone. A few months ago I found that those keys on my laptop stopped working. I have tried to reinstall ec&bios, sse engin...
529419661 5 239 Last post 08-March-19, 07:07:42
by pennknig
MSI GE62-6QF-013XCN keyboard not working [CTRL, X and Z keys]
My keyboard is working intermittently particularly the CTRL, X and Z Button. I have noticed this since the past month and tried ...
592855694 3 176 Last post 09-February-19, 19:02:20
by RaiderGamer
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