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MSI Force GC20 problem
I'm having a problem using this controller, it's fine but after a while it starts malfunctioning and I have to reconnect it. Wha...
DSD27 11 2109 Last post 21-April-19, 11:48:08
by issadominique
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flobelix 0 32 Last post 16-April-19, 20:38:29
by flobelix
MSI MAG CH110 Gaming Chair
Hey guys,New to the forums here but not new to MSI products having both a MSI MEG ACE Motherboard and a 2080ti Gaming X Trio.So,...
Moridin_Au 7 189 Last post 16-April-19, 07:47:53
by Moridin_Au
VIGOR GK40 -Can't Customize
I recently received the Vigor GK40 from a points reward program. The keyboard installed perfectly and soon enough I was able to ...
flyersoctopus 2 57 Last post Best Answer 15-April-19, 08:47:04
by flyersoctopus
Force GC30 doesn't work
Recently I bought msi force gc30 gamepad and it arrived today. But unfortunately it does not work at all. I can't turn it on. Wh...
momo0923 1 76 Last post 15-April-19, 07:54:15
by LBJistherealchamp
MSI GC30 Gamepad
I recently purchased this game pad for PC. I'm a keyboard and mouse man usually but there are some obvious exceptions to this wh...
Moridin_Au 0 40 Last post 15-April-19, 03:37:51
by Moridin_Au
Strange Issue with Force GC30
Hi!I've just purchased a Force GC30 controller and some strange issues are happening: for example in FIFA18 the "A" button works...
fabiodoriacm 3 582 Last post 15-April-19, 01:59:56
by Moridin_Au
Gh70 bad sound terrible mic
Gh70 worst spend 109 euro of my life.I can't get why a company like msi keep letting this bad product out there for us to buy.Th...
mouniskapelos 4 257 Last post 11-April-19, 18:10:56
by lewisforeman2019
MOVED: registration
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flobelix 0 55 Last post 03-April-19, 08:55:59
by flobelix
MSI GC30 brand new but no vibration
Hello,Would you please help me?I've just bought the MSI GC30 controller pad, the advertisement said it has 2 motors for haptic f...
hoangquit 2 136 Last post 01-April-19, 13:20:10
by hoangquit
Mysz GM70 - pairing, illumination and/or battery charging problem
Untill now I used the mouse as wired only. Yesterday i tried to pair it with my GT73VR Titan Pro, but it does not work(pushing t...
Amakesh 2 158 Last post 25-March-19, 02:00:18
by LBJistherealchamp
GC30 Won't connect with wireless, dongle not recognised (Win 10)
Hi,I have just got an MSI GC30, it works absolutely fine when it is plugged into my laptop (MSI GL73 running Win10 64bit) via th...
jayfarnsworth 1 187 Last post 21-March-19, 02:57:56
by LBJistherealchamp
MSI Immerse GH70 headset.
Hello i buy a MSI Immerse GH70 headset and i got it today.Im happy for this but the problem is why is microphone is so low it ca...
nikolailol 1 144 Last post 19-March-19, 10:27:30
by richard.y
Registering Core Frozr L cooler
I want to register my new Core Frozr L for the warranty, but the site will not accept any of the three numbers on the sticker on...
DarkAudit 1 194 Last post 19-March-19, 09:55:51
by pandaz
MSI GM40 White... Mouse not working in game.
So recently for no reason my mouse has started to kind of, get stuck every so often in games. It doesnt to it outside of games. ...
ultimatecrafter75 1 164 Last post 19-March-19, 09:54:17
by pandaz
Issue with MSI Force GC30
So i have this issue with the controller, i bought it today (sorry for my bad english) and tried to charge it (cause doesnt turn... 1 149 Last post 19-March-19, 09:52:33
by LBJistherealchamp
Needs brackets for using MSI CORE FROZR L with 15mm fans.
English :Hello.I'm owner of MSI CORE FROZR L . I use it with a single native fan and Asus Maximus VI Impact (1150 Socket) mother...
death7lord 2 125 Last post 18-March-19, 13:46:27
by JocPro
Vigor GK40 US Keyboard keys randomly stop working.
Hi there,I am not sure if this is the right area to post or if I am doing this correctly but I was unable to post a help ticket....
horder_cadrian 12 1958 Last post 17-March-19, 16:47:33
by coffeeaddicted1994
Vigor GK80 lights turns on when PC is turned off
I have Vigor GK80 RED keyboard and encounter disturbing behavior.After PC shutdown lights on keyboard goes off as expected - but...
farrainbow 2 174 Last post 10-March-19, 18:13:13
by farrainbow
Clutch GM60 lights turns on when PC is turned off
I have Clutch GM60 mouse and encounter disturbing behavior.After PC shutdown lights on mouse goes off as expected - but if anybo...
farrainbow 2 148 Last post 10-March-19, 18:08:23
by farrainbow
Where can I get OFFICIAL MSI decals?
I recently built a new PC.  I migrated my existing MSI cards to the new rig, and gave away my old rig.  I had already used the d...
Travis9x 1 170 Last post 05-March-19, 19:39:42
by flobelix
MSI Mag Pylon vertical mounting for Zotac 2080 Ti AMP!
I've just recently purchased an MSI Mag Pylon case and was wondering how I can vertically mount my new 2080 Ti. I know that the ...
thatgiftyunedited 1 150 Last post 05-March-19, 19:38:44
by flobelix
braided cable is trash and non braided is too short on the gm60
i dont think i need to say more.the braided cable is heavy as fck, kinks and gets caught on every little thing it can find and t...
markshields26 1 156 Last post 04-March-19, 20:38:59
by flobelix
MOVED: Whats your fav?!
This topic has been moved to Anything Under The Sun.
flobelix 0 112 Last post 04-March-19, 20:37:06
by flobelix
Mystic Light Minimally Functional for GK 80 Vigopr Keyboard
I have a new GK80 Vigor keyboard.  I installed Mystic Light but it only partially works.  The All LED button works (off or on)I ...
gbarbay 13 1017 Last post 04-March-19, 06:39:51
by LBJistherealchamp
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