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MSI GL62 6QD Battery is at 0% not charging !! help plax
« Reply #9 on: Today at 10:26:39 » My battery wont charge at all its been at 0% for a month or
lasseheinan 4 1072 Last post 26-July-17, 20:51:46
by lasseheinan
GL62-6QC Fan & HDD Problem
Hi all,I recently flashed the firmware to the newest on the website. This has led to the fan always operating at 3000rpm. This i...
grantjohnstone2191 1 449 Last post 26-July-17, 20:45:04
by eji
cpu fan crazy
GT62VR 6RE. had lots of problems 2 weeks after purchase.wiped clean, firmware/bios. after win10 reinstall it was reasonable for ...
eji 2 751 Last post 26-July-17, 20:39:37
by eji
GS63VR 6RF(Stealth Pro) Display Burn In, LCD not properly glued to shell
I purchased my GS63VR Stealth Pro about three months ago and everything was going fine with it until the screen started burning ...
nathanbmnt 2 679 Last post 26-July-17, 19:02:46
by nathanbmnt
Assistance with my GT72S 6QE (Dominator Pro G)
I have a GT72S 6QE that has two 128GB PCIE SSD's installed as RAID 0 (256GB available).  I need to "replace" these SSD's due to ...
dan.meinke 2 765 Last post 26-July-17, 15:58:31
by dan.meinke
weird dead pixel question
I have owned many workstation laptops over the years, mainly Dell and Lenovo's. Today I got my first MSI (Stealth pro 15" 1080p)...
john.v.little 2 757 Last post 26-July-17, 15:08:09
by john.v.little
MSI Charging Cord - MSI GS60 2PC
Hi, I need to get a new charging cord for my MSI GS60 2PC Model 9S7-16h212-206.  I have looked online and there seems to be a 12...
edgleason1 2 607 Last post 26-July-17, 14:53:45
by edgleason1
replacement of m.2 and voiding UK warranty?
I just got my first MSI, and as I have done with every laptop I have purchased over the last 20 years the first thing I do is th...
john.v.little 2 494 Last post 26-July-17, 14:21:07
by john.v.little
GS40 - getting multi screen to work
Morning guys - hoping someone can helpHad my GS40 for 6 months and loving it. Never had a problem and it works perfectly every t...
thedieseldog 2 432 Last post 26-July-17, 13:43:39
by thedieseldog
My GS63VR 7RF Cpu Temperatures
Hi everyone,I got my new gs63vr 7rf about a week ago and I'm in love with it. However, when I monitored the cpu temperature whil...
y.d.ozturk2 2 1238 Last post 26-July-17, 13:25:35
by y.d.ozturk2
How to get minimum drivers for a GS63VR 7RF stealth pro
I am planning to do a clean install of windows 10 then get the minimum drivers (and hence no bloatware or drivers which cause pe...
john.v.little 1 1275 Last post 26-July-17, 12:00:42
by D.L.
GE62 6QC experience with fan rpm / noise
Hi,I own about a month a MSI GE62 6QC. I would like to use it in the office. The latest bios and ec as well as silent option wer...
r.solaker 3 780 Last post 26-July-17, 11:36:23
by r.solaker
MSI GL 62 6QD BATTERY not charging
Hi I own a laptop MSI GL 62 6QD 035 XCZ (not removable battery).I have an issue with my battery. When i start the windows, my ba...
t.czuczor 9 7525 Last post 26-July-17, 11:26:39
by lasseheinan
MSI GE72 2QC Apache stopped booting ..
hey guys, so recently my MSI GE72 laptop stopped booting up, it's just loading on the MSI logo forever, so is there anyway to tr...
alialtaboor1 8 1465 Last post 26-July-17, 06:14:00
by D.L.
Original GT80 Titan Issue
Hello all,I had an issue for quite some time now that unless I wiggled the audio jack, audio would play through the headset AND ...
matthew.brammer 3 829 Last post 25-July-17, 17:24:44
by david
MSI GE72 7RF CPU Running Hot 90C
Hi guys, I have this laptop MSI GE72 7RF, the problem I'm facing is that the GPU temperatures seems to work fine while playing g...
umairikram13 9 2142 Last post 25-July-17, 09:47:38
by umairikram13
GP62 7RD 011UK - only one fan spinning
Hi, i just got this new laptop - my first MSI - and even during gaming only one fan is spinning. It's pretty loud, with the cool...
tbellingova 3 1082 Last post 25-July-17, 09:42:11
by D.L.
looking for drivers for msi x410 windows 10 drivers anyone help please.
allmills2015 1 824 Last post 25-July-17, 07:46:46
by SpeedJack
GP62 7rd Leopard
Hello, I was uninstall the Killer Shield.Now, I installed the program but i have this problem :
mehmetenesa 1 756 Last post 25-July-17, 07:03:29
by SpeedJack
Msi gt70 2qd/ not turning on. Power led slowly flashing
After sudden crash not turning on just white power led slowly flashing. Ms 17631.I've got a second working gt70with same mobo so...
mark.toomis 2 829 Last post 25-July-17, 00:07:44
by mark.toomis
Won't boot up
I think this is the second time in the life of this product this has happened, last time in 2014.Have a msi slim gs-70 purchased...
makalu1 2 644 Last post 24-July-17, 16:14:57
by makalu1
MSI PE70 7RD M.2 SSD Interface
HiThe M.2 SSD Interface on PE70 7RD is a combo therefore it supports both M.2 SATA SSD and M.2 PCI-e NVMe SSD. Does anyone know ...
virgilio.wallis 2 754 Last post 24-July-17, 15:57:43
by virgilio.wallis
Replace Second Fan On GP62 6QE Leo Pro
Hi. I bought msi gp62 6qe leopard pro notebook 1 year ago. I was really need notebook and this model on discount. Anyway, Seller...
goldselim 4 1032 Last post 24-July-17, 13:13:18
by goldselim
Need OEM Gaming laptop motherboard(MSI GL 72) capable of backlit keyboard.
I purchased a MSI GL 72 Gaming laptop from Xotic PC. It was supposed to have a backlit keyboard. Needless to say it does NOT. My...
efurtz 1 532 Last post 24-July-17, 10:46:24
by D.L.
GP70 2PE technical help request
Ok, sometimes, when it is especially hot, the fan in my laptop makes a slight noise that is not the normal sound. I'm not exactl...
Neorotoxin 2 763 Last post 24-July-17, 10:38:42
by D.L.
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