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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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890FX-GD70 - How so I set AHCI in BIOS?
I cant find where to set AHCI in the BIOS.I found something to set RAID to AHCI but I am not using RAID.All my drives are JBOD.C...
z0z0 3 3359 Last post 07-September-10, 20:13:24
by Stu
K9A2 CF-F V2
Does this motherboard support 125 watt phenoms with the 1.6 bios like the site says? I know version one of this motherboard only...
z1method 19 8178 Last post 06-August-08, 20:37:37
by HenryW
K8N NEO 2 PLAT. What can I replace it with?
HI, I have been using my computer with the K8n Neo 2 plat. for over a year with no problems.  Recently, Core Center has been ala...
z1nonlyone 4 1306 Last post 16-January-06, 22:39:40
by Stu
Again on K9N Platinum power off problem
I bought a K9N Platinum with this s/n 601-7250-020 nearly 2 years ago, and I rarely experienced power-off problems (maybe 5 time...
Z24 38 19683 Last post 19-October-08, 16:45:48
by Fredrik
K9N Platinum dead? No video signal, "decompressing bios image..." :wall:
I built my pc last August and never had any problem until yesterday night.This morning I switched it on and I got no video signa...
Z24 4 2281 Last post 17-January-07, 21:11:04
by Svet
K9N2 SLI Platinum. Help please.
-AMD Athlon X2 Processor 2.9GHz Dual-Core.-MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI ATX AMD Motherboard-G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB...
z3matt 4 2356 Last post 22-March-10, 01:46:53
by Fredrik
K8N Diamond Plus Vista x64 PS2 Keyboard Sleep Problem.
On Vista x64 RTM my ps2 keyboard quits working after resuming from sleep. I am running a MSI K8N Diamond Plus.  ???
z3razerviper 6 2899 Last post 25-October-09, 19:39:24
by drsreym
SLI Configs & Creative Sound Card Questions?
Ok I have seen lots of post on other forums about problems with creative sound cards when running SLI configs. I want to get a s...
z3razerviper 3 1316 Last post 08-June-06, 18:09:57
by z3razerviper
K8N Diamond Plus IDE Disk Does not recover after standby or hibernate
Ok this is wierd after i suspend or hibernate windows does not see my IDE disk anymore. I am running bios 1.10. Note ide cd and ...
z3razerviper 6 1588 Last post 28-May-06, 16:13:03
by z3razerviper
K8N Diamond Plus BIOS Bootmanager?
On my old DFI Nforce3 board I had a feature that was really handy. At boot I could hit escape and then choose the drive I want t...
z3razerviper 2 1188 Last post 21-May-06, 15:22:23
by z3razerviper
K8N Diamond Plus nVRaid & IDE Drives?
I just got this board a few days back so I am still getting to know it so excuse my ignorance.  I was under the impression that ...
z3razerviper 5 1467 Last post 21-May-06, 15:45:30
by Hans
RAM Speed Problem
HiI have 512MB of DDR400 RAM and I recently purchased another stick of 512MB DDR400 ,but another make.So now instead of the 1GB ...
Zaa 1 978 Last post 18-August-04, 22:26:54
by ttreaders
Sound Card Question
Hi.Im going to be purchasing a SB Audigy 2ZS soon.I wanted to know ,since the card does not have any connectors for the front of...
Zaa 8 1969 Last post 04-August-04, 19:59:29
by SZQ
RAM Question
Hi.I have got a K8N Platinum but its not up yet because im waiting for my case.I currently have 512MB of Trancsend DDR400 RAM an...
Zaa 1 899 Last post 25-July-04, 22:22:19
by falipey
Sound Question
HiI want to know which is better... I've recently purchased the K8N Platinum and would it be better running the onboard sound co...
Zaa 1 1310 Last post 10-June-04, 05:08:04
by southmike
MSI 870A-G54 Unable to boot past POST
HiAs stated in the topic my com can't get past post. Tried isolating rams and hdd still same problem. Just did a fresh installat...
zaapiez 3 1372 Last post 26-July-13, 05:38:53
by Froggy Gremlin
No 3D Games - 770-C45
I've just built this new rig over the last couple of weeks.My Specs:Phenom II 550 Black edition, Rev C2 CallistoCorsair CMX4GX3M...
zabadoh 12 5574 Last post 19-December-09, 02:34:38
by Rulo
A320M Pro-M2 V2 GSkill RAM Issue
Have a bunch of A320M Pro-M2 V2 boards, latest BIOS on them. Have GSkill F4-2400C15Q-16GVR RAM, which is officially listed as co...
zach 1 175 Last post 16-May-19, 08:32:46
by rbleroy91
Please post you MSI NEO-Fis2r specs
If your amd 64 is running everything faster then you expected with an msi NEO-FIs2r please post your ram and other hardware spec...
Zach1 21 4480 Last post 14-March-04, 19:14:30
by SilverIce
AMD 64 slower at windows applications then a p4
For some reason my 1.3 ghz p4 system boots up and runs windows applications faster then my amd 64 3200. The only thing the amd r...
Zach1 11 2781 Last post 05-March-04, 05:08:26
by Zach1
sata raid driver nessessary for window install?
Since i have no floppy drive I installed windows without installing the VIA SATA RAID driverDo i need that driver in order for m...
Zach1 4 1515 Last post 23-February-04, 19:03:02
by Jocko
K9MM-V - System freezes/loses video signal about 30 minutes into playing a game.
Hello,I'm having a problem with my system right now.  I just installed the K9MM-V motherboard, using an Athlon 64 x2 4200+ Winds...
Zach109 8 3182 Last post 04-December-07, 15:44:36
by openmohawk
MSI K9A2 Platinum - No POST, No Beeps
motherboard : msi k9a2 platinumcpu : AMD Phenom 9950 BLACK EDITION 2.6GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 2MB L3 Cache Socket AM2+ 140W Quad-...
zach21 28 18100 Last post 02-January-09, 05:46:52
by Jakemo136
I am curious if there is going to be a US release for the B350I PRO AC ITX motherboard. I would love to own one.
zachj1891 1 335 Last post 30-May-18, 18:25:16
by Nichrome
High CPU Temps Motherboard shut down
The bios read temps that go quickly up to 100 C for the 3500+ 90nm and when it reaches 100 the K8N Neo2 shuts off.Is there anywa...
zack2004 20 3730 Last post 04-February-05, 14:25:38
by skippy9146
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