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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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Master2, SATA, XP: Ugh
I'm getting hammered trying to install XP and a single SATA drive. Initial hookup went fine (I had to reseat the memory, but tha...
billharris44 23 5444 Last post 19-December-03, 18:35:37
by Steve F.
K8T Master2-FAR (9130) - BIOS/Linux
Hi,I'm trying to update my BIOS to v1.10 but the only files I've found available for download are .EXE executables. I'm running ...
Nicodemus 3 1517 Last post 19-December-03, 17:30:20
by Ex Forum User 3
Did VIA fix their chipset SB register 55 problem ?
yeah u know VIA chipset + sound blaster an a few other audio cards sound to crackle and stuff, or do u recommend going for nvidi...
TaN00Ki 4 1632 Last post 19-December-03, 09:30:09
by TaN00Ki
All kinds of problems... can't enter bios, etc
Hey all, hoping you can help.  I only have one system at home which is now not working, so pardon me if I'm a little slight on d...
jonwell 4 1631 Last post 19-December-03, 03:41:38
by jonwell
Athlon 64 3400
I have just received an Athlon 64 3400+. This chip is not a public release yet, but in 3200 mode I get horrible 3dMark03 Scores....
McGeyser 25 5826 Last post 19-December-03, 03:33:16
by cwigster
64-bit OS
I'm quite sure that this topic has been up before but today I saw on that Mandrake have some sort of 64-bit version....
cojniz 7 2366 Last post 19-December-03, 00:25:12
by riprjak
K8T Neo + AGP card say 'bee-bar bee-bar'
HelloTo set up my system (Monday) I used a PCI gfx card and which worked fine.  I have now tried to install my Tyan Tachyon G960...
DPerkins 11 2524 Last post 19-December-03, 00:13:28
by riprjak
Best memory configuration?
SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS:Windows XP HomeAMD Athlon 64 3200+MSI K8T Neo-FISR motherboardATI Radeon 9600XT 128MBMEMORY (cannot identi...
Grunberg 1 1415 Last post 18-December-03, 23:58:24
by scottg26
K8T Master-FAR 2 HD LED Problem
Has anyone heard of any problems with the HD LED conector on the MB.  I have SATA RAID setup and when I connect the lead for the...
Emspilot 17 4458 Last post 18-December-03, 22:46:45
by Ex Forum User 3
Opinions on "Plug & Play Aware O/S" setting? (BIOS)
In the BIOS, there's a setting for "Plug & Play Aware O/S". Is it safe to turn this on for a system running Windows XP Home?
Grunberg 6 3052 Last post 18-December-03, 11:56:19
by Bibihest
How to use MSI K8T Neo LAN jack?
On my previous system, my cable modem was attached to a Zonet 10/100 Network card via Ethernet cable.My MSI K8T Neo motherboard ...
Grunberg 2 1775 Last post 18-December-03, 10:07:44
by Bibihest
Strange power up problem
I have just installed a K8T800 Master2-Far motherboard, with 2 new Opteron 240 processors (retail box), 2 512mb sticks of Kingst...
wrgunny 4 1884 Last post 18-December-03, 07:04:43
by evilyoda
Cannot boot to CD-ROM
I have my hard drives on IDE 1, and my CD-RW on IDE 2 as a master. All drives are hooked up properly. When I boot up using the M...
Grunberg 3 1622 Last post 17-December-03, 14:08:22
by Ex Forum User 3
Slow 64??
Hi all:)I just built this computer and I have a few questions that I know you can answer:)1. It takes forever to load programs b...
pkozicki 5 1860 Last post 17-December-03, 13:03:12
by scottg26
Temperature question ???
Hey guyz,I have a Thermalake Xaser III VM100A (very cool, by the way) with a water cooling system (I used my Thermaltake Aquariu...
Seranko 14 3523 Last post 17-December-03, 12:56:48
by scottg26
Heat Sink with FX-51 and K8T Master2
For those of you who are using this combination, did you use the FX-51 stock heat sink or are you using the one included with th...
billharris44 9 2436 Last post 17-December-03, 08:44:07
by Ex Forum User 3
question on MSI K8T Neo
does this motherboard support dual channel memory?Just wondering because I have read multiple posts and such about this motherbo...
Dremel 3 1482 Last post 16-December-03, 13:40:19
by scottg26
Sound problem
in some case, my audio device windows crush, no device problem reported in control panel but simply NO SOUND.i have...
AnatolibusPectis 1 1329 Last post 16-December-03, 06:13:42
by joshr45
Gentoo Linux problem
when i try to install linux, after the kernel boot my pc hangupin the sequence of linux boot, this happen when it enter in RUNLE...
AnatolibusPectis 4 1582 Last post 16-December-03, 04:22:31
by riprjak
MSI K8D Master no boot, funny beep codes
Just powered up the k8d master and got a warble sounding beep code.  This happens about 9 seconds after power on.  Get no video ...
azgar 6 2379 Last post 15-December-03, 21:32:44
by eatcarrotsnow
Dual Opteron - Best memory configuration
Whats the best memory configuration for a Dual Opteron with only 2 memory modules.I ordered 4x256MB 2700 so I could run in Dual ...
ian_a_davies 1 1440 Last post 15-December-03, 16:50:31
by Ex Forum User 3
3400+ Athlon 64
Hello!I just bought the K8T Neo and a 3400+ Athlon 64 CPU, and I have a little problem. The board will only read it as a 3200+ C...
PolarBear 1 1472 Last post 15-December-03, 16:00:07
by Ex Forum User 3
K8T Neo problem
Hi all,well this is my 1st MSI board and I'm having a little problem I am hoping some of you could help me with.First the specs....
cwigster 7 2614 Last post 15-December-03, 11:07:57
by scottg26
K8T Neo memory test
Hi  all  just   wanted to  know   is  there  anyway  to disable ecc checking  in my  mobo  bios  cos  i have  looked  and  i can...
cromus 3 1566 Last post 15-December-03, 11:04:25
by scottg26
ok i have on seagate 120gb sata drive, and i installed the latest via sata raid drivers that came out yesterday. performance is ...
scottg26 6 2041 Last post 15-December-03, 11:02:39
by scottg26
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