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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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ruud_overes and 31 Guests are viewing this board.
system boots fine... flashing keyboard lights and no input
I am at my witts end here... when my system boots the keyboard immediately starts flashing the lights on my keyboard... they sys...
joesstlouis 3 1404 Last post 08-February-04, 16:42:41
by Ex Forum User 3
Explorer.exe gradually using more CPU %
I have a weird problem here guys. I have no idea what's causing it. It could be Athlon64-related, it could be K8T-related. It co...
TimW 6 2191 Last post 08-February-04, 14:49:50
by TimW
Help with sata
Windows will not reconize sata hard drive. someone told me you cannot use anide harddrive and a serial. any help would be great....
antivirus18 1 1448 Last post 08-February-04, 12:42:31
by scottg26
windows xp cant find hard drive sata
help never set up serial drives or amd 64
antivirus18 2 1497 Last post 08-February-04, 06:15:47
by antivirus18
The SATA Did It
...I've been plagued with "hang at Core Cell screen" disease since day one...usually could get past it with a few resets but not...
me_AMD 0 1441 Last post 08-February-04, 06:11:50
by me_AMD
Urgent - No 64bit Promise SATA driver (not RAID)
I'd already installed XP64 on an old PATA drive without problems, so today I decided to use the new VIA SATA drive to dual-boot ...
TimW 6 2274 Last post 08-February-04, 03:45:45
by Jocko
K8T- Hard drives not recognised
I have K8T Master mobo and S-ATA hard drives. The Redhat 8.0 has issues recognising the hard drives. It says that it couldn't fi...
sara1234 1 1241 Last post 08-February-04, 02:55:21
by Jocko
How can i get a northbridge fan running?
I want to start up a northbridge fan, how do i set it up so the fanspeed gets monitored?
ones3k 9 2336 Last post 07-February-04, 22:27:24
by scottg26
How do you tell what RAM chips your RAM has without seeing the actual chips?
I was wondering about the possibility of actually having Winbond chips in Corsair RAM as I have the Corsair TwinX 1024 DDR3200LL...
breenemeister 4 1789 Last post 07-February-04, 21:28:26
by zerox_no1
Hows this K8T Neo overclock?
Hi guys. Got my K8T Neo + 3200 A64 stable @ 211mhz cas 2-3-3-6 (twinmos 3200).Is this a decent overclock or should I expect more...
speeduk 22 5246 Last post 07-February-04, 20:49:16
by RottenSpam
HyperX ram
Just wonder if anyone running with HyperX ram and are they running good? any info would be helpfull thx..
Nero_F2 4 1398 Last post 07-February-04, 19:41:43
by Nero_F2
KingMax Ram
Is this good ram for the kt8 neo? Its on the compatability list. I just was wondering if its any good, or cheap junk?
H1081Dan 1 1257 Last post 07-February-04, 15:12:27
by Nero_F2
Radeon 9200
Will it work with the KT8 NEO?
H1081Dan 1 1366 Last post 07-February-04, 15:11:16
by Wonkanoby
K8T Master2-FAR 2nd CPU heat sink
I bought a Socket 940 compliant heat sink and it is not compatible with the 2nd CPU slot on the K8T Master2-FAR 2nd CPU heatsink...
fortman 5 1771 Last post 07-February-04, 11:26:50
by Ex Forum User 3
MSI K8T - when does pci bus go unstable?
Hey guys. Just turned turbo mode off and now priming @ 2160mhz (216mhz fsb) @ 2-3-3-6 timings still. My question is how high wil...
speeduk 5 1829 Last post 07-February-04, 10:33:52
by Ex Forum User 3
Windows 64 bit editions
Hi! Recently I downloaded Windows 2003 Server 64-bit, because I couldn't find a link to Windows XP 64-bit. Next week I hope to t...
D_o_S 1 1211 Last post 06-February-04, 22:39:47
by gnarly
Bad MoBo?
I got my system completely set up and thought everything would work. I have a K8T Neo motherboard and an AMD 64 3200+. I do get ...
robby_digital 7 2314 Last post 06-February-04, 21:52:21
by jimboy
Sound Problem
I have an MSI K8T Neo and am using the speaker ports on the back.  For some reason the sound is playing very quietly even with a...
robby_digital 1 1219 Last post 06-February-04, 20:27:29
by zerox_no1
have any try to remove the backplate of the AMD64 which stick to the motherboard? im planning to use water cooling so the backpl...
Pricyber 2 1564 Last post 06-February-04, 18:36:19
by Jocko
installing 2 wd raptors in raid 0, help please
Help me clear this up in my head, where do the jumpers go on the drives? I got oem so no book, Then I hook them up to the sata1 ...
twillie2002 11 3098 Last post 06-February-04, 17:45:45
by amxandy
Audiodrivers for WinXP64 work!!!!!
Hi Guy's,I have been playing with WinXP64 and these drivers work on the K8T-Master boards, just say have disk, ignore the warnin...
Ex Forum User 3 9 3152 Last post 06-February-04, 17:40:51
by Ex Forum User 3
Lan Drivers with Win XP 64
Hello together,I installed the new Windows 64 Beta and there was no Problem, but the drivers for the LAN will notwork. When I in...
Mad Dwarf 2 1630 Last post 06-February-04, 17:25:06
by Balthazar2003
VIA 4in1 AMD64 (beta) Will try them out tonight
Sake 17 3943 Last post 06-February-04, 16:33:27
by diesel_travis
New Neo Bios (1.2) and Corsair
Hello Community,now, with the new bios... does anyone run a stable system with these memory?1GB (2x512MB TWINX) PC3700/PC466 DDR...
Spheres 5 2011 Last post 06-February-04, 15:05:54
by Wonkanoby
What ram should I buy
I planned on corsair, but hearing all the problems has turned me away. I used to have kingston ram, but they have bad reviews on...
H1081Dan 3 1808 Last post 06-February-04, 14:39:42
by jsgolfman
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