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Read Here First Pre-Build Issues and Choosing Components Trouble Shooting Tips & Guides &
fafner 0 70836 Last post 27-March-05, 21:20:18
by fafner
Just read the manual and use correct keys!!NumPad's +/- or PageUp/PageDown if you want to adjust values.Quote from: AaronYuri on...
Svet 0 18487 Last post 02-July-09, 00:33:03
by Svet
Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON...
Hans 0 17363 Last post 19-October-09, 19:33:44
by Hans
Starting this thread since it might be useful for the future.....Problem : PC appears to boot, EZDEBUG LED's light up, then go o...
darkhawk 0 20639 Last post 22-June-17, 23:53:01
by darkhawk
X570 BIOS AGESA Patch B X570 GODLIKE Patch B 7C34AMS.1...
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Leonard 295 66735 Last post 08-January-20, 22:28:00
by veganfanatic
Normal Topics
Model Number
Hey guys,  I foun this info about the AMD Athlon 64 model numberADA3200AEP5APADA  = Brand : Athlon 64 Desktop3200 = Model number...
Seranko 0 2081 Last post 13-October-03, 06:13:28
by Seranko
K8T Neo Windows 64 driver archive?
I am very happy with my new K8T Neo. I made my friend buy one of these motherboards and I will buy another one for myself next w...
shamrock 0 2412 Last post 26-October-03, 05:22:31
by shamrock
Cannot copy file: The request could not be perfomed because of an I/O Device error
I've experiencing problems moving files out of two Maxtor Diamond Plus 9 drives ULTRA DMA stripped on a RAID 0 configuration. I ...
navarros 0 2397 Last post 29-October-03, 00:56:04
by navarros
oops wrong forum
Naterstein 0 1899 Last post 30-October-03, 07:29:20
by Naterstein
k8t master 2
I recently bought  a msi 9130 with one processor.The board will not start fans not even turning power supply not starting up. Tr...
beachbob 0 1950 Last post 04-November-03, 05:20:18
by beachbob
K8T Neo-Northbridge Fan Speed & Core Center
I just replaced my Northbridge heatsink with a active fan type cooler(Microcool Northpole). MSI core center ver reportsN...
Archiver 0 2190 Last post 11-November-03, 21:30:03
by Archiver
A great roundup for AMD64 Athlon mobos.
Here is the link give your opinions. that msi lacks oc...
3degs 0 1650 Last post 17-November-03, 04:19:58
by 3degs
True (64-bit) Drivers NEEDED for 64bit OS's
Hello, All    I sure like to see some full 64-bit drivers for us using with 64-bit OS, for the VT8237 that would utilize all are...
VR-Programmer 0 2218 Last post 18-November-03, 05:00:30
by VR-Programmer
Help no results
According to the instructions provided in the manual I have correctly connected the motherboard to the components correctly.  Th...
mroland 0 1493 Last post 23-November-03, 21:20:50
by mroland
MEM overclocking
Will it ever be possible on the K8T NEO to force the memory at a higher speed?? I have PC3000 RAM now, but I kno they can run mo...
Bibihest 0 1773 Last post 24-November-03, 19:48:29
by Bibihest
cable tv
can anybody help with my msi tvanywhere cardcan copy of terrestrial tv aerial picture and soundbut not from ntl cable picture bu...
Patrick J Ivers 0 1466 Last post 24-November-03, 23:12:00
by Patrick J Ivers
i can finnally overclock my processor
i checked on MSI live update and they had a 1.6 version of Core center so i downloaded it and i can now get my processor stable ...
joshr45 0 1759 Last post 08-December-03, 18:42:25
by joshr45
Kt8 NEO bios work around erratum 93 eta??
Hi guys,Dont get me wrong, you have a great mobo, the Kt8 neo is a very tidy package (your english on the "core cell" splash scr...
riprjak 0 1607 Last post 10-December-03, 04:54:45
by riprjak
Hello,its a little bit "funny" with the k8t neo it says supports up to 2 GB RAMbut when you look in the compatibility list (deta...
ijarkor 0 1451 Last post 11-December-03, 04:18:30
by ijarkor
MSI K8T Neo - System & Application crash/reboot
Windows XP Pro, SP 1MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R Via K8T800 Athlon 64AMD Athlon 64 3200+ ProcessorCorsair CMX512-3200C2PT 512MB DDR400 PC32...
senator 0 2048 Last post 22-December-03, 16:24:51
by senator
Troubles with Promise RAID and Win2k Pro
Setup:Athlon 64 3000MSI K8T800Enermax 350W PS 3.3V@32A 5V@32A 12V@26A2x512 Kingston ValueRam PC32002xWD 36GB Raptor (Promise RAI...
sambuca83 0 1740 Last post 24-December-03, 00:57:50
by sambuca83
K8T Neo Question...
Ok, just got the Neo board with the 3000+ chip.Reformatted my WD SE 80gb drive. Hooked the drive to the Promise IDE controller v...
sac130e 0 1400 Last post 31-December-03, 23:20:49
by sac130e
K8d master F problem
Hi, I'm having the following configuration: K8Dmaster F, dual AMD opteron 1,60 GHZ, 1 GB RAM, serial ATa Adaptech 1210 SA card, ...
cezy 0 1474 Last post 02-January-04, 11:13:12
by cezy
FastTrak (promise) Bios Probs - Raid
Ok Now i just recently got this mobo and i've been reading up, but to no avail. The problem is that i had an extra HDD that sat ...
UTSAzn 0 1646 Last post 04-January-04, 18:57:50
by UTSAzn
Sudden Reboot on the Blue screen of death
CPU is an Athlon 3200+, on an MSI K8T800 Neo motherboard (MS-6702) with two  250 Gig Western Digital Hard Drive part number WD25...
gohall 0 1570 Last post 05-January-04, 02:29:02
by gohall
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