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manpri25 and 69 Guests are viewing this board.
Will 'Reset this PC' remove pre-installed programs and apps?
Having issues with the blue screen of death. I believe a resent update to my graphics card is causing it, but in not certain, I ...
sterritt.megan 2 620 Last post 04-May-17, 06:00:11
by robin.ehrenhoefer
MSI splash screen glitch
When I turned on my computer today, the MSI splash screen glitched.  It had the regular MSI logo in the middle and the spinning ...
maddemon64 11 2234 Last post 04-May-17, 05:59:51
by maddemon64
MSI Fan problems
Hi ive had my laptop for a little over a year now, but recently my fan in the laptop has been making this extremely annoying sou...
nevedan11 2 841 Last post 04-May-17, 05:37:01
by robin.ehrenhoefer
Laptop Runs really hot
Hi I have found that If I play a demanding game such as fallout 4 or Ark my laptop always gets really hot to the touch within a ...
lemon_ 2 798 Last post 04-May-17, 05:34:41
by robin.ehrenhoefer
help serial not working
I need help finding the serial on my gs63vr 6rf stealth pro everywhere I have looked is for something else
ryanwillett100 1 536 Last post 04-May-17, 05:32:17
by robin.ehrenhoefer
GT70 20D Bios Password
So a few months ago it seems I put a password on my Laptop Bios and now I need to reinstall Windows, I have forgotten the passwo...
kearnest 1 537 Last post 04-May-17, 04:33:59
by Konstantin
Anyone else having Dragon Center issues?
Hi, I've been having issues with Dragon Center. Not Dragon Gaming Center, not Gaming Center, Dragon Center. The default app inst...
andrewlemagie 4 509 Last post 04-May-17, 04:22:11
by andrewlemagie
GL62M 7RE Audio driver stops working after a day or two
I purchased the GL62M 7RE the other day, and within less than a day, the Audio driver quit working. Looking at the sound control...
shpoople96 1 537 Last post 04-May-17, 03:59:02
by Konstantin
MSI GT72VR 7RE reboot problem
Hello,My new gt72vr 7re is rebooting by itself, randomly, but only happened in Ice Storm and pc game Bulletstorm Remaster,Every ...
street 3 1108 Last post 04-May-17, 03:46:43
by Konstantin
Misadvertised Technical Specification of MSI GE72 PRO?
On Massdrop's offering of the MSI GE72 PRO: LINK Under Technical specification it says  But on the MSI page for this laptop it s...
ekostreski 1 621 Last post 03-May-17, 18:33:28
by husam.banno
GT62VR 7RE Wifi missing
I just rebooted my GT62VR 7RE and it no longer is recognizing the WiFi. I have tried reinstalling the KillerPerformanceSuite_1.2...
me 4 1304 Last post 03-May-17, 17:51:45
by husam.banno
Win10 Creator Update -> blackscreen
After this gd update when I close the lid of my gt73vr titan-017 and open it back up, the screen is still backlit, but only to b...
ncmilder 14 1808 Last post 03-May-17, 17:36:33
by husam.banno
Hello,firstly I would like to inform you that my english is very bad, so sorry for that.I have a problem with my MSI PE60 2QD. I...
lukasz.bolewski 4 891 Last post 03-May-17, 17:06:17
by husam.banno
keyboard lag when typing and complete key failure
I have a MSI LaptopGS70 2QE(Stealth Pro)-459US-GG7472H16G1T0X81MGS70 2QE-459USK1501000065Almost immediately after buying this la...
dominick.agapov 6 1215 Last post 03-May-17, 16:46:55
by husam.banno
GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro constant crashes in every game posible.
Guys please, i need help, my patience slowly comes to and end so i'm ready to break this laptop over my knee!Since i bought this...
rhythmologicpromo 6 1528 Last post 03-May-17, 00:39:12
by rhythmologicpromo
Over Heating
Hello Guys.I have the MSI GT72VR 6RE notebook. I am having an issue of the heat of both my CPU and GPU going upto 90 degree celc...
ibrahimnk 5 938 Last post 02-May-17, 22:41:43
by rathius
Good Night Guys,anyone help me?my driver bluetooh doesn`t work, already uninstal and instal again, and the W10 not find the driv...
luizmodolin 2 1021 Last post 02-May-17, 22:34:06
by rathius
Battery issues
Hello, I've been the owner of a MSI GS70 2QE-056FR 17IN (I7-4710HQ 16GO 256GO SSD), originally on W7, and since mid july 2016, o...
jndl 8 3211 Last post 02-May-17, 20:51:54
by husam.banno
Downgrade compatibility
Hi I'm looking to buy a MSI GL62 7QF-1670UK looked about trying to find out any problems in compatibility for running Windows 7 ...
the-dames 3 823 Last post 02-May-17, 20:40:14
by Nidhoggr
Lags when charger isnt plugged in
Hey!I've bought an MSI gaming laptop for a few months ago, but ever since that have I had a specific problem. The computer itsel...
danieltorp07 5 1768 Last post 02-May-17, 20:25:49
by husam.banno
Trying to register product, tells me it is already registered
I bought my MSI Titan GT-80 last summer and decided to finally register it.When I attempt to link the serial number to my accoun...
eric.rickards 2 758 Last post 02-May-17, 18:17:22
by eric.rickards
GT73VR 7RE True Color extremely low brightness
Hi,I upgraded to new True Color following the MSI tutorial, after installing the "Anti-Blue", "sRGB", "Office" and "fi...
luigimariadimaio 7 2071 Last post 02-May-17, 15:46:55
by luigimariadimaio
GL62 6QF, SCM utility
Hello,Installed MSI SCM x64 13.017.04187 utility and every time I double click the icon in tray I get the error. System has most...
krystianns 2 1170 Last post 02-May-17, 13:42:35
by krystianns
Brand new laptop not performing as it should.
Hello. I just got myself a brand new (2 weeks ago) MSI GP72VR 6RF gaming laptop.And i was full of hope and thoughts on games i c...
Faderbukse 8 1327 Last post 02-May-17, 12:42:49
by Konstantin
MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro laptop plugged in but not charging
Posting this here because I haven't been able to find anything on google to really help with my issue.  As the title says, I own...
paulhickey504 1 1454 Last post 02-May-17, 12:12:29
by Konstantin
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