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gs72 6qe 202us keypad is haunted! OHNOES!
My GS72 stealth pro is going crazy. Whenever I experience a heavy-ish load on graphics I get random input strings from striking ...
slayer_of_pcs 1 539 Last post 05-April-17, 13:44:37
by Konstantin
high temperature CPU 80 and GPU 40 degree fixed while my PC is doing nothing
Hello!Lately I have some concerns about my PC temperatures.I've monitored the temperature through Dragon Gaming Center and every...
pietro.viviani 3 814 Last post 05-April-17, 13:38:46
by Konstantin
stanpuzio20 1 467 Last post 05-April-17, 13:35:11
by Konstantin
kaedalin 1 856 Last post 05-April-17, 13:22:32
by Konstantin
Crackling from speakers. MSI GS 60 6QE GHOST PRO.
Hello,I have a problem with my speakers.When I play music on very high volume (starts at 70%),I can hear cracklings coming out f...
ilyarafailov32 1 555 Last post 05-April-17, 13:18:47
by Konstantin
GT72VR 7RE DOM PRO Storage upgrade/warranty void
Hello,I just bought laptop model GT72VR 7RE DOM PRO.  I'd like to upgrade the SSD but I want to know if that would void my warra...
rsubero28 3 621 Last post 05-April-17, 13:15:38
by Konstantin
Problem entering passwords on internet sites
I have an MSI Apache Pro GE62. Running Windows 10 and I have not made any changes to the basic setup of the computer since I bro...
cameramankeith2010 3 578 Last post 05-April-17, 12:52:42
by Konstantin
I just bought a  GE72VR APACHE PRO-416 from BestBuy and I'm trying to figure out what M.2 SSD is supported on it. Is it a PCIE o...
sjolly11 1 683 Last post 05-April-17, 12:48:25
by Konstantin
White dotted lines appearing horizontal on my laptop screen.
I never done any settings.. Pls kindly assist .
ice_daddy_2000 2 846 Last post 05-April-17, 12:17:31
by gonzales.aaron04
Stuck in an endless loop of Repairing Disk Errors.
I bought a GS63VR a little over a month ago and it's been great! I had it turned off for a few days and when I turned it on last...
rramsey2012 2 640 Last post 05-April-17, 12:12:44
by gonzales.aaron04
Steelseries keyboard on gp62mvr 6rf leopard pro stuck on white color
Hi  i'm new. Just received the laptop from newegg (really fast shipping by the way 5 days) and from what I saw on the product de...
ronaldmo4u 2 2013 Last post 05-April-17, 12:05:16
by Konstantin
GT73vr 7RF underperforming
so I tried everything to fix this problem but nothing changed, I can't even play csgo without frame dropping :(   --------------...
halohh 1 929 Last post 05-April-17, 11:59:06
by Konstantin
BIOS update
So i tried to update my BIOS because my pc crashes with Machine-check exception during certain games. I did everything the MSI g...
pricor.pris 1 629 Last post 05-April-17, 11:54:48
by Konstantin
3DMAX installation issue
Hi,I just MSI gs43vr laptop, and I installed window7 on it.  I could not install 3dmax on it successful.Could anyone tell me, wh...
isaachybro 1 486 Last post 05-April-17, 11:50:28
by Konstantin
CD rom
Is there a way to lock my cd rom so it does not keep on poping out . I keep on hitting it by mistake .I don't need it to brake o...
cwsoundman 1 590 Last post 05-April-17, 11:41:52
by Konstantin
Trying to Charge an iPad of my GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro
I've just got a GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro and am trying to charge my iPad from the laptop. I have tried all of the USB ports as well ...
mark_burniston 1 496 Last post 05-April-17, 11:32:10
by Konstantin
Monitor Assistant (I think) - Application size and position
Hi.Sad to say I'm about to loose my mind I have just recieved and unboxed my very first MSI gaming laptop, the GT62VR 7D. It is ...
frank.kvalvik 2 615 Last post 05-April-17, 11:31:25
by frank.kvalvik
MSI recovery missing from troubleshoot ( msi apache pro ge72vr-6rf )
Hello.So. I got this msi apache pro ge72vr-6rf 4 months ago and now i want to give it a MSI recovery. But the thing is that MSI ...
b.aser 1 676 Last post 05-April-17, 11:20:43
by Konstantin
The Speakers on my laptop blew out
I bout an msi GS63VR Stealth Pro a while ago and i had to return it because the speakers seemed to have blown out for no reason,...
hernandezernest35 2 884 Last post 05-April-17, 11:13:28
by Konstantin
SES HİZMETİ ÇALIŞMIYOR////Voice service is not working
TR:Ses çıkışı yok ve sağ alt kısımdan tıkladığımda ses hizmeti çalışmıyor hatası alıyorum yardım edermisiniz.Eng:There is no sou...
tekin_38_a 1 584 Last post 05-April-17, 11:10:06
by Konstantin
Corner edge and hinger separating/pushing out
I have a MSi Dominator GT72 laptop.  I just got home tonight and took it out of my bag.  When I started to open my laptop I saw ...
joelwoodward62 1 517 Last post 05-April-17, 10:47:04
by Konstantin
Can not register, action not allowed?
Hiya,So this is not the first issue I have had, and I am hoping it is my last, or it will be.I can not register my product as it...
abclease 1 570 Last post 05-April-17, 10:41:34
by Konstantin
MSI Laptop - GE72 6QE - mini-display port stopped working
MSI Laptop - GE72 6QE  running Windows 10I have two external displays - one in the standard HDMI one in the Minis-displayLast ni...
subs 2 1480 Last post 05-April-17, 10:34:45
by Konstantin
GE72 Apache. Screen issue when changing brightness.
Just purchased and set up. If I change the brightness, half the screen goes dim. It did flicker to start but that stopped. Just ...
mtlj1991 2 753 Last post 05-April-17, 10:29:11
by Konstantin
Msi Leopard Pro GP62 6QF
Hello everybody,i would like to upgrade my gpu in the notebook, is it possible? is the gpu MXM standard?If it's not possible is ...
pa.rolando 2 693 Last post 05-April-17, 10:25:34
by pa.rolando
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