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trouble with 8240S CD-RW
Just wondering if anyone can help me with my writer. It was working well before and now it's not detected during the setup and a...
jasonbourne 1 2014 Last post 28-November-02, 14:49:46
by crAzy_caMel
MSI Dragonwriter firmware upgrade problem
Hi , I have a problem with upgrading the firmware of the MS 8348 dragonwriter wich writes at 48X / 16X / 48X . After checking in...
[gs]biohazard 6 3724 Last post 01-December-02, 20:01:30
by AndrewP7
CD-RW will not record at max speed
I have just bought a MS-8348B CD-RW (48x 16x 48x) which has worked fine for the past week. However, it will not write cd's at 48...
AndrewP7 7 4042 Last post 27-December-02, 09:27:37
by sirpaulallen
Dragon Writer MS-8348B having some bad problems.
I actually don't have the 8348B, I have a Verbatim but it's the same rebaged drive(BenQ 4816p) and I'm having alot of problems, ...
berkelyblue 3 2379 Last post 09-January-03, 21:52:19
by liu_gf
Dragonwriter 8348B
This thing is driving me crazy. At first, it worked just fine, then after burning 5 or 6 CD's it went crazy. It started out by f...
birdie123 7 3306 Last post 11-January-03, 14:32:12
by BLiND
dragonwriter cdrw ms 8348
hi,after my last piece of hardware from msi(kt266 pro motherboard) i swore i'd never buy one of there products again.however the...
addoj 9 5973 Last post 18-January-03, 04:48:57
by Glenn
msi dragon writer 48x16x48x
I have flash updated this drive with the newest firmware and it still doesnt recognize my media as 48x...ived used everything fr...
dhurt 3 3435 Last post 20-January-03, 09:24:25
by dhurt
Problem with DragonWriter 48x16x48 CR48-B
I dont know what to do, it is only burning at 16x max!?!  My CD-r's are 32x so I know I cannot use the full 48x max, but I canno...
Sholnay 24 7391 Last post 22-January-03, 07:48:13
by Atomic_dogg
speedstar52x ms-8152 no go
Well I just bought a xp 2100= with a kt3ultra 2 mother board. 3 weeks ago I bought a msi dragon writer 48/16/48. No problems!!!u...
chigger_ns 2 2407 Last post 29-January-03, 17:38:21
by chigger_ns
Firm ware?
   Is there a firm ware update for msi MS-8348 dragon writer?Mine is curently 120d?.... thats what nero says.I just want it to r...
chigger_ns 3 2758 Last post 30-January-03, 20:03:46
by dhurt
MS-8348B not recognize
If someone can help me:I got a MS-8348B,  first I tested in my pc with directcd 5.0, and Easy cd creator, it was ok! My pc: AMD ...
luiz sega 1 2051 Last post 02-February-03, 20:39:03
by Wonkanoby
Problem with Dragonwriter MS-8348
Please help me!I have a big Problem with my burner  (MS-8348 Dragon writer 48x16x48 Firmware 140D [already upgraded], win 2k ).h...
MrBug 2 2251 Last post 19-February-03, 16:47:46
by MrBug
MS-8348 reads but not writes
I bought an MS-8348 (I'm assuming A, even though I'm not told.  It looks similar to the picture on the firmware page for the A v...
jrzandstra 3 2377 Last post 27-February-03, 20:52:40
by jrzandstra
CR48 only burns at 16x max
I just rebuilt my PC with a new MSI mobo (K7N2) and a new CR48-A2. Also a fresh clean install of Win2k. I skipped Roxio this tim...
hoovman 2 2208 Last post 01-March-03, 02:28:05
by dreamer
cr48-a2 writer
Does anyone know what will work with this writer apart from the supplied nero software. Everything I have tried so far will not ...
dreamer 1 1992 Last post 12-March-03, 06:27:23
by FilthyWhore
8 cd drive display in my computer after I install the cd-writer
I am using win 98. After I install the cd-writer Cr52-A2. My computer can automatically detact the cd writer but it show 8 cd dr...
fh2000 1 2035 Last post 16-March-03, 17:34:49
by NovJoe
Problems with my Cr48-A2 (Cd rw 48x24x48)
I recently bought a Cr48-A2 cd writer. I´ve installed Ahead Nero, which comes with the drive. It works fine; anyway i do have a ...
MartinAr 4 2457 Last post 27-March-03, 07:27:24
by cooperdjason
8340S Firmware Problem!
Apparently upgrading the firmware on my CD Writer to the latest version from MSI's website (120D) was a bad idea. Now all it doe...
djtodd 0 1858 Last post 04-April-03, 19:16:56
by djtodd
MSI CD-RW 48-A2 Burner
 ?(  I just bought this drive and it works ok , but it only burns cd's at 24x max and i have tried 3 different types of cd-r's a...
dbracer 4 2519 Last post 08-April-03, 17:58:32
by mtfresh
Help!! CR48-A2 can\'t erase RW\'s! :(
Hi there.My new CR48-A2 appearantly doesn't know how to erase cd-rw's.I've tried both nero and clonecd and with both it's the sa...
erani 5 2609 Last post 08-April-03, 21:40:13
by erani
MS-8348A & CD-90 / compatibility ?
I'm using a CDRW MS-8348A with 150d FW.It is specified on MSI's technical features specify that this writer is compatible with 7...
loucou 1 1750 Last post 06-May-03, 14:11:55
by gdp77
dragonwriter ms-8348 error
Please help me !my new CDRW drive (MS-8348 Dragon writer 48x16x48) only one month, make some error when i burn cd-r.There are on...
MS-8348KAPOUT 2 2319 Last post 11-May-03, 16:14:08
by psysapien
Can't Burn CDs higher than 16X
hey i've got a seriuos problem which is I can't choose a speed more than 16X to burn CDs although my writer is MS-8340 which is ...
baher4ever 2 1864 Last post 17-May-03, 18:51:03
by baher4ever
I just got the CR52-A2. It will not burn above 24x no matter is not the media as I have tried three different vendor's ...
groebuck 3 2289 Last post 17-June-03, 13:33:15
by thunderace71
MSI 8352A keeps saying my discs are full
OK, I just built a new PC.  Yesterday I put the MS 8352A Dragonwriter in it for my burner (using a Toshibe DVD Rom as my main re...
Prefect99 10 3634 Last post 25-June-03, 08:46:00
by Chippy99
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