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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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790fx-gd70 No post FF
Hi,   I just built a new CPU about a week ago. It's been running fine up until this morning when I tried to turn it on. The comp...
amidget 37 14147 Last post 29-August-09, 18:21:05
by Ex Forum User 3
Question about upgrading my MS-7376
Please be gentle with my questions. I am trying to figure out the specifics as best I can  I am using a MS-7376 - Version 1.0 - ...
jolo 22 14194 Last post 15-February-10, 13:36:35
by wlahdone
Hooking up and using dial up modem makes system lock up
I have a system built on a MSI K9N9PGM-F board, stock on board sound and video, X2 4000+ processor, 1 GB ram, and win XP pro as ...
Osage 31 14194 Last post 03-August-09, 19:51:08
by Osage
computer freezes randomly in windows and bios
hifirst time posting herei recently purchased a msi kt8 neo mb, athlon 64 3200, 2x crussial 512 ddr400 and a asus radeon 9800xt....
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spoon_menace 63 14232 Last post 30-May-04, 20:13:29
by DratUK
Boot up problem
Hi!I've tried installing 4 GB (2 x 2GB) 800MHz memory sticks in my K9N4 Ultra, with an AMD64 x2 5600+. The problem is the comput...
rmklay 41 14235 Last post 01-January-08, 22:39:54
by Fredrik
PC upgrade...... Been a while....... Need some assistance.
Hello,It's been a while since I upgraded my PC and am a bit behind on things. Here's what I installed:OS: XP ProfessionalCPU: Ph...
Gster 39 14236 Last post 06-October-09, 16:53:47
by Ex Forum User 3
Iogear KVM USB Problems
I'm having problems with a Iomega USB KVM switch not working, it seems to be a hardware incompatibilty problem with all the k8n ...
soulman 25 14240 Last post 15-July-05, 02:58:56
by Ratman
Tips & Guides and Links to Useful Sites
   Tips & Guides and Useful Links           D-Bracket Guide           BIOS Guides           [iurl=
fafner 0 14242 Last post 27-March-05, 21:46:32
by fafner
What if I don't want a RAID?
Newbie here. I've got 2 Seagate Barracuda 200 GB SATA drives coming for a system I am planning on building around a K8N Neo2 Pla...
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xarxas 54 14257 Last post 04-January-05, 20:51:27
by Supershanks
890FXA-GD70 POST Error
Problem: MB hanging on boot, won't get past FF. CPU fan powers on, South Bridge LEDs on, DIMM LEDs on, HDD LED blinking away. No...
dromio47 27 14268 Last post 18-October-10, 05:02:12
by Mike
Problem with Radeon 9800
I just got a brand new system and i cant get my Radeon 9800 pro to work for an unknown reason. I tried everything i could, from ...
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Kami 65 14273 Last post 11-February-05, 14:27:10
by romco
constant Buzzing/blipping sounds
It starts betwen boot sequence and loading of windows and it continues from there. In windows its a buzzing background noise and...
64 Diamonds 30 14287 Last post 02-April-07, 23:39:25
by Richard
PSU, but where is the truth?
I am sorry If I go to waste the forum with all my question, but I don't find anywhere the answer.I am looking for some software ...
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Pad_Pat 56 14292 Last post 09-May-06, 05:05:47
by rneo
790FX-GD70, Strange crash/start up problem...
Hello there.I brought 790FX-GD70 with a few other parts a few weeks ago.Since then i've had a very irritating problem reoccure.B...
DM242 33 14316 Last post 03-October-09, 22:03:24
by Henry
We (Neo Plat owners ) got the best 754 board around
According to tweaktown, ours is the best: We rule.  
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Akahigi 70 14328 Last post 01-September-04, 17:47:58
by Ex Forum User 3
What power supply do you recommend?
Well i've been having quite a few problems with my upgrade of late and I suspect that it maybe due to my "oldish" power supply. ...
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Mad Matt 70 14370 Last post 05-September-04, 14:32:58
by phrozin
Do MSI intend to implement BIOS support for IOMMU in its 890FXA-GD70 ??
All three of Asus 890FX boards officially support IOMMU in their BIOS -see the following two links:
balle 21 14373 Last post 29-July-15, 06:58:39
by flobelix
K9A2 CF with Phenom 9850 - lowering CPU Voltage from 1.3v?
Hello,I have a simple question that I can't figure out.  How do you lower the voltage for the Phenom 9850 in a K9A2 CF?I'm havin...
cwalker3 25 14380 Last post 29-September-08, 20:06:18
by Hans
Can the K8N Neo2 function w/o -5v rail?
Hello:I have a K8N Neo 2.  I want to upgrade it from the Antec 380w to the new Antec 450w I've had lying around for some time.  ...
Lucid-Dreams 36 14385 Last post 18-November-07, 01:48:18
by LairdDrambeg
MSI A75MA-G55 A2 Hang on Boot
Hi AllI built a new PC based on this new FM-1 board for my mother over the weekend, in the main all is good except for one annoy...
danswan 13 14409 Last post 27-August-11, 16:30:50
by Jack
K8n Neo2 Bios 1.36
[STRIKEOUT]w7025nms.136[/STRIKEOUT]   I'm sorry guys, comcast web server screwed it up.  I reuploaded the bios.  I downloaded bo...
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pereuko 58 14417 Last post 10-October-04, 06:18:53
by xgman
BFG 7800GS OC and MSI 6702E problem, no video signal after post
Okay this problem has me stumped and the techs at BFG are thinking there is a conflict problem with my mobo and this card.Heres ...
malius 29 14439 Last post 30-October-06, 09:43:23
by Tiresmoke
MSI Support - Inconsistent Customer Service
Following flashing to 1.9 I loaded optimised defaults let the dmi reconfigure. Then went into bios to  enter my settings whilst ...
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Supershanks 50 14442 Last post 30-November-05, 17:07:39
by therin_the_red
My computer shut itself down - Power led blink
Hi there,Sometimes I'm using the PC and suddenly it shut itself down. It turns off, like when you unplug the power cable from it...
fabricioz 13 14442 Last post 01-October-11, 08:30:59
by Henry
k9agm2 ram not running dual channel
I recently upgraded to 2x2g sticks of corsair ddr2 ram. CPU-Z reports it as running in single channel. It should be running in d...
ccm001 31 14459 Last post 07-October-08, 23:38:20
by Fredrik
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