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MSI Dragon Stickers
Anyone know the best place to get MSI Dragoon stickers? I just built a PC and would like to add a dragon to the side tempered gl...
taylor_bertrim 1 39 Last post Yesterday at 20:47:39
by flobelix
Headset microphone not working
So I'm having an issue with my turtle Beach xo three headset (which is labeled compatible with PC). I can hear game audio but I ...
griffenkm 0 22 Last post Yesterday at 09:41:03
by griffenkm
Fn + M (in the frame between Fn and the Right CTRL)
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]I have a Vigor 80 keyboard as I press the Fn key with a dragon plus the one between them, and the rig...
ahijos 1 70 Last post 22-June-19, 23:59:46
by ahijos
I lost usb dongle
hi i lost my usb dongle, is there any way to buy another or some way to adapt the control wirelessly?
grlopez90 1 69 Last post 20-June-19, 22:28:11
by Nichrome
Vigor 80 Game i Dragon Center
Why the Dragon Center program does not fully support Vigor 80 keyboards like "Game Center"?The second issue, would you be able t...
ahijos 0 49 Last post 20-June-19, 10:08:24
by ahijos
MSI gaming headset issue, maybe?
I just got the MSI DS502 gaming headset and having an issue, I figured I'd ask my question to the community first as it might ju...
alyfoxlp 2 189 Last post 18-June-19, 23:07:15
by taylanarda_000
Vigor GK80 Software Suggestion
I have a suggestion for the Vigor gk80 keyboard. We all know it has 2 nice light bezels on it's sides. Problem is, when using th...
bucur06sebastian 0 67 Last post 18-June-19, 20:59:32
by bucur06sebastian
GC30 will not work, 3 solid LEDS
got this controller and it works great. Went to use it the other day and I have the lower 3 LEDS on solid. Controller not workin...
denny.curtis51 1 79 Last post 18-June-19, 01:25:39
by denny.curtis51
MSI GH70 Gaming Headset Firmware Update
Hi guys! I just bought a GH70 Headset. I'm having a couple of problems. The first is that the sound is muffled even on the defau...
brightstarbeing 1 116 Last post 15-June-19, 01:26:37
by sunscreen
MSI Clutch GM50 macro
I just bought the following mouse MSI Clutch GM50.Can someone help me out and tell me how can I record a macro.I want to set, so...
causevd 3 218 Last post 13-June-19, 16:04:28
by causevd
Keyboard Vigor GK40 - some keys not working/recognized
Hi there,since yesterday some keys are not working anymore or are not recognized by any program of the PC. To give you some exam...
francesco.varano 1 193 Last post 13-June-19, 09:54:19
by outletclarisonic
This topic has been moved to GAMING Desktop PCs / Monitor / All-in-One PCs.
flobelix 0 92 Last post 07-June-19, 20:06:55
by flobelix
MSI GC30 Gamepad
I recently purchased this game pad for PC. I'm a keyboard and mouse man usually but there are some obvious exceptions to this wh...
Moridin_Au 4 372 Last post 07-June-19, 08:36:40
by ipman1
GK80 macros
I have downloaded the manual for the GK80 but there is no mention of how to setup macros.  Is this information somewhere else?
darrencowasaki 1 125 Last post 03-June-19, 05:23:27
by LBJistherealchamp
A few questions about "Interceptor DS100"
HelloI want to buy the following mouse:MSI Interceptor DS100A few questions about this mouse:1- Can I turn off the LED lights on...
ferbod27 2 185 Last post 03-June-19, 03:12:25
by LBJistherealchamp
DS502 - high-pitched beeping/intermittent tone
Friend sent me his old (lightly used) DS502 headset earlier this week after my old Logitech unit broke (since I know someone'll ...
whiskeywolf458 1 156 Last post 21-May-19, 08:18:08
by whiskeywolf458
Vigor GK 40 Combo Mystic Light Error
I recently bought a MSI VIGOR GK40 COMBO. In order to control the LED on the keyboard i tried to install Mystic Light version 2....
jigsaw4343 2 204 Last post 20-May-19, 04:50:22
by LBJistherealchamp
MOVED: Alienware Graphics Amplifier
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 150 Last post 09-May-19, 22:20:49
by flobelix
GK80 - input lag
Hello, I have such a problem, because when I press "w", the character wiggles up a bit then he gets up and then he normally goes...
aidis.minecraftowy 1 182 Last post 09-May-19, 08:23:31
by Formosan rock-monkey
MSI M.2 Xpander (Rev 1.1)
HelloFew weeks ago I bought a MSI Expander from a seller on ebay.It's a standard piece of kit.. it takes 16 lanes and splits the...
dava4444 3 333 Last post 25-April-19, 12:51:54
by rbleroy91
MSI Force GC20 problem
I'm having a problem using this controller, it's fine but after a while it starts malfunctioning and I have to reconnect it. Wha...
DSD27 11 2680 Last post 21-April-19, 11:48:08
by issadominique
This topic has been moved to GAMING Desktop PCs / Monitor / All-in-One PCs.
flobelix 0 189 Last post 16-April-19, 20:38:29
by flobelix
MSI MAG CH110 Gaming Chair
Hey guys,New to the forums here but not new to MSI products having both a MSI MEG ACE Motherboard and a 2080ti Gaming X Trio.So,...
Moridin_Au 7 459 Last post 16-April-19, 07:47:53
by Moridin_Au
VIGOR GK40 -Can't Customize
I recently received the Vigor GK40 from a points reward program. The keyboard installed perfectly and soon enough I was able to ...
flyersoctopus 2 234 Last post Best Answer 15-April-19, 08:47:04
by flyersoctopus
Force GC30 doesn't work
Recently I bought msi force gc30 gamepad and it arrived today. But unfortunately it does not work at all. I can't turn it on. Wh...
momo0923 1 333 Last post 15-April-19, 07:54:15
by LBJistherealchamp
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