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MSI GM11 mouse, not showing in Gaming Center nor in Dragon Center
Configuring the lights is one thing, but what I really need is a way to reconfigure the buttons. The buttons along the left-hand...
MA 7 170 Last post 14-October-19, 15:36:26
by flobelix
Is there any source to get spare parts for GC20 joystick?
Greetings people. I'd like to know if there is any seller you may know (amazon, aliexpress,ebay, etc) which may offer spare part...
wamp33 1 67 Last post 11-October-19, 10:16:11
by Nichrome
MOVED: MSI z390 NV-link question
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 65 Last post 05-October-19, 19:30:10
by flobelix
Does MSI mouses have "sesitivity clutch" option?
Hey guys!I am looking for a mouse that has an option of "Sensitivity clutch" meaning when you press the button it switches DPI t...
vesta.pridepker 1 136 Last post 03-October-19, 08:34:15
by Leonard
How to RMA GC30 Controller
All RMA options exclude support for this controller, in the drop downs available it has support for GAMING BACKPACKS but nothing...
dogbulb 1 131 Last post 03-October-19, 08:22:43
by Leonard
programming buttons
hello, I bought the clutch m70 and my  question is  in the game center programming  buttons in game centerhello, i have the msi ...
looklkn 3 205 Last post 03-October-19, 08:19:40
by pandaz
MSI mouse not showing in Mystic Light
Hello. I've just got a new MSI Clutch GM40 mouse. It's working fine as a mouse, but it doesn't show up in mystic lights, so I'm ...
thewallards 3 117 Last post 02-October-19, 11:00:22
by flobelix
Vigor GK40 US Keyboard keys randomly stop working.
Hi there,I am not sure if this is the right area to post or if I am doing this correctly but I was unable to post a help ticket....
horder_cadrian 13 2988 Last post 01-October-19, 20:53:23
by medic0503
Keyboard Vigor GK40 - some keys not working/recognized
Hi there,since yesterday some keys are not working anymore or are not recognized by any program of the PC. To give you some exam...
francesco.varano 2 461 Last post 01-October-19, 20:52:15
by medic0503
MSI Interceptor DS B1 button mapping - how I did it
Hello,the MSI Interceptor DS B1 is a cheap but awesome mouse that uses stock Windows drivers.  Since MSI does not provide a butt...
garec 0 61 Last post 01-October-19, 15:54:48
by garec
Does MSI interceptor DS B1 work in windows 10?
I,ve heard that MSI interceptor DS B1 is not quite responsive in windows 10 is that true?
dhyeytrojan420 1 545 Last post 01-October-19, 15:46:37
by garec
Msi ds 300 sensor not working
Hey I have the msi ds300 for like 1 year and a half and it didn't get any damage during this usage but one day when i plugged it...
karimkallelm 3 103 Last post 29-September-19, 22:26:49
by flobelix
Problema MSI Force Gc20 joystick
A volte si blocca e non funziona. Tocca riavviare il PC. Fate un programma che risolva il problema.( Sistema operativo  Windows ...
balduccimara 1 97 Last post 28-September-19, 11:35:15
by flobelix
MSI Force GC20 problem
I'm having a problem using this controller, it's fine but after a while it starts malfunctioning and I have to reconnect it. Wha...
DSD27 13 3786 Last post 28-September-19, 11:34:33
by flobelix
Need help with Gamepad GC 30
Hello there.i bought the gamepad 2 months ago, it worked perfect till i came from holidays. After a month without use, the left ...
jrpjardi 2 381 Last post 25-September-19, 10:55:03
by Nichrome
MSI GC30 not working unless wired
My GC30 which is just a few months old just suddenly stopped working wirelessly.Actually, it doesn't even flash it's lights at a...
whimsicalcotton21 1 312 Last post 11-September-19, 11:48:56
by pandaz
mic on headset not working
i have a msi headset from one of the msi gift-pack, but my mic isnt working, i tried reinstalling my audio drivers, and i could ...
thijnsmulders04 1 121 Last post 11-September-19, 10:53:42
by Nichrome
Dragon Center lack of Options
The switch from separate apps to one big app left couple of things aside. For example, gaming center had customizable modes both...
bucur06sebastian 0 107 Last post 10-September-19, 18:05:23
by bucur06sebastian
MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 010 front LED issue
Hello I bought the Vampiric case and I have a issue. After turning on the desktop, LED strip is shinning red, however cklicking ...
shinigami00azael 1 128 Last post 08-September-19, 14:24:56
by flobelix
Disabling LED on M88 Gaming Mouse
Is there any way to disable to red flashing light on the M88 gaming mouse?  It's really distracting to see it constantly flashin...
abishurp 2 555 Last post 05-September-19, 20:43:41
by flobelix
Vigor GK80 Software Suggestion
I have a suggestion for the Vigor gk80 keyboard. We all know it has 2 nice light bezels on it's sides. Problem is, when using th...
bucur06sebastian 7 650 Last post 04-September-19, 09:13:06
by bucur06sebastian
Hello,Im considering about buying msi mag vampiric 010 case. My question is : How RGB works? if I wanna use it in MSI Mystic Lig...
bajatak21 2 253 Last post 01-September-19, 20:46:43
by flobelix
MSI Clutch GM70 logo light won't turn on
Hi,I recently bought one of these and downloaded MSI MysticLight v3.0. When I first got the mouse the light behind the logo woul...
bellino-pak 2 288 Last post Best Answer 31-August-19, 07:02:47
by bellino-pak
MSI MPG GUNGNIR 100P - Doubt with the case connectors
Hello, I'm mounting my new computer, but I have encountered a problem with the case. When connecting the case cables, I found tw...
jordiustrell 4 272 Last post Best Answer 30-August-19, 13:19:29
by jordiustrell
I recieved a Bluetooth speaker instead of a Gaming chair? (Optix MPG3412CQR)
Hi! I recently bought a MSI Optix MPG341CQR, and registered the product before the promo ends. But i recieved a Bluetooth speake...
davenarcise 4 345 Last post 29-August-19, 23:30:23
by Nichrome
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