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Are msi cd writers good or bad?????????
I like to ask this question as - have just bought one the 40X12X40X and it is not allowing me to burn at full speed with certain...
ken481 10 3813 Last post 30-June-03, 21:38:13
MSI 52x Cd Writer Disappears
I have noticed this with quite a few 52x CD Writers now and i wondered if anybody else had seen it or got any idea why it happen...
JCLogix 7 3217 Last post 08-July-03, 22:53:02
by Murc
does live update include MSI CDRW firmware update?
I just updated my MSI 48x16x48 firmwareand didn't see anything saying I needed tobut I needed to I was making coasters now I'm n...
TheGorx 0 1853 Last post 06-August-03, 11:23:31
by TheGorx
CR48-B (MS-8348B) Problems!
Hi!I bought MSI CR-48B (MS8348-B) CD-RW drive and have some problems with it. It does not record CDs as it should. When I burn a...
Hamna 3 2018 Last post 08-August-03, 13:42:13
by apesbum
48/16/48 cdrw wont write above 12x
my cdrw used to work fine at 48x but then decided it didn't like that. the maximum allowable speed now shown in nero is 24x but ...
apesbum 1 1925 Last post 08-August-03, 13:45:29
by apesbum
no seek-complete error using ms-8348
Hello, I have a MSI brand model ms-8438 CDRW that is less than a year old running on a AMD DUron 850 system with UDMA6 IDE.For t...
john_ericsson 0 1867 Last post 12-August-03, 16:38:35
by john_ericsson
no seek-complete error using ms-8348
Hello, I have a MSI brand model ms-8438 CDRW that is less than a year old running on a AMD DUron 850 system with UDMA6 IDE.For t...
john_ericsson 3 2258 Last post 12-August-03, 23:20:08
by Assaf
CR48-A2 compatible cdr/rw media! ...?Firmare update messed up?!??!?
can anyone tell me what media is compatible with this writer at the highest speeds it is SUPPOSSED to burn?!??!?I paid a lot of ...
clickio 7 3005 Last post 14-August-03, 04:08:20
by Amer Reese
MS-8348A packet writing problems
I recently bought a MS-8348A writer and I am very happy with it, except for one thing. There seems to be a serious bug with pack...
dhrto 31 11668 Last post 22-August-03, 13:05:16
by dhrto
CR52-A2 firmware update 180D
Anyone update their CR52-A2 drive with this recently released firmware? Improvements? Bugs? Problems? Any feed back?  
Redstone 0 2009 Last post 24-August-03, 07:40:07
by Redstone
CDRW problems!
Hi every one:Hope you guys are OK when reading these few lines.The reason I'm posting this message is because I have a problem w...
edyros 2 2037 Last post 30-August-03, 23:08:23
by edyros
about recording DVDs at 4x
I have just bought new DVD burner PIONEER DVR-106. This drive is able to burn DVDs at 4x (5400 kb/s). I need some references abo...
age2 0 1789 Last post 08-September-03, 11:30:31
by age2
CD-RW 180 Firmware
Has anyone had any problems after flashing MSI CR52-M to latest firmware 1.80?I also have a CR52-A2 which I flashed to 1.80D and...
jazzing 0 2077 Last post 13-September-03, 06:10:33
by jazzing
CR52-A2 CD-RW (track following error???)
I have a 52x24x52x, burn some discs and now y get TRACK FOLLOWING ERROR every time i tried to burn, what is it????I use nero and...
necrobied 2 1943 Last post 15-September-03, 08:04:38
by necrobied
MSI CR52-M failure
I bought an MSI CR52-M cd-writer. After installing MSI CR52-M i installed nero burning rom 5 wich was bundeld with the cd-writer...
the zen 2 1957 Last post 16-September-03, 17:05:46
by the zen
CD ROM 52x neither read nor play music
Hi,Just bought and installed a MSI 52X cd-rom.  It will not play music CDs or read data.  It is recognized and loaded in Windows...
johnsonlmj 5 2825 Last post 21-September-03, 06:00:26
by Wonkanoby
CR52-A2 Problem (ChronicOverrunProtection)
Hey folks,Im having a problem where no matter what speed im burning at, (even at 4x), my computer gets all jittery...I had Nero ...
tkloppel 1 1777 Last post 21-September-03, 08:15:53
by Assaf
CR52-M explodes OS
I just bought the CDRW CR52-M and since I installed it the operation system explodes causing the PC to reboot in diferrent ocasi...
PCH 2 1791 Last post 21-September-03, 11:17:49
by PCH
MS-8348A Compatibility - New FW Reqd?
I have an MS-8348A at firmware level 150D which was released to Improve medium compatibility.The Writer is installed in my Abit ...
mosaddique 4 2498 Last post 28-September-03, 01:43:23
by mosaddique
MS-8348 bad firmware (need a.qz)
Hi, i have a MS-8348 and it worked fine since i bought it. Last week i bought a 100cds boul (ipc) and it cant write them, and ma...
Gustix5 0 1828 Last post 03-October-03, 09:33:11
by Gustix5
msi 8348a
My MSI 8348a cd-rw work only 12xjavascript:smilie(';(') Crying
Dexi 1 1871 Last post 06-October-03, 22:20:45
by Kingfisher
big problem with a asus a7n8x deluxe and a cd writer msi
I've got a big problem with the writer. It don't work on my mother board and on the other yes. I've tried to upgrade the system ...
blasme 1 1872 Last post 06-October-03, 22:21:57
by Kingfisher
reading problems with MS-8340S
When I use Nero CD Speed to check the CD Quality of my discs, no matter what kind of disc, it gives me a result of over 70.000.0...
Lord of Darkness 1 1657 Last post 06-October-03, 22:22:39
by Kingfisher
Getting Gallatins to work with MS-9141
First of all, I tried a pair of 1.7 Ghz Prestonia (DP processors), but it identified them as 1.0 Ghz instead.  I think it's beca...
Fred Worm 0 1728 Last post 07-October-03, 22:38:25
by Fred Worm
ATI radion 9200 PCI
I have purcashed a ATI radion 9200 128mB PCI video card, to replace my onboard VGA- card in a MSI Hermes 650. (Motherboard MS-65...
Avalon 4 2522 Last post 08-October-03, 00:19:17
by Richard
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