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shlyify, eric.belletynee, pennknig and 107 Guests are viewing this board.
GS43VR-7RE - Fan speed control issue
Hello,I recently bought a gs43vr-7re. at first everything worked pretty much flawlessly.Then, couple of days ago I decided to up...
dedisidi 2 792 Last post Best Answer 07-April-17, 10:42:06
by dedisidi
GT83VR 6RE constantly force restarts
Hi guys. My laptop I bought several months ago constantly force restarts while playing the witcher 3, ghost recon wild lands, an...
lawrencedavies0311 1 745 Last post 07-April-17, 10:25:54
by Konstantin
How to flash modified BIOS in GT7x/GS7x laptops???
The new line of skylake/kabylake laptops released with windows 10 have ditched the old APTIO 4 bios for the newer APTIO 5.Unfort...
georgebowley 2 732 Last post 07-April-17, 10:23:26
by georgebowley
Msi pe70 6QE problem?
Hi ,I recently bought a msi pe70 6QE that first came to me with a cooling problem, I mean , the nootebook fans were up and down ...
danieltiago_50 9 1980 Last post 07-April-17, 05:08:05
by danieltiago_50
GE62VR some keys does not work
Hi, My laptop is brand new but after 3 months the keys "r" "d" and "q" stop working. They work sometimes when I hold Caps Lock o...
jmen023 4 1066 Last post 07-April-17, 04:31:31
by Konstantin
GE62 6QF Apache Pro - CD/DVD drive not working/even listed in devices.
GE62 6QF Apache Pro - CD/DVD drive not working/even listed in devices.I have checked bios and it's listed as CD/ROM as number 1 ...
price.n.chris 1 5632 Last post 07-April-17, 03:46:14
by Konstantin
How can i disable the touchpad on the GL62 6QD ?
Hi, so i cant turn my touchpad off when i play games.. I tried ' fn + f3 ' but it doesnt work.I cant disable the touchpad from t... 1 670 Last post 07-April-17, 03:36:16
by Konstantin
MSI G683R Won't Power On
I'm an owner of an MSI GT683R. It's getting old but it ran just fine. I opened it up to clean the dust and update one of the 512...
rkapuli 2 834 Last post 07-April-17, 00:57:23
by rkapuli
Touchpad scrolling
Hi. I recently bought a MSI GL62, and I noticed there is no scroll function on the touchpad. Is it possible to enable it somehow...
mathias.arntzen 2 4631 Last post 06-April-17, 21:45:39
by mathias.arntzen
The GT72VR 7RE was working fantastic..then it linked my windows account & update
So, like I was saying, I got the notebook and it was working perfect, not a single issue. Then.. after I made sure not to have a...
jojer0075 2 746 Last post 06-April-17, 21:33:22
by jojer0075
Daily Windows application crashes on my GT72 6QE Dominator laptop...
Hello and thanks for reading!For the last several months I've been having daily crashes on my GT72 6QE Dominator laptop and I do...
jeanpierrepoulin 3 973 Last post 06-April-17, 14:56:59
by jeanpierrepoulin
GT73VR 7RF runs better while unplugged
some games run better a lot better while unplugged for example, overwatch keeps dropping frames every 2 or 3 seconds while plugg...
halohh 4 943 Last post 06-April-17, 12:19:28
by halohh
MSI GT72 2PC: Black screen after login or just after the NVIDIA driver is loaded
Hello to all of you,Two and a half years ago, I bought for my son, a 3D animation student, a MSI GT72 2PC equipped with a GC NVI...
bbq94 2 633 Last post 06-April-17, 08:41:16
by bbq94
MSI laptop SN already registered
Please help me when i try register my Sn I take this error Sn already registered. How I solve this problem. I dont know other ma...
dogukancece 2 698 Last post 06-April-17, 07:04:06
by bercikmn
gt62vr switching the fn key with windows key
Hello, I noticed I can switch around keyboard keys around except the function key, any way to get around this? or is it just loc...
ersin 2 682 Last post Best Answer 06-April-17, 06:59:11
by ersin
Xotic Pc messed up my order, I need some advice
Hello All, I recently purchased a dominator pro gt63vr 7re.  I asked for a boot partition to be upgraded to a 250GB Samsung 960 ...
ersin 4 782 Last post 06-April-17, 06:55:00
by ersin
Need a new cooling fan.
Tried to contact someone through email, but can't do that without registering a product for whatever reason and my laptop is too...
mephisto.tb 4 697 Last post 06-April-17, 03:50:07
by Nidhoggr
GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro Touchpad works, physical buttons do not
Hey guy, need some help can't find anything yet. Everything seems to work fine except the physical mouse buttons on the laptop d...
dannyoe4 1 528 Last post 06-April-17, 02:59:47
by Konstantin
HDMI Port stopped working and I absolutely need it, please help!
Hello all,I will give a quick rundown of what is wrong with my laptop and why I won't be buying another gaming laptop anymore. T...
darius 6 1007 Last post 05-April-17, 21:33:58
by darius
gt72 6qd dominator g
hi I have a msi gt72 6qd dominator g laptop can you tell me if a Samsung 500GB 960 Evo PCIe SSD will work in my laptop
edwardreilly 2 660 Last post 05-April-17, 20:32:04
by galanmoore
MSI Gt72 6QD display model
Hi guys, I have a Msi Gt72 6qd (970m) with a broken screen that i have to replace could anyone tell me what model the screen is?...
fedeondarts 1 602 Last post 05-April-17, 14:56:58
by Konstantin
Could not install NVME ssd drive
I cant belive it, I just bought 128 SSD NVME for my GT72s and I cant install does not fit......for some reason.....imag...
reno 5 783 Last post 05-April-17, 14:53:12
by Konstantin
No Bios Access
Hello Everybody,I have a MSI GT60-2PE Dominator Pro with Windows 10 and my computer don't want to switch on normally. When I pre...
morguenatiama 1 566 Last post 05-April-17, 14:28:38
by Konstantin
Msi Ge72 laptop turn on by itself when plug in but turn off when Msi logo appear
My Msi ge72 apache pro turn on by itself when it plug in to the adapter, but turn off when the Msi logo appear and it repeat.Som...
lootercrime12 6 916 Last post 05-April-17, 14:13:54
by Konstantin
GL62-6QF Webcam images are grainy
Hey,I have MSI GL62-6QF Notebook. I am facing one issue consistently that the webcam is showing grainy images i.e. though camera...
vineet.mimrot 1 778 Last post 05-April-17, 14:07:35
by Konstantin
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