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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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K9A Platinum USB problem
Hi, i have recently installed Vista 64bit Premium on my system.  My board is a K9A platinum Xpress 3200.  I have an AMD 6000+ pr...
samal90 27 13869 Last post 13-September-08, 19:08:16
by Prototype24
K8N NEO FSR - "Ethernet controller" driver not installed.
Hi!For a couple of weeks a go I turned of my computer and plugged out the power cable, because of some really heavy weather (thu...
Jungeldyret 18 13875 Last post 07-August-08, 20:59:52
by Fredrik
is this Enermax psu good for K8N Neo4 Diamond?
Enermax Noisetaker 600W(AX Series)'ve taken into accoun...
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gildan2020 61 13876 Last post 04-August-05, 20:00:27
by Arioch
Stability issue with machine using K8N Neo4 Platinum v1x board
Machine spec:A64 X2 s939 3800+ CPU2GB Crucial dual channel DDR400 RAM (picked using Crucial's memory recommendation system)1x Se...
mikeymike 27 13877 Last post 22-November-07, 11:30:44
by mikeymike
kn8 neo2 platinum bios version 1.6
on the korea msi site there is a new bios with v1.6 available:- Fix when CPU Temperature over 40.C and then to restar system the...
mrorange 38 13892 Last post 20-April-05, 22:08:29
by Cb4492
RAM Croaking - Help me spend $!
Ha!Thought that would get the collective attention! My PC3200 TCCD PQI Turbo Platinums are getting ready to bite the dust.After ...
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skippy9146 56 13897 Last post 08-April-06, 02:10:50
by skippy9146
890FXA-GD70 - Dual GPU Video Card.. Fails
Hello Power User and Overcloking Nuts  Well I need little help today, look like my new build in the rope today. System SpecAMD  ...
starfoxACEFOX 34 13911 Last post 21-May-10, 19:47:53
by Warner
1.B BIOS for K8N Neo2
link Fixes USB Problems ...
hansh 36 13925 Last post 18-September-05, 13:11:44
by JayBee
K9N2 Sli Platinum + SSD OCZ Vertex 3 = Slow Speed Problem [PARTIALLY SOLVED]
Hey folks, I have a problem with my new SSD. I only get sequential reads of 140MB/s and writes of 114MB/s.I think it is a driver...
kaefer 27 13932 Last post 20-September-11, 17:55:02
by Ex Forum User 3
hi!im having a big problem mainboard is K9AGM3-FIH. what happens is that suddenly my system freezes. everything, even ...
elena28 33 13941 Last post 17-January-08, 21:18:09
by areamike
My K9A2 Platinum is dead ???
Hi guys,I have a k9a2 platinum, amd x2 5000+, sparkle 8800gts 512mb, kingston 4 x 1gb ddr2 pc6400, 1200W lcpower psu, nzxt tempe...
Erai 27 13949 Last post 21-September-08, 16:46:00
by Ex Forum User 3
Gigabit LAN driver for K9N6GM
Hiim new to this forum.Ive recently bought a MSI K9N6GM (chipset NVIDIA MCP61 V/S/P), i know this board supports gigabit lan (10...
hustler2008 15 13951 Last post 12-September-08, 11:43:44
by Ex Forum User 3
3dMark Scores
Right then - lets get this one started3dmark scores please for system benching comparisons?Mine is as follows:No ocing at all:  ...
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Zoomee 62 13952 Last post 16-October-04, 20:20:12
by Zoomee
DKA790GX Platinum CPU Temps
I just finished this rig and have some peculiar processor temps,  similar to another post.  My processor cores are reading 16 -...
Scottike 45 13956 Last post 02-May-09, 00:27:22
by Henry
Pre-Build Issues and Choosing Components
   Pre-Build and Choosing components          AMD 64 Bit CPU's          AMD 64 nVidia Based Boards FAQ's          [iurl=https://...
fafner 0 13974 Last post 27-March-05, 21:29:03
by fafner
K9N2 Platinum & xfx 9800gt
ok , this is what I have ....CPU,Ram,PSU,sata hdd,both ide opticals and Haf932 case from previous build . All ran fine , never o...
lostdude 25 13978 Last post 17-January-09, 03:37:08
by Henry
First build, first power up...need some help.
I was hoping this would go off without a hitch but don't we all. Anyways here is a list of hardware I slapped together of the la...
3day 32 13981 Last post 12-December-10, 08:11:09
by Henry
AMD Dual-core 185 with msi k8t neo2 v2.0
Hello!I have tried to put an Amd dual-dore 185 in my motherboard k8t neo2. But when i come into my Windows Vista it drives unsta...
MartinSee1 41 13992 Last post 14-September-07, 22:51:21
by flobelix
BIOS flash, now can't get into bios
OK, HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!   K8N Neo2 Plat. Nvidia nForce 3 Ultra chip setAMD Athlon 64  3200+ Win XP homeI ran MSI live update an...
Dart4 34 14021 Last post 06-October-05, 10:25:54
by badzman
Repeatative crashing issue.
Hi, this is my first time posting on this forum so I apologize if this is the wrong section.I've been experiences relentless cra...
RayLegend 41 14029 Last post 30-November-10, 18:17:22
by Ex Forum User 3
Updated Neo BIOS to fix Maxtor 16Mb problem?
I've read that there's a beta bios that has fixed the problems Neo2 users were seeing with the Maxtor 16Mb cache SATA drives not...
ech 30 14047 Last post 04-February-05, 03:18:20
by naggs
MSI 790FX-GD70 Lan Problems
Hello,I have a quetsion. I have the newest biosversion for my mainbord (1.4) and it says that there is a new Lan Module.Well, my...
rsnhakan 33 14059 Last post 10-November-09, 21:04:54
by eekie
Disable the onboard vga on GF615M-P33 (MS-7597)
How do I disable the onboard vga on my GF615M-P33  motherboard? Ive looked in the bios AMI 2.60, couldnt find it. Thank you in a...
andersk 21 14071 Last post 20-December-10, 20:08:21
by andersk
BSOD problem plz help
I built my own comp for first time about 6 weeks ago, Iam a total beginer and I keep getting BSOD BAD_POOL_HEADER X19 and some t...
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Devilfish 59 14075 Last post 08-January-05, 22:54:34
by fraeone
Missing a gig
I have recently purchased a pc containing a k9a2 platinum mobo.  The bios shows as having 4gigs but xp shows 3.When i bouught th...
40hz 29 14098 Last post 20-January-08, 02:59:09
by 40hz
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