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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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1T or 2T?
What does it mean 1T or 2T for memory?  Which one is faster, which one is more stable?  Mine's set at 2T.  I've never messed wit...
jimmytop 40 8409 Last post 24-August-04, 20:40:34
by shadd
K9N SLI booting issues
I'm having boot issues with my MSI K9N SLI V2 MS 7390 V1.0 motherboard.This is my set up at time of initial problemsWindows XP h...
OldFart58 40 21445 Last post 21-January-13, 10:34:17
by Svet
Mobo + CPU =12A who's to say ...
L&C 235w (LC-235ATX) is in the 7030 testreport OK ...
syar2003 40 7202 Last post 22-October-04, 15:52:37
by deathmocker
890FXA-GD65 and possible USB Controller related issue?
Hi all - Been having a bad time of it with a new system build for a little under a month now.  Have tried to capture my "notes" ...
FooDaddy 40 16781 Last post 25-March-11, 19:07:00
by MeanBob91
770-C45 and windows 7 install problem
Hello.. iam gonna try to explain this ass good as i can ..Iam trying to do a clean install windows 7 ultimate (via DVD-ROM) . Bu...
Lordy 40 15134 Last post 08-May-11, 18:28:43
by Kthaara
AMD Opteron 185, 2,6 Ghz, Dual Core, socket 939
Hi,I would like to ask Forum if this CPU will work with my motherboard. I checked in the compatibility list from MSI, but this C...
Yul 40 17891 Last post 30-September-07, 15:02:51
by Ex Forum User 3
nVidia 6.66 and Raid Driver Trouble
Once again I have something to ask regarding nvidia raid. For some reason, when I install the new 6.66 nForce4 drivers, I can no...
Arioch 40 10786 Last post 26-July-05, 04:34:43
by Arioch
No Post / CMOS checksum error after new CPU installed
Hello Everyone,There is probably an easy answer that I just can't see. My system as described was working fine, then (to extend ...
pilotsh 40 25774 Last post 24-November-08, 11:44:52
by Ex Forum User 3
K8N and online gaming
Well I might be going back to my P4-4Ghz setup tonight. While the A64 setup is VERY speedy at 2600Mhz, it just cannot keep the f...
amdscooter 40 12220 Last post 15-July-04, 17:35:05
by Xee
770-c45 connect with Home Cinema via coaxial
Hi there, I just bought a new computer with the 770-c45 motherboard in. I'm trying to connect it with my Home Cinema amplifier, ...
satyros 40 16731 Last post 07-September-09, 08:57:16
by Leon
Hello everyone,I currently  own an msi 790fx-gd70. A bit old but I still getting the best out of it. A couple of years ago I mov...
mig092 40 5218 Last post 22-October-15, 21:53:19
by mig092
no sound on k9n neo v2/v3 (MS-7369)
i have this board...k9n neo v2/v3 (MS-7369).....and everything worked fine until few days....i was using windows 7....then i see...
ginolla 40 20695 Last post 13-September-11, 23:50:23
by Svet
Audigy 2 + Neo2 Frustrations
I have looked on the forums and saw many great tips but none of them helped my problem.My first Neo2 board won't detect any PCI ...
csheyang 40 7079 Last post 31-December-04, 02:41:07
by csheyang
Too many problems with MSI K8N Neo2-FX:**Severe IDE and GFX issues**
Hi,I have run into lots of problems with my AMD64 AGP rig. Please help me fix this mess. Initially, I had an Athlon XP rig. Sinc...
bhanja_trinanjan 40 18843 Last post 07-May-07, 12:19:59
by bhanja_trinanjan
K8T FIS2R BIOS 1.8 cannot find NVRAM
Hello,Today I flashed my BIOS to version 1.8. After flashing (using the DOS methode) I couldn't enter the CMOS setup 8 out of 10...
rjvrijn 40 11459 Last post 24-November-04, 17:24:29
by Tiresmoke
Hello, i am new here in the forum. :pI have a problem with this board K9A2GM F V3 since i have an amd Athlon x2 7750 Black Editi...
oiz 40 14525 Last post 03-July-09, 18:19:48
by Ex Forum User 3
Neo2 bios flash to 1.9 = dead nvidia lan
Hi I've flashed my K8N Neo2 Nforce3 Platinum with the latest 1.9 bios and now my nvidia lan is dead. It is failing to find an ip...
subroutine 40 16441 Last post 20-August-05, 20:18:15
by mkey
Cool N Quiet still not working
Athlon 64 3000 (and standard cooler)MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R1x512Mb Corsair XMS3200LLPT2xSamsung SP0812C 80Gb SATA (connected to promis...
NeilUrwin 40 11213 Last post 28-February-04, 23:22:11
by 3Aims
Repeatative crashing issue.
Hi, this is my first time posting on this forum so I apologize if this is the wrong section.I've been experiences relentless cra...
RayLegend 41 13984 Last post 30-November-10, 18:17:22
by Ex Forum User 3
Need clarification on exact size/amount of Artic Silver to apply on AMD64 3000+
I am installing the OEM HSF on my AMD64 3000+ winchester CPU using Artic Silver and I need a bit of clarification about the size...
morkys 41 10315 Last post 01-March-05, 21:45:10
by JasonKruys
BIOS update... now mem running at 333mhz
HEy everyone, I just want to tank you all in advance for taking the time to read/help out.  I am preparing my computer to play T...
sirRealist 41 12108 Last post 14-May-06, 18:05:25
by Killawife
MSI K9N Neo V3 and AMD Phenom x3 and x4 Processors
Hello, I've got a:MSI K9N Neo V3 with BIOS V2.6CPU AMD x2 3800 Windsor 4x1024 Kingston DDR2 667GForce 8600 GTS 256 MbsNOX urano ...
emperium 41 49698 Last post 23-June-12, 07:28:25
by Bernhard
Getting RMA service thur MSI
Has anyone had experience with an rma to MSI?  I received an rma and it was received by them, I got an email back saying they ha...
dharris 41 17857 Last post 11-July-08, 13:34:57
by dharris
Will the MSI GD-70 support (Thuban) 6-Core chips?
I just recently bought this motherboard to replace a failed ASUS board that I had(M3A32-MVP WiFi). Now I'm reading about all the...
Sincreator 41 21324 Last post 30-April-10, 09:14:14
by Philippe_Jehl
CPU/core temps...
   Just wondering what the acceptable range is for cpu/core temps and what is a reliable way to monitor them?  Ive been using co...
BIrky513 41 8791 Last post 21-September-05, 10:14:31
by Draxx
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