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hckhoo and 68 Guests are viewing this board.
broken keyboard button..
hello everyone,  12 months ago i bought msi gp73 leopard 8th and its cost me about 1700euro,the button was unplugged from the ke...
tsutsubini 1 46 Last post 27-September-19, 20:34:39
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
CHK code x570 MB
Cant find any chk code on my x570 MB to register it
john 1 46 Last post 29-September-19, 21:51:25
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Hello, I was wondering, is the video card removable on this model, to be upgraded with a more performant one?
denis_monai 1 46 Last post 14-November-19, 18:20:47
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
What Fan speed I should choose in games?
Hello, sorry if post in wrong section. But I've just bought my first MSI GF75 laptop and I never had opportunity to choose fan s...
aniulis.karolis 1 47 Last post 16-November-19, 06:02:01
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
dan.turnock 1 48 Last post 14-October-19, 22:10:07
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Question about battery
Hi . I have a question about battery. When I play games should I use my battery if it's full or has a lot of % left, or should I...
asen.stoimenov 1 49 Last post 14-November-19, 18:23:44
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
GT72 6qd no power
So about 2 years ago while i was playing games or doing anything pretty much, my computer randomly stopped charging for 3 second...
kaneholiday66 1 50 Last post 07-November-19, 18:06:43
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Can anyone any help me regarding this strange illlumination pattern? i have disabled illumination. wheneever i am switching on m...
rellics 1 50 Last post 13-November-19, 17:58:52
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Laptop na 2 jaar al stuk. Start wel op maar geeft geen beeld
Hallo,Mijn laptop een MSI GS73VR 6RF-021NL om precies. Start (denk ik) wel op maar geeft geen beeld, de fans draaien en het toet...
henricoleusink12 1 50 Last post 10-November-19, 01:32:03
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
GP62MVR 7RFX Leopard Pro - Memory slowing / not getting recognised
Hi.I bought this laptop around mid-2019 and I did not really challenge it with games as I was preoccupied with work and such.But...
oaalads 1 51 Last post 30-October-19, 17:18:40
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Ge73 7rd screen upgrade?
Apologies for the N00B question!I've got a Ge73 7RD, and I damaged the screen when the hinge snapped on me unexpectedly. Im an e...
frater905 1 51 Last post 07-November-19, 18:03:53
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
GL63 8RCS turns off automatically while not using the laptop
Is there anyway to fix this? Has this occured to anyone else?
dinithpoorna 0 51 Last post 03-November-19, 04:55:13
by dinithpoorna
MSI GP63 8RE fan2 overloading
I have a recent issue with fan2 of my laptop. it runs at aroun 4300RPM in idle and Fan1 is at 0 .  in load, fan 2 stays around 4...
daraban.dorugabriel 1 52 Last post 06-November-19, 20:49:43
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
does MSI suck balls?
i want my working card to work on my working PC.
dmw226 0 52 Last post 10-November-19, 00:34:37
by dmw226
Checking Media Presence MSI GL63 8RCS
Note: I bought this laptop in September 2019. It's November 6, 2019. I already had to ship it to MSI RMA Department late Septemb...
crazguykwan 1 52 Last post 06-November-19, 21:22:46
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
MOVED: reset bios on Trident x 9th plus
This topic has been moved to GAMING Desktop PCs / Monitor / All-in-One PCs.
msiTechNB 0 52 Last post 29-July-19, 05:39:42
by msiTechNB
MSI GL65-9SD 067XFR/068XFR detailed specs not found anywhere
HelloI am a new member here, and this is my first post.Recently, I have purshased a new laptop : the MSI GL65-9SD 067XFR. It is ...
Mar_M@SI 1 52 Last post 13-November-19, 19:15:52
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
MSI GT72 Shutting off while gaming on battery
When I have the graphics card enabled and try to play a game on battery it just shuts down but on integrated graphics it works b...
Ryan Johnston 1 53 Last post 28-October-19, 00:07:07
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Assistance needed - screen/motherboard problem.
My laptop (GE73VR 7RE Raider) has recently started showing the blue error screen, something about "exception not handled". The l...
tonnies69 1 53 Last post 14-November-19, 18:28:02
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Fn + F6 not showing notification? (browser problem, pls delete)
I use Fn + F6 keys to turned on/off my cam but there's no notification on the screen (even though its working just fine). When I...
wangwenxinganson 0 53 Last post 03-July-19, 23:39:22
by wangwenxinganson
Can't register new P75 Creator 9SF LAPTOP
I've never had so much trouble trying to register a new product. I purchased the new P75 Creator 9SF. Following the instructions...
john 1 53 Last post 27-September-19, 22:11:10
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
I just want to say I enjoy my lap top very much thankyou
jtperry17235 1 54 Last post 02-November-19, 18:35:42
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
SOLVED: ST Stealth GS75 Batt only chging to 60%
For all the Calibration and issue discussion I think I want to push the Office Max "That was Easy" button. I thought I had a fai...
gfdublin 0 55 Last post 23-September-19, 20:23:40
by gfdublin
GF63 Thin 9SC question
Good day. Just trying to figure out if this laptop has expansion room that will allow me to add another SSD. GF63 Thin 9SC. Than...
ralangtry 2 56 Last post 13-November-19, 21:24:23
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
quickbooks chat support
QuickBooks is a popular choice of many business owners because it allows us to save much time and keep all finance-related data ...
henrywold95 1 56 Last post 12-October-19, 18:39:45
by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
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