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BIOS/UEFI Update for Intel Skylake/Kabylake Hyper Threading flaw?
I read that there is a microcode flaw in the Intel Skylake & Kabylake processors & have disabled HT per the article.  Does anyon...
ycavan 4 1007 Last post 07-July-17, 21:06:38
by falkentyne
MSI GS73VR 6RF will not boot
MSI GS73VR 6RF will not boot into windows.  the screen is blue and there are the dots spinning for a few seconds then the screen...
atxbrad 2 664 Last post 07-July-17, 15:08:56
by atxbrad
mouse issue, losing my freaking mind!!! Started after updates
Hello all, I just brought home my new gs63vr stealth pro baby and I'm having a maddening issue.  I have seen a couple of posts o...
itsallpoo 2 732 Last post 07-July-17, 13:02:16
by itsallpoo
3rd Major problem in 2 Months Old MSI GP62 7RD
Hi, i'm Kapil Jangid from New Delhi, Indiai bought MSI GP62 7RD 2 months ago, and since the day one i started to get some proble...
mohsin.jmi 1 797 Last post 07-July-17, 09:04:19
by D.L.
GT72S-6QF Dragon Edition (RAID ZERO ISSUE)
I am having an issue setting up RAID 0 for my two Samsung M.2 EVO 960s.  They are both 250GB same model SSDs and I can't get the...
jodyhiscock 2 660 Last post 07-July-17, 06:02:27
by jodyhiscock
New to gaming PC world(need help)
Hi, my name is Frankie. I recently bought the msi gt72vr and just received it today. I downloaded revo uninstaller to get rid of...
frankiecortes3 2 515 Last post 07-July-17, 02:49:23
by frankiecortes3
Is anyone experiencing screen flickering when you look at solid colors that are blue to near white when your viewing angle is to...
rwjyang 2 861 Last post 07-July-17, 00:15:07
by rwjyang
GE62-2QD Apache Pro; severe CPU throttling and overheating
I have an MSI GE62-2QD Apache Pro running a dual-boot of Windows 10 1607 and Ubuntu 16.04 (although the issues started before in...
hexafraction 4 1933 Last post 06-July-17, 23:54:11
by hexafraction
Sound through HDMI not working with some games in Fullscreen
Hi,got a brand new GP72 7RE-209XFR, Windows 10 Pro x64 installed.Audio outputs as intended from TV connected with HDMI with all ...
Karim44 7 2521 Last post 06-July-17, 16:49:31
by Karim44
MSI GT72VR 7RE Bluetooth Issue
I went to connect my bluetooth controller today like I do every other day and I find that the bluetooth hardware is non existent...
jase.phillips 2 1231 Last post 06-July-17, 14:55:18
by jase.phillips
GL62 7QF factory reset
I recently tried to factory reset my laptop and I choose delete everything. I never knew that included the drive that was meant ...
gtm.saksham 1 735 Last post 06-July-17, 13:57:21
by SpeedJack
dishonored 2 resolution problem
Hello gamers,I have a weird problem with my resolusition setting for dishonored 2.  I have been playing dishonored 2 for days bu...
TTTTTT 1 639 Last post 06-July-17, 13:26:51
by SpeedJack
GT72S DOMINATOR PRO G DRAGON (6TH GEN) (GTX 980) Battery Drain Issue
The battery drains down to 70 while heavy gaming while the laptop is plugged into the Power AC Adapter, what gives, is this norm...
jfragoulias 2 541 Last post 06-July-17, 13:16:39
by jfragoulias
suddenly shutdown on GT73VR 6RE Titan
I just got this new computer and decied to boot some game with it, the first game is killing floor 2 and about 5-10 min the comp...
noticemegaben 1 565 Last post 06-July-17, 12:28:45
by D.L.
GPU Upgrade?
So I just bought a new (old-ish) MSi GT70 Dominator from Gumtree (Local Buy and Sell website), the current specs of this model a...
kierenagretschmann 1 525 Last post 06-July-17, 11:58:38
by D.L.
is my motherboard failing?
Hi there,Some keys on my laptop ( u, 2, 8, ?, and a few other control keys) temporarily stop working unless i move around my lap...
jdouglas 1 492 Last post 06-July-17, 11:53:51
by KurtC27
MSI 72VR 7RE Problem after install a second SSD
Hello everyone, i hope you can help me with this, the problem is that after remove my HDD to install an SSD i have an error that...
battlelfield.hector 1 553 Last post 06-July-17, 11:44:11
by KurtC27
Battery concern after disconnect
After a while with this computer the fan was giving me some trouble. Now it is still an occasional issue. The underlining proble...
ovilomar_jr 1 622 Last post 06-July-17, 10:44:25
by D.L.
GT80-2QC Bios update issue
Hello All,So I am trying to update my BIOS version to the 2016 update (Latest) located on this site for my computer. Problem bei...
kww1997 2 642 Last post 06-July-17, 09:55:20
by kww1997
MOVED: need help choosing a computer
This topic has been moved to Mobile Workstation (WT / WS / WE series).
msiTechNB 0 478 Last post 06-July-17, 09:35:27
by msiTechNB
Does the MSI GP 60 Leopard Notebook Have an mPCIe Port?
Hello,I have an older MSI GP60 Leopard Computer from 2015 and was looking to upgrade it with an external graphics card.I do not ...
kaidenr 2 930 Last post 06-July-17, 00:11:47
by kaidenr
Unable to switch between Integrated/Discrete graphics : MSI GT73VR Titan 6RE SLI
I recently purchased this product & only now I've tried switching between the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 (Dual - SLI) & the Intel i...
dulsarakumarage 3 1800 Last post 05-July-17, 17:23:21
by dulsarakumarage
GX70 3cc Destroyer Upgrade Info
I have a GX70 3cc Destroyer laptop and wondering If i could upgrade the wifi card in it and if so what is the latest model i can...
joesills31 1 639 Last post 05-July-17, 14:07:47
by SpeedJack
MSI GT72S 6QF Charging Problems.....
Having problems with the same laptop again, seems to be only reason I venture on here now. Currently the charging adapter isn't ...
dale_hovell2905 1 652 Last post 05-July-17, 13:37:46
by D.L.
GP72 7REX - Dota 2 low FPS problem
Hi, in dota 2, the FPS from 8x - 9x, sometimes in combat it down to 4x - 5x in some scene, pls fix it. Thank you!
ngocluanict 1 683 Last post 05-July-17, 12:55:26
by SpeedJack
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