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This morning my MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro's GPU Fan started making loud noise like its throttling very loudAny idea what is causi...
joshuapeacock67 1 511 Last post 23-February-17, 06:19:11
by Konstantin
msi cr61 3m trying to install wd blue ssd 250gb but bios doesnt see it
I just bought a wd blue ssd drive 250 gb for my msi laptop a cr61 3m. i succesfully cloned the internal drive  but when i swap t...
mike.degroote 1 498 Last post 23-February-17, 06:11:57
by Konstantin
Choosing SSD for GT70 2PC
Guys I want to upgrade my GT70 2PC Laptop and I found a FAQ by MSI that states (x3) mSATA SSD and (x1) SSD 2.5" can be installed...
ansar_shakil 3 674 Last post 22-February-17, 15:29:18
by david
Can I Upgrade the Nvidia Card from this laptop?
I have a MSI GE72VR 7RF using a NVIDIA 1060 3GB. Is it possible I can upgrade its Card to the NVIDIA 1060 6GB?
dgerardnorman 3 577 Last post 22-February-17, 14:51:44
by byproduct
Max 80FPS on lowest settings in Overwatch GE72VR with gtx1060 [FIXED]
Firstly, I'm here to post a solution to this problem because MSI couldn't figure out the fix.I currently have a MSI GE72VR with ...
jimmyyeh0727 1 668 Last post 22-February-17, 12:31:02
by Konstantin
Can't install operating system into M.2 SSD
Hello, everyone I need help.I brought the MSI X99A Xpower Gaming Titanium motherboard and I also brought Samsung SM951 M.2 SSDI ...
lifetree69 1 712 Last post 22-February-17, 12:15:25
by Konstantin
MSI Dragon Center Phone APP
Hello I was wondering if I could get some help with the dragon center app? Every thing works great but it will not read FPS whil...
joshuaeplett4964 1 3338 Last post 22-February-17, 12:13:46
by Konstantin
One solution:".Net Configuration System Failed to Initialize" error in GT73VR
I currently have a GT73VR 7RE gaming laptop. Only a day later, aftering installing visual studio CUDA toolkit, NVIDIA Geforce Ex...
min6434 1 517 Last post 22-February-17, 12:05:59
by Konstantin
GL72 6QC change keyboard
HelloCan i change steel series keyboard without backlight to steel series keyboard with multi-color on Notebook GL72 6QC-088XCZK...
aleskratal 1 519 Last post 22-February-17, 11:52:37
by Konstantin
GS73VR 7RF serial number problem
Hello.I think that I have a problem with the bios of my laptop, because in the model name appears "Please change product name" a...
dmm041191 4 722 Last post 22-February-17, 08:43:45
by dmm041191
GL72 6QF Fan Issue
Hello, recently my fan has been making a weird loud whiring noise. I have no idea what the problem it, but it only happens after...
jlively1999 2 763 Last post 22-February-17, 00:16:15
by jlively1999
GS63VR Stealth Pro - Microphone not picking up sound
Hey everyone,I've been having this problem since last night after I connected my computer via an HDMI output to a TV. After disc...
aserna95 3 2133 Last post 22-February-17, 00:07:26
by aserna95
Urgent problem
[font="Microsoft JhengHei", 微軟正黑體, "DIN Pro", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]After turning on windows I updated drivers, c++ visua...
oldsparky97 7 996 Last post Best Answer 21-February-17, 19:42:39
by arfalconi
Can you fit in a GS32 an Nvidia 1060 - and a Quad Core I7 ?
Can you fit in a GS32 an Nvidia 1060 - and a Quad Core I7 ?It would be a killer machine ..... Ultra light and Ultra powerfull......
cmvrgr 2 475 Last post 21-February-17, 17:12:54
by darkknight302
GE70 2PE Apache Pro RAM upgrade
hello, i have this badboy here a little confused about t...
chimai 3 1767 Last post 21-February-17, 16:43:00
by darkknight302
Upgrade MSI GE62VR 6RF-236XES
Hi,I am thinking to buy this notebook, in this moment I dont need more powerfull processor, but in the future i am sure i need a...
cosminef4a 1 801 Last post 21-February-17, 16:08:16
by david
Nightblade X2 Linux hardware compatibility (killer e2400)
Hello,I bought a really cool (I found it first sight) Nightblade X2 with i5 - GTX 1060 6Go - 8 Go RAM. even if I found the OS SS...
yaen.pujol 2 497 Last post 21-February-17, 12:44:14
by yaen.pujol
Thermal paste causing overheating
So I bought a MSI GE62 about a year and a half ago, the first thing I noticed was how hot it got when I was playing any demandin...
ausibrad1983 2 814 Last post 21-February-17, 10:40:25
by ausibrad1983
MSI GS70 Won't Boot Past MSI Logo
I have an MSI GS70. The computer will boot to the MSI logo, but will not load the OS. You can press the DEL button on startup bu...
ricky.robinson 3 1442 Last post 21-February-17, 06:24:10
by Konstantin
Speaker/Subwoofer Issue?
So I bought my MSI GE72VR 6RF a few months ago, had an immediate issue with Nahimic 2 software that refused to work correctly de...
rldecoite 1 543 Last post 21-February-17, 05:57:44
by Konstantin
GT72 6QE i7 GTX680M
Hi all!I was just wondering if anyone can give me a hand with any potential upgrade paths for the GT72 GQE Dominator Pro, I'm wa...
jack.brown 1 450 Last post 21-February-17, 05:36:26
by Konstantin
about gt62vr 6re dominator pro bios update
Greetings...i have the latest 3 vrsions of bios E16L2IMS.10F ,E16L2IMS.110 and E16L2IMS.111 which i didnt instal them yet do i n...
goldberg- 1 936 Last post 21-February-17, 05:19:14
by Konstantin
Hi, please before answer read all message.I have MSI GE62 6QD , update ALL DRIVERS, update BIOS and EC versions, reinstall the W...
g1.gabrielius 1 542 Last post 21-February-17, 05:05:44
by Konstantin
High temps with GS73VR Stealth Pro-225
I just purchased this laptop a few days ago and the temp on the CPU are worrying me. When playing BF1 the CPU gets up to 95c. In...
Khrono2012 2 919 Last post 21-February-17, 05:01:39
by Konstantin
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