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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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K8T and Athlon 64 DOA
Hey Guys,From NewEgg (first time with them) I bought the MSI K8T and an OEM AMD 64 3000.  Luckily it came when it was supposed t...
Ahumado 11 2430 Last post 20-January-04, 02:26:54
by bznotins
BIOS Settings
I am having a few issues with BIOS on my KT8.  First of all I cant get the SATA drive to work on my just sits there ...
JDlacross 5 2064 Last post 20-January-04, 02:09:36
by new9msi
Why won't it boot?
New rig won't boot.  I'm getting fans, power's getting to video card and optical drives, monitor is not receiving a signal.  Get...
big_slick 8 2273 Last post 20-January-04, 01:05:51
by big_slick
Opteron versus Xeon.....
Have fun reading this..... Bye bye AMD's Opteron mob's the floor with the Xeon >> CLICK HERE
Ex Forum User 3 3 1556 Last post 20-January-04, 00:50:07
by joshr45
post your BSOD's!
ok these are my favourite BSOD's:Windows XP SP1first one: i had just installed mcafee virus scan 6 and updated it. i started a s...
scottg26 39 8159 Last post 19-January-04, 22:58:36
by scottg26
Temperature and HD Issues
Hia64 boxed hsf with hercules 9800 pro.. and sblive...using 300w psu in acrylic window box with side extractor fan .... temp of ...
kasimir 10 2345 Last post 19-January-04, 11:41:02
by TimW
I have a couple of issues with my new (and working) System. 1. The DBracket acts as if it doesnt work. There are no leds lightin...
new9msi 2 1431 Last post 19-January-04, 06:51:48
by new9msi
64 bit linux ISOs? (linux n00b)
After googling for awhile I came upon this post which lists several different versions of 64 bit Linux.  I'd like to try out SuS...
diesel_travis 4 1783 Last post 19-January-04, 06:08:55
by riprjak
Kingston HyperX questions
SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS- 400W Antec PS- MSI K8T Neo mobo, AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU- VIDEO: ATI Radeon 9600XT (128MB, AGP)- CURRENT ...
Grunberg 6 2733 Last post 19-January-04, 01:42:45
by angler
Sound is Horrible! Why?
I have a K8T Master 2 FAR BIOS 1.1. I am using the native sound, but the quality is aweful! It sounds like there's an echo, and ...
boulder_bum 12 2985 Last post 19-January-04, 00:06:40
by boulder_bum
Installing drivers
Hi!I'd like to ask which drivers I should install onto my system first. Usually I install them in the following order:Via chipse...
D_o_S 2 1557 Last post 18-January-04, 22:31:26
by scottg26
K8T NEO and AMD 3000+ HELP
Just bought a new K8T NEO Mb and AMD 64 3000+. Problem is I plug in the ATX power connector from my Aspire 500W See Through psu,...
MuteMode 12 2874 Last post 18-January-04, 21:52:32
by joshr45
Harddrive STILL lost
Hi again.I have a strange problem.Once in a while, when I boot, one of the drives is lost (my D-drive, WD Caviar-disc). When I r...
torein 8 2382 Last post 18-January-04, 21:25:20
by torein
Overclocking question
When I used to overclock Athlon XPs and P4s I was always able to lock the AGP and PCI so that only the CPU and RAM were overcloc...
TimW 2 1473 Last post 18-January-04, 21:15:16
by TimW
Fixes New Bios TwinMos Twister Problem
I bought 2x 512mb Twinmos Twister PC3200 CL2 RAM's.It seems that they are not compatible with my K8T Neo Mainboard and my amd at...
SmAcK 0 1772 Last post 18-January-04, 20:55:00
by SmAcK
K8T Neo boot only without keyboard
Hi,since yesterday I am owner of an MSI K8T Neo Mainboard, but unfortunately I can't enjoy it. The mainboard boots only sometime...
Waryu 6 2637 Last post 18-January-04, 20:47:05
by Ex Forum User 3
dbracket LED complete Listing
I'm just wondering where I can find a complete listing of the 16 combinations of LEDS for the d bracket.  I currently have an is...
eazyc10 7 2279 Last post 18-January-04, 17:53:37
by Wonkanoby
Where is that new BIOS MSI?
I wish you hadn't said anything about the release date Bas  . I can't sit still over here .
McGeyser 12 2795 Last post 18-January-04, 17:23:13
by Bibihest
Will k8t neo-fis2r run at all with registered memory ?
I am about to build a new box based on the neo-fis2r, and amd64 3000+. I can only afford the bare essentials for now, so I was w...
hdj 1 1333 Last post 18-January-04, 17:22:25
by Ex Forum User 3
System won't boot with 2 CPUs
Hello,I can't get my system (see sig) to POST with two CPUs attached, yet everything works just fine with a single CPU, either o...
jpe 1 1209 Last post 18-January-04, 17:21:51
by Ex Forum User 3
MSI K8T Neo... where's the case badge???
Just recently got my K8T Neo motherboard, and got to wondering, "where's the MSI K8 Mainboard sticker?" I don't know if the boar...
TheGreatOzmodiar 5 1811 Last post 18-January-04, 16:34:31
by felixthecat
cpu probe?
one more question, my new case has some temp probes that give readings on a front display for the sys/cpu and DH , they are like...
felixthecat 0 1437 Last post 18-January-04, 16:22:21
by felixthecat
how do i connect one sata drive to existing sys
hi i'm wondering if you can help with a problem?i've just built this system and wanted to add a 160G maxtor 150 sata drive to it...
felixthecat 2 1357 Last post 18-January-04, 16:09:17
by felixthecat
Corsair XMS3200 always runs as DDR333 on K8T
Hi allWhat a day! Spent 3 hours this morning trying to install XP on the Athlon 3200+ and K8T. Every time Windows started copyin...
TimW 6 1989 Last post 18-January-04, 13:35:23
by Ulukay
System shuts down
Ok i got a new power supply from the 350w i was using. Now my system actually gets past the problem of 4 red lights on the DBrac...
delobrowniez 3 1318 Last post 18-January-04, 09:40:10
by delobrowniez
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