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MSI Mouse Pad
Evening allPlease could u guys assist where i can find a MSI MOUSE pad in South Africa, i see on my points rewards they out of s...
SKullCandy 1 39 Last post 12-August-18, 18:38:19
by flobelix
Where to Buy: MSI DS4100 Chiclet Gaming Keyboard
As far as I can tell the MSI DS4100 keyboard cannot be bought and shipped to the US. Does anyone with better searching skills kn...
onemanofwisdom 0 53 Last post 08-August-18, 20:46:03
by onemanofwisdom
MSI Clutch GM70 & MysticLight
I just purchased the MSI Clutch GM70 which when first plugged in was displaying nice rainbow LEDs, however after installing MSI ...
secondstar.gaming 1 56 Last post 07-August-18, 17:40:10
by flobelix
MSI Interceptor DS100 ISSUES..
Hey..i bought Msi Ds100 like 3 weeks ago and i really regret that.. i am a fps gamer, i play overwatch and i thought this mouse ...
saaakouhi 1 104 Last post 06-August-18, 21:55:49
by acidburn2010
MSI Immerse GH10 Headset with Microphone
The GH10 has great quality sound.But there are a few things that can be improved:When gaming, my friends can hear the sound of t...
raphaelcatossi 1 74 Last post 06-August-18, 21:53:22
by acidburn2010
MSI DS300 Mouse
Has anyone had any luck finding the gaming software for this mouse.  It is not available on the website for some reason.   If yo...
Irish911 1 354 Last post 04-August-18, 18:05:38
by FoxNonCat
MOVED: Mixed Reality Headset & Controller vs MSI Laptop
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
flobelix 0 83 Last post 28-July-18, 20:12:47
by flobelix
MSI Interceptor DS200
What coating/material does this mouse use? It doesn`t have driver for Win10, so it isn`t compatible?
lorcav123 2 122 Last post 26-July-18, 11:03:56
by lorcav123
MSI GM60 Clutch GM60 single/double click issues
Hello everyone, I very recently got my GM60 gaming mouse and I *love* it...but recently when I single click, it double clicks me...
jonrmurphy 4 1086 Last post 25-July-18, 09:41:21
by s.vesselov
MSI GC30 - Battery fully charged indicator?
Hello guysSo I got a GC30 the other day...Can anyone please tell me how I know when my Controller is fully charged? I would plug...
_Ulti 0 89 Last post 24-July-18, 22:57:30
by _Ulti
MSI DS502, broken..?
Hello.I googled the problem for my headphones but no luck... so I decided to create an account here. Anyway, let's get to the po...
dolerayuro 0 93 Last post 23-July-18, 13:02:05
by dolerayuro
I am looking for a good HEADSET to ! ANYONE HAVE SUGGESTIONS ? OUR MSI HEADSETS GOOD ? please let me know
RCARRZY 3 376 Last post 23-July-18, 08:04:43
by hey_face14
Clutch GM60 Mouse / Firmware Update Failed
Hi Everyone.I just connected my new GM60 and installed the MSI gaming center software. I was asked if I should update the GM60 F...
eslamzowh 2 272 Last post 23-July-18, 08:01:27
by hey_face14
MSI Force GC20 problem
I'm having a problem using this controller, it's fine but after a while it starts malfunctioning and I have to reconnect it. Wha...
DSD27 2 315 Last post 20-July-18, 14:23:23
by shauss
MSI GK-70 RED Mirco dont work
hello every onei just got a brand new msi gk 70 and i installed Gaming Center for micro and stuffchaning backlight led works but...
8ater45 1 165 Last post 18-July-18, 22:06:13
by 8ater45
MSI GC20 & GC30 US release?
Does anyone know if or when the US will get these awesome controllers?
goyantanuki 1 120 Last post 18-July-18, 14:07:41
by Nichrome
GH70 Microphone is super quiet
Hey guys so I recently got the MSI GH70 headset for my computer and when I plugged this thing in, at first I thought the mic wou...
jthammerberg 1 239 Last post 17-July-18, 20:27:36
by petterjlind
MSI GC30 Please Help
I used my new msi gc30 controller until it needed recharging, since recharging I can't get it to work. I get either 3 solid ligh...
james.50cal 1 135 Last post 14-July-18, 18:33:25
by james.50cal
Strange Issue with Force GC30
Hi!I've just purchased a Force GC30 controller and some strange issues are happening: for example in FIFA18 the "A" button works...
fabiodoriacm 2 267 Last post 14-July-18, 18:32:54
by james.50cal
Vigor GK70 Firmware update failed
I installed the Gaming Center and after klicking "yes" on Firmware update the process was stuck. I waited ~1h but nothing happen...
Big Ron 2 430 Last post 14-July-18, 06:16:05
by tharlan75
MSI Force GC30 Charging mode
So I just recently got the MSI GC30 controller and was wondering how the controller enters its charging mode, because according ...
infernaldestruction 7 736 Last post 07-July-18, 00:50:37
by zheox25
Does anyone know what the name of this mouse is?
Hey guys, first of all Im not sure if this is the right forum page.. If im wrong can someone show me the right forum..I think it...
LightningPo 3 217 Last post 06-July-18, 19:38:15
by hellyff
Juust got MSI Force gc30 Like, Dislike? Opinions?
So  I just got the Force GC30. I think its a pretty straight forward controller. It acts pretty well and has pretty good respons...
neomatrix2050 0 234 Last post 18-June-18, 04:55:28
by neomatrix2050
Does MSI make a Bluetooth controller
With steamlink now on android i need a decent Bluetooth controller.
dport78 1 250 Last post 10-June-18, 13:07:59
by flobelix
MOVED: Does MSI Sell batteries separately from the product?
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Nichrome 0 211 Last post 08-June-18, 21:58:57
by Nichrome
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