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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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People with Zalman coolers...
For the cooler, (i am getting it to replace my thermaltake silent boost K8), should i get the all copper or the copper/aluminum ...
scottg26 33 5311 Last post 03-February-04, 15:11:53
by Ngolo
USB "Unknown Device"
Hello,After installing Windows 98 FE, then the VIA chipset drivers from the web I get an "Unknown Device" present in the USB sec...
philip06 5 2026 Last post 03-February-04, 12:16:40
by scottg26
RAM: Has anyone else had good luck with Corsair?
First of all, thanks Bas and Scottg26 for pointing out the correct version of Memtest86+.I know that Corsair has a crappy rep ar...
breenemeister 13 4456 Last post 02-February-04, 21:39:50
by zerox_no1
Suitable memory for K8T
Has anybody had success with  OCZ 512MB PC3200 Performance Series EL-DDR CAS2  memory. Living in the UK a lot of the memory bran...
snapper 6 2075 Last post 02-February-04, 21:35:27
by zerox_no1
Any luck with Infineon [K8T Neo FIS2r]?
Noticed that the compatibility list has a 256MB@DDR400 but nothing at 512MB@DDR400 for Infineon. Reason being that the local com...
senator 0 1235 Last post 02-February-04, 21:29:38
by senator
VIA Versus Promise
I was wondering which controller gives better performance: the Via or Promise? Which one should I plug my SATA Disk (only 1 hdd,...
D_o_S 1 1293 Last post 02-February-04, 19:12:06
by TimW
Is there actually a fix for the Audigy problem?
Can the Audigy not being detected problem actually be fixed, or am I going to have to buy a new soundcard...?
alex05 5 1797 Last post 02-February-04, 16:28:54
by Ngolo
Sound issues
Continuing to my last part of my journey... I am now talking to you guys on my settup AMD SYSTEM WOOHOO! The only part i have le...
delobrowniez 2 1255 Last post 02-February-04, 13:53:22
by bznotins
3X 512MB Mushkin Level II PC3500 doesn't work
I finally got my machine working well and decided to put a 3rd stick of 512MB Mushkin Level II PC3500 (2-2-2-5 @ 400 MHz).First ...
akidd 3 1498 Last post 02-February-04, 07:04:15
by Templar2k
Booting without a Keyboard?
What is the correct way to boot a K8D Master without a keyboard connected?  Changing the "Wait for F1 If Error" option does not ...
jdurham 7 1976 Last post 02-February-04, 02:25:53
by jdurham
Can the Heatsink touch the CPU directly?
can the heatsink directly touch the cpu without problems or does there have to be some sort of coolant grease in between, i know...
KMART_XecutionR 8 2572 Last post 01-February-04, 23:27:25
by scottg26
Windows install problem
Ok its 12:44 am here and im giving up and calling 911. I am having a problem to get windows to recognize my hardrive. I went to ...
delobrowniez 10 2726 Last post 01-February-04, 23:24:29
by scottg26
Value ram and Hyperx
What is the differences in Kingston Value ram and Hyper x ram besides the price.
M4j0r 1 1140 Last post 01-February-04, 23:05:35
by TimW
Basic AGP Problem
K8T Neo, Radeon 9800 Pro etc...The BIOS says:AGP Mode = AutoAGP Fast Write = EnabledBut when I'm in the SMARTGEAR tab of the dis...
alex05 0 1378 Last post 01-February-04, 23:01:35
by alex05
Serial port doesn't work on K8T-Neo
My setup is AMD 64 3000+, corsair 256mb x2 3200.My serial port doesn't seem to work!  I wouldn't usually care, but I have a soft...
ptebbe 1 1310 Last post 01-February-04, 22:34:23
by ptebbe
Does Cool N Quiet + AMD Chip Driver = Video Card Overclocking?
For some odd reason, my 9800NP is automatically changing its clock rates on me.  Never down, only up.  Does N Quiet and/or the A...
3Aims 4 1664 Last post 01-February-04, 22:05:27
by 3Aims
cool n quiet strange
With Cool n Quiet enabled, core center was reporting my cpu temp between 41 and 43.  So last night, while browsing throught the ...
archer57 2 1439 Last post 01-February-04, 21:40:42
by McGeyser
Networking Windows 2003 Server
Hi! Recently I downloaded MS Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition for x86-64 extended systems. The problem is I have a DSL mod...
D_o_S 5 1737 Last post 01-February-04, 21:13:28
by D_o_S
Anyone Using Via Raid0 And 1 Sata On Promise?
I'm using raid 0 on VIA and want to use a maxtor sata 80gb on Promise for files. When I boot it shows the maxtor in Promise but ...
step-dad 11 3038 Last post 01-February-04, 19:47:29
by step-dad
Can I use the IDE 3 connector...
to hook up a 250 GB/7200 RPM/8 MB cache WD HD? (IDE1+2 will be connected to 2 HD's and 1 DVD RW and 1 CD-RW)I checked the users ...
hansmann 13 3652 Last post 01-February-04, 19:17:44
by hansmann
Sudden processor failure?
OK, I'm confused.  I have a K8TNeo and an anthlon 64 3000+.  I was preparing to leave for a LAN part, so I changed the monitor d...
spwango 7 2140 Last post 01-February-04, 13:41:59
by JLP
cmos setup question
K8T NEO FIS2RAMD64 3000+bios version AMI 1.1Antec 1080amg 430watt true powerMaxtor 80G sata hddati radeon 9800pro 128mbMicron 1....
archer57 2 1175 Last post 01-February-04, 12:04:11
by scottg26
3d games freeze
Good day to all of you. This is my first post as a member.So here it goes....I have the same problem with P40 where my games fre...
Cole 3 1448 Last post 01-February-04, 11:57:22
by scottg26
K8T Neo Dies During Disk Activity
Howdy all. Building a system here... all went well until I tried installing XP. The system can't seem to survive the file-copyin...
nowayout11 7 2019 Last post 01-February-04, 11:57:18
by Wonkanoby
Oops I did it again
Just a few minutes ago I tried my headphones on the front panel on the p160 case. I have a k8t neo mobo. Immediately upon placin...
646464 1 1112 Last post 01-February-04, 05:05:23
by KMART_XecutionR
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