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X570 BIOS AGESA Patch B X570 GODLIKE Patch B 7C34AMS.1...
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Leonard 296 67385 Last post 20-January-20, 09:16:34
by tsg
Starting this thread since it might be useful for the future.....Problem : PC appears to boot, EZDEBUG LED's light up, then go o...
darkhawk 0 20737 Last post 22-June-17, 23:53:01
by darkhawk
Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON...
Hans 0 17412 Last post 19-October-09, 19:33:44
by Hans
Just read the manual and use correct keys!!NumPad's +/- or PageUp/PageDown if you want to adjust values.Quote from: AaronYuri on...
Svet 0 18512 Last post 02-July-09, 00:33:03
by Svet
Read Here First Pre-Build Issues and Choosing Components Trouble Shooting Tips & Guides &
fafner 0 71153 Last post 27-March-05, 21:20:18
by fafner
Normal Topics
Boot order changing by itself in UEFI BBS Priorities
Hi,I have a MSI X570-Pro with the latest firmware and I have the following problem:I have 2 Windows 10, one on each HDD.I have s...
fortincarl11 2 50 Last post Today at 11:56:11
by fortincarl11
Question about CPU temperature
Hi, I have just built a new system with the following,Motherboard - MSI 760GM-P23 (FX)CPU FX 6300and as this is my first venture...
DaveMB 8 2186 Last post Today at 11:03:25
by 01systems
A88X-G43 (MS-7793) and RIITOP M2TPCE16X Boot
This is a relatively simple question.A want to replace the Boot HDD on my system with a SSD, but despite being the easier soluti...
dzomlija 4 139 Last post Today at 06:56:55
by dzomlija
Msi x570 Unify - No drivers, utilities, bios etc.
Hey guys,been a few years since my last update so I bought the new Unify as it got rather positive reviews. But the MSI homepage...
chronotrigger 4 63 Last post Today at 04:35:17
by Svet
UEFI question on disk boot order / CSM
I have a new MSI X570 Creation mobo and could use a simple explanation of some basic boot questions...I was able to build with a...
dastiegen 1 36 Last post Today at 04:33:48
by Svet
Help with msi b450 a pro max Mobo
I just finished mounting my first desktop. I got a B450-A Pro Max motherboard. Thing is, I turned on my PC and it sent me to Bio...
Akiyoru 8 244 Last post Best Answer Today at 04:28:41
by Svet
Which TPM module is compatible with FM2-A85XA-G65 motherboard?
Quick question, which TPM module can I use in the FM2-A85XA-G65 motherboard? I saw on Newegg that there are multiple kinds and a...
frodobaggins 3 82 Last post Best Answer Today at 04:27:54
by Svet
RAM slots and heatsinks: compatibility between MPG G. Edge WIFI and DARK ROCK
Parts:MOBO - MSI X570 MPG Gaming Edge WIFIRAM - 2x Crucial Ballistix Sport LTCPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600Desired heatsink: Be Quiet! D...
fenice1 3 68 Last post Today at 04:23:40
by Svet
bye bye X570
After becoming fed up with the X570-A PRO, I removed the motherboard and installed my old X470 Gaming Plus.https://hardcoregames...
veganfanatic 1 94 Last post Today at 01:04:05
by Luhiss
High temperatures on TMPIN6 and TMPIN8
Hello.The motherboard I’m using is a MSI A320M-A PRO and the CPU is Ryzen 3200G. No graphics card. The BIOS version is 1.3, Rade...
hguser 1 54 Last post Yesterday at 21:36:43
by Nichrome
Metal strip touching the motherboard
Hello.It is true that the case should not touch the motherboard? What could happen if the case touched the motherboard?I do not ...
hguser 1 43 Last post Yesterday at 21:35:30
by Nichrome
X570 Creation mobo actual width / Meshify S2 case
I'm considering an MSI X570 Creation board to go in a Fractal Design Meshify S2 case.From literature on the case I read that "Th...
dastiegen 5 191 Last post Best Answer Yesterday at 19:56:34
by dastiegen
NF980-G65 bios update for Win10 - need USB bootable image
Trying to update NF980-G65 to Win 10. Bios is v1.0 and the Win10 updater only sees 2gb ram despite having 8gb installed. I'm hop...
shrikedoa 3 48 Last post Yesterday at 18:36:42
by Chike
Is CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 compatible with B450-A PRO MAX and Ryzen 1200.
Is CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 compatible with B450-A PRO MAX and Ryzen 1200. I bought it all but having issues with motherboard booting ...
calz-ere 4 98 Last post Yesterday at 15:53:35
by Chike
PWM case fan control not working on MSI A320M-A PRO
Hello.My problem is that my PWM case fan is loud. It seems to be running always at full speed. I want it to be silent or almost ...
hguser 8 332 Last post Yesterday at 13:42:41
by hguser
Realtek sound driver issue *Hope this is the right place*
Good afternoon.  I went to install the 1/16/2020 updates for my MSI Unify motherboard and could never get it to function.   Wind...
joeyntab 6 132 Last post 20-January-20, 23:33:01
by Luhiss
MOVED: X570 GAMING PLUS, fresh USB Windows install errors, can't install Windows 10
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 38 Last post 20-January-20, 21:58:25
by Nichrome
MOVED: Sata raid 0 boot options lost after memory bad timings
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 32 Last post 20-January-20, 21:58:02
by Nichrome
X570 a Pro
Hello From Turkey/Malatya.I decided change my system from Intel 4930k to Amd Ryzen 3700x.I Purchased X570 A Pro Msi.I installed ...
adilsefa 32 1990 Last post 20-January-20, 04:13:39
by Luhiss
Cannot access BIOS, only black screen... using MSI Bazooka v2
So here's my dilemma... I just put together a computer with a Ryzen 5 2600x and a Bazooka v2 motherboard. Now, the Ryzen 5 is on...
russell.liddick 1 56 Last post 20-January-20, 01:53:49
by Svet
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