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Server/workstation boards

This section is for AMD and Intel server/workstation boards.

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Last post by tomsyn
in Re: Looking for docking ...
on 07-July-19, 00:46:45
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TV Tuner products

MSI analogue and digital TV tuner products.

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Last post by kevinflack2010
on 13-June-17, 04:28:28
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Sticky Topics
Hi there!This forum is where you can find help for all the other little devices that MSI produces that don't have a home elsewhe...
Stu 0 11995 Last post 13-July-05, 20:24:37
by Stu
For anyone using any of MSI's wireless networking products, who needs more guidance and advice to setup and configure a wireless...
Stu 2 15955 Last post 13-May-10, 09:27:12
by patrick076
I format MEGA Player 516 with winXP. Now my player is dead. When I pres start button only show MSI logo and then turn off. WinXP...
Mega516user 9 12924 Last post 01-April-06, 19:06:26
by Mr.TomaTo sure the pc is disconnected from lan and nett and cannot install any wi...
Wonkanoby 11 22931 Last post 08-March-06, 19:59:27
by Stu
Hi AllI've had very little problems with my 975X Platinum Power-Up Edition motherboard, and my system is running very well, I ha...
shuntfield 16 42764 Last post 30-July-12, 20:23:11
by shuntfield
Hi,I have mega 515 and mega 515 lite. And I by mistake upgrade a firmware from 515 lite into 515 ! Can I somehow repair? On 515...
Mr.TomaTo 26 21374 Last post 12-December-09, 12:54:01
by Stu
RE: Firmware v2.00.02 & Driver v1.672 Update dated 06/04/06 for Megaplayer 533 - Model MS5533.I think that there is a possible p...
bickel72 39 39655 Last post 28-April-11, 10:29:57
by bokica
Problem: If not using StarCam 370i in a sunny room the picture turns purple and the dark coloures come up incorrect as shown in ...
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szucsati 107 86632 Last post 17-September-06, 01:57:29
by qwertyasdf
Normal Topics
choice of CD-R (CDRW) media
Wonder should this be posted under "All under the sun" or here...I wish to compile a list of CD-R media to use, their respective...
Maesus 0 2040 Last post 18-August-02, 07:08:07
by Maesus
MSI-8340 cd writer speed problem
I have just got an MSI cd writer 8340 - yet i am having a problem with the speed - as it is not burning 40X cd with 40X but only...
ken481 0 2109 Last post 27-October-02, 01:30:42
by ken481
8340S Firmware Problem!
Apparently upgrading the firmware on my CD Writer to the latest version from MSI's website (120D) was a bad idea. Now all it doe...
djtodd 0 1926 Last post 04-April-03, 19:16:56
by djtodd
does live update include MSI CDRW firmware update?
I just updated my MSI 48x16x48 firmwareand didn't see anything saying I needed tobut I needed to I was making coasters now I'm n...
TheGorx 0 1874 Last post 06-August-03, 11:23:31
by TheGorx
no seek-complete error using ms-8348
Hello, I have a MSI brand model ms-8438 CDRW that is less than a year old running on a AMD DUron 850 system with UDMA6 IDE.For t...
john_ericsson 0 1882 Last post 12-August-03, 16:38:35
by john_ericsson
CR52-A2 firmware update 180D
Anyone update their CR52-A2 drive with this recently released firmware? Improvements? Bugs? Problems? Any feed back?  
Redstone 0 2027 Last post 24-August-03, 07:40:07
by Redstone
about recording DVDs at 4x
I have just bought new DVD burner PIONEER DVR-106. This drive is able to burn DVDs at 4x (5400 kb/s). I need some references abo...
age2 0 1804 Last post 08-September-03, 11:30:31
by age2
CD-RW 180 Firmware
Has anyone had any problems after flashing MSI CR52-M to latest firmware 1.80?I also have a CR52-A2 which I flashed to 1.80D and...
jazzing 0 2147 Last post 13-September-03, 06:10:33
by jazzing
MS-8348 bad firmware (need a.qz)
Hi, i have a MS-8348 and it worked fine since i bought it. Last week i bought a 100cds boul (ipc) and it cant write them, and ma...
Gustix5 0 1855 Last post 03-October-03, 09:33:11
by Gustix5
Getting Gallatins to work with MS-9141
First of all, I tried a pair of 1.7 Ghz Prestonia (DP processors), but it identified them as 1.0 Ghz instead.  I think it's beca...
Fred Worm 0 1747 Last post 07-October-03, 22:38:25
by Fred Worm
BTTrayMainWindow hangs on windows shutdown
BTTrayMainWindow hangs on windows shutdown when the MSI bluetooth dongle is not attached. Tried on Windows XP & 2000 on 2 differ...
Psychophylaxis 0 4092 Last post 10-October-03, 10:44:17
by Psychophylaxis
Hello, and what is i-Speeder and how does it work? I have searched for info on MSI website and after I downloaded and installed ...
Vonbrown 0 1880 Last post 15-October-03, 19:19:22
by Vonbrown
Yes, I have installed the software, but I wanted to use the one that came with the Bluetooth, 'cause it looks better, and it's e...
sofron 0 1805 Last post 19-October-03, 12:14:37
by sofron
BT dongle with BT headset audio problem
Hi,I want to use my bluetooth headset (Jabra BT200) together with the bluetooth dongle (MSI PC2PC) to work with my PC. (internet...
Harmbeuk 0 1737 Last post 23-October-03, 19:25:30
by Harmbeuk
Hello! I would need some information if possible. I purchased PC11B wireless adapter and now i need an extension cable for the a...
cice 0 1764 Last post 24-October-03, 08:28:45
by cice
K7D Master (6501) fails to get as far as BIOS
This is really really odd and I hope somebody can shed some light on the problem.I've had a K7D-Master running for around 18 mon...
the_fbi 0 1780 Last post 25-October-03, 20:54:17
by the_fbi
Error Starting Progrm
Error message comes up when I try and install programs-"TheMSIEXEC.EXE file is linked to missing export MSI.DLL.222"How can this...
DEWIREES577 0 1755 Last post 31-October-03, 14:36:37
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