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Read Here First Pre-Build Issues and Choosing Components Trouble Shooting Tips & Guides &
fafner 0 71846 Last post 27-March-05, 21:20:18
by fafner
Just read the manual and use correct keys!!NumPad's +/- or PageUp/PageDown if you want to adjust values.Quote from: AaronYuri on...
Svet 0 18955 Last post 02-July-09, 00:33:03
by Svet
Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON...
Hans 0 18100 Last post 19-October-09, 19:33:44
by Hans
Starting this thread since it might be useful for the future.....Problem : PC appears to boot, EZDEBUG LED's light up, then go o...
darkhawk 0 22191 Last post 22-June-17, 23:53:01
by darkhawk
X570 BIOS AGESA Patch B X570 GODLIKE Patch B 7C34AMS.1...
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Leonard 313 76750 Last post 10-March-20, 16:26:34
by darkhawk
Normal Topics
MSI VIA K8T800 MOBO for Athlon64 on STOCK!!!
Hi,i was cheking dealtime for a mobo and i find this...check it out!!...its a MSI K8T800 MOBO for as just $144.80!!!...really am...
laifox 4 4314 Last post 22-September-03, 01:29:54
by stevehp
Cann't install the Audigy2 on the MSI K8t800 Neo
Since there's no socket 754 forum yet, I'll aks it hre I recently bought the Athlon 64 MSI K8T800 combo.When I try to install th...
Skinner 7 4171 Last post 03-October-03, 23:59:30
by Skinner
master2-far MOBO...Opteron 240 compatible???
I was wandering if your master2-far motherboard is compatible with Opteron 240 processors. On this page:
matrix_fan 1 2234 Last post 12-October-03, 13:20:29
by Assaf
MSI give us a new bios that will work
Why dont you release a new bios the latest one is dated 15/8 thats 2 MONTH now. Corecenter make other program lockup, max Vcore ...
stinger32 5 3100 Last post 12-October-03, 13:55:21
by Templar2k
USB has retired all but one channel.  Three others will not work
JCratty 1 2557 Last post 12-October-03, 14:41:42
by Wonkanoby
LOL what a bummer but seriously guyz this feature is novelty only. I don't use it since I set the speed of my fan manually..I wo...
Templar2k 1 2518 Last post 12-October-03, 16:20:22
by bangdoll
Create a seperate Via socket754/KT800 forum
Hi mods if you are looking, kindly create a seperate forum for the above mention as there are no proper place for us K8T owners ...
bangdoll 7 4425 Last post 12-October-03, 16:22:08
by bangdoll
Info on Athlon 64 FX
sharmane 3 2688 Last post 12-October-03, 19:48:32
by Ex Forum User 3
64-bit drivers for Windows AMD64?
Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for AMD64 have been available for MSDN developers for quite awhile already.Where can we find any 64-bi...
snorre 2 3042 Last post 12-October-03, 23:39:36
by snorre
Model Number
Hey guys,  I foun this info about the AMD Athlon 64 model numberADA3200AEP5APADA  = Brand : Athlon 64 Desktop3200 = Model number...
Seranko 0 2108 Last post 13-October-03, 06:13:28
by Seranko
K8 T Neo Does Not Support Acpi 2 With Current Bios.. No Chance Of Cool N Quiet
Hi guyzIf you read the Readme that comes with the Athlon64 driver from AMD, let me quote: "This driver supports processor perfor...
Templar2k 3 2445 Last post 13-October-03, 10:18:37
by Templar2k
Is Cool'n'Quiet Enabled Yet on K8T Neo Athlon 64?
Very impressed with my K8T neo but I need some help with cool'n'quiet.Is cool'n'quiet active yet on the K8T neo? If it is how do...
fishyuk 10 5453 Last post 13-October-03, 10:26:45
by Wonkanoby
Acceptable Chip Temp
Any thoughts on what an acceptable chip temp range may be?I have a Thermaltake case, so I'm not using the chip fan capability......
Ching-A-Ling 4 3649 Last post 16-October-03, 16:33:45
by bangdoll
KT8 definitely has more dividers or even a lock
With the Chaintech NF3 going bonkers on me, I switched over to an MSI KT800 and hit 270 FSB on the A64 3200+ with just chilled w...
Shamino 2 2506 Last post 16-October-03, 20:36:58
by Shamino
K8T NEO-FIS2R RTL will not work Corsair 3700 2x512 or Geil pc4000 2x256
my corsair 2x512 pc3700 twinx will not work even with setting timings manually nor with the New Geil pc4000 (2.5,7,4,4) 4x256 al...
Maximus[X-D] 4 2887 Last post 18-October-03, 20:47:38
by Wonkanoby
some interesting reads
Wonkanoby 1 2205 Last post 18-October-03, 22:01:07
by Templar2k
Problem with Sound Realtek AC'97
i get alot of crackeling some times, like i shut my computer off and sometimes it crackels and sometimes it doesnt, any help doe...
joshr45 1 2364 Last post 20-October-03, 09:08:23
by sharmane
K8T NEO-FIS2R Problem..............!
MY PROBLEM!please click on the link above to view my problem. i would love to hear any suggestions possible. and as soon as you ...
lixid 2 2263 Last post 20-October-03, 20:42:37
by lixid
K8T NEO-FIS2R RTL!!! My Initial impressions
K got my Msi and athlon64 3200 in yesterday swapped it into once of my spare cases and fired her up. K, First problem i encounte...
Maximus[X-D] 2 2771 Last post 21-October-03, 15:05:30
by REILLY875
You've problably read it somewhere, but nevertheless, this little tool enables you to drop the multiplier to 4x with the beta bi...
NerdConnected 5 3662 Last post 21-October-03, 19:32:18
by NerdConnected
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