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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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ciderspace666 and 91 Guests are viewing this board.
Hate this manual!   I got an MSI K8MM-V   mb today with an AMD Ath64 3000+ 754 pin CPU.  I also bought an ATI Radeon 9550 AGP 4X...
seer7 10 2078 Last post 09-October-05, 07:58:35
by Grayone
[Athlon64] After flashing to BIOS 1.9, minor problems
(BIOS flashing problem resolved. Please see follow-up below)
Grunberg 9 2446 Last post 08-April-05, 21:21:46
by Grunberg
[Athlon64] AGP problem with my new MSI K8N NEO4-F
Hey!Just bought a MSI K8N NEO4-F and got a serious problem with the AGP port, the graphics card wont work!When I install my rade...
Christian22 3 1467 Last post 26-December-05, 14:07:42
by syar2003
[Athlon64] AMD Athlon 64 2800+
Well i have a K8MM-V mobo. Well its just that i didnt find any fsb sort of thing in the bios . that means i wont be able to ove...
rc_arindom2003 1 1141 Last post 20-June-05, 05:31:35
by Tiresmoke
[Athlon64] AMD Drive with 64
I have install Windows 64, bought it yesterday!   $155 at my favorite store.Question, should I install the AMD 64 processor driv...
Bilbo Baggins 2 988 Last post 23-May-05, 03:41:53
by Bilbo Baggins
[Athlon64] Amd64/Msi RS480M2/XP64
Hello all.           I have a problem I hope someone has the answer to. I have the rs480m2 board and I love it.I am running xpsp...
Mtalea 34 7398 Last post 12-October-05, 12:29:42
by AAS
[Athlon64] Amibios 9.10 contra Amibios 3.30a . whats the difrents ?
Hi there again dear friends on this forumI have hading a lots of troubles before with my motherboard but have solving almost eve...
Mr Freddy 3 1281 Last post 01-July-05, 20:14:16
by mcihael
[Athlon64] Another dead MSI mobo??
Last night my puter was standing and doing what it always does...dowloading.Then suddenly it shut down for never to start again....
zephyr22en 3 1104 Last post 24-May-05, 21:28:13
by Tiresmoke
[Athlon64] Antec + MSI any good?
ive heared that Antec PSUs + Neo2 = Dead Mobo? is this true? and does it count for neo1 ? thanks guys   
balilu 5 1307 Last post 14-July-05, 19:27:43
by Tiresmoke
[Athlon64] Anybody has any experience with ATI Radeon XPRESS 200P chip sets?
Anybody has any experience with ATI Radeon XPRESS 200P chip sets?I am looking to purchase a computer for my wife who does not re...
hwwyang 7 2239 Last post 07-September-05, 17:55:43
by dannol48
[Athlon64] Assigning Drive Letters - Please Help
Ok here is my dilemma ... please help I just installed another MAXTOR 80GB DIAMOND MAX PLUS 9 SATA HARD DISK onto my computer an...
asmar10 3 1267 Last post 16-August-05, 01:36:59
by Wonkanoby
[Athlon64] ATA HD, Core Center and Drivers problems...
My first problem is about my hard drive. I just recently build a new system and this is my first S-ATA Drive. It is a Seagate 16...
juanda78 1 1792 Last post 24-July-05, 12:53:41
by SAB
I am amazed at the lack of info available anywhere on the OPTIMAL BIOS settings for ATI xpress200 chipset.  This is my frst A64 ...
Xpress200 8 4144 Last post 16-April-05, 22:14:15
by Xpress200
[Athlon64] Audio Question w/ 865PE Neo2-FIS2R
My wife asked this weekend if it was possible to hook up the computer to the main speakers (home theater) so she can listen to h...
Sarcel 1 913 Last post 31-October-05, 21:06:23
by Apple renegade
[Athlon64] Bios 2.20
Just flashed my k8n 6702 fisr2 mobo. For the cool & quiet fix. Set all my bios settings back to were they were prior to the upgr...
pagen64 1 1037 Last post 10-October-05, 19:51:45
by Apple renegade
[Athlon64] Bios proplem with Asus X850XT
I just bought a Asus radeon X850XT card and I have proplem starting the computer. The BIOS is stuck in "testing RTC" But she has...
The T men 1 1021 Last post 05-November-05, 03:48:56
by Tiresmoke
Hi. VIA kt8 Neo FSR 6702 64 bit AMD VT8237 chipset with Barracucuda (seagate) 80 g HD (sata).      I can not get Bios to recogni...
doc3128 6 2122 Last post 12-October-05, 01:34:44
by Tiresmoke
[Athlon64] boot problem with RS480M
     I have an existing set up from a pentium III, I switched the mobo,ram, and processor, but reused the hardrive. the system w...
c7acert 2 796 Last post 05-August-05, 20:26:16
by bassmadrigal
[Athlon64] BSOD after updating
I have SP2 and used automatic updates to update my system. When I installed updates today and restarted computer, it will boot t...
chfields 0 1106 Last post 24-April-05, 00:55:07
by chfields
[Athlon64] Build PC but does not turn on
Hi, I thought the problem was the mobo and went to CompUSA to change it for another one but still having the problem.I build a p...
Pochoco 4 1471 Last post 27-June-05, 15:25:56
by Hans
[Athlon64] cabinet speaker connection
i have purchsed MSI RS480M2 motherboard last week, but i can't connect my cabinet speaker on this borad, plz can anyone hepl me,...
nexus_exports 1 1128 Last post 14-September-05, 21:31:35
by dannol48
[Athlon64] Can anyone else with an RS480M2-IL get their audio working?
Because I sure can't!The hardware is installed. The driver is installed. I play music, and I use Windows Sound Recorder to show ...
Drostie 4 1267 Last post 11-April-05, 11:31:05
by boxie112
[Athlon64] CAN'T SEE SINGLE SATA DRIVE / K8T NEO no Promise controller
I have a K8t NEO -the cheapskate version with no PROMISE SATA controller or on-board Firewire I have been running on XP SP2 on 2...
BillMilosz 2 1868 Last post 22-March-05, 22:20:43
by BillMilosz
[Athlon64] Cant find IDE Devices
Hello!I got a problem with my new computer, When i connect my harddrive to IDE port 1 it works fins the bios auto detects the ha...
Nicklas 10 1968 Last post 13-July-05, 23:05:24
by Nicklas
[Athlon64] CD / DVD not working properly, Neao K8T800 Pro series.
Hi all,I purchased a MSI K8t Neo2 motherboard along with a AMD 64 3200+ (socket 939) in the beginning of May.When i installed th...
Vikholm 6 1904 Last post 08-July-05, 23:26:17
by Tiresmoke
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