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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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[athlon64] 3400+ does not POST
I have installed everything as it is supposed to be installed incl retention mechanism and the cpu has been placed per the instr...
Sazar 15 3081 Last post 28-January-04, 10:46:29
by rojoel
Opteron's Supporting DDR400 Memory
Hey guys...Thought this little tidbit might shed some light on what memory you should be using. I recently bought some DDR400 RE...
Tinsletown 2 1261 Last post 28-January-04, 04:42:49
by threedaysdwn
Can't use onboard LAN, Ethernet card, or modem card
Hi, I have upgraded my old Athlon XP 2100+ to Athlon 64 3000+ with MSI K8T Neo board. Everything is great except that the onboar...
Dr1verX 15 3925 Last post 28-January-04, 04:39:33
by Ocean
SATA channels/controllers
I'm using an SATA drive on a k8t neo with the via sata controller. I've seen that performance between the via and promise chipse...
nrh1703 3 1476 Last post 28-January-04, 03:31:12
by breenemeister
Cool N Quiet...still having troubles
Hey All!I still can't seem to get Cool N Quiet working.  I read all the posts from NeilUrwin's thread and I'm experiencing the s...
Kyde 6 1941 Last post 28-January-04, 01:48:03
by Jocko
100pts less on 3dmark CPU test since going to bios 1.1
I moved to BIOS 1.1 and now im getting 700 for my CPU test, i used to get 800
ones3k 4 1373 Last post 27-January-04, 23:33:58
by ones3k
is there any way to roll back to bios v1.0
ones3k 1 1312 Last post 27-January-04, 21:14:59
by diesel_travis
is the new version of the bios worth going to?
This is more a generaly question about the BIOS. currently. my system works fine (i think.. havn't had much time to really test ...
nueromancer 3 1465 Last post 27-January-04, 19:05:44
by Ex Forum User 3
New SATA boot drive, but old IDE says "C:"
I just installed a new SATA 60GB Maxtor hard drive. The drive is installed in VIA's  SATA1 connector on my MSI K8T Neo motherboa...
Grunberg 5 2178 Last post 27-January-04, 15:17:45
by threedaysdwn
K8T Neo + Seagate 80Gb SATA prob
Okay, I know nothing about serial ata. I finally figured out how to get the system to recognize my drive,  loaded Win XP, everyt...
marcun 8 2378 Last post 27-January-04, 15:04:49
by marcun
Which is right? speedfan or corecenter for temperatures?
For some reason SpeedFan is reporting 3c less than CoreCenter for the CPU temperature, they report the same temperature for syst...
ones3k 6 2249 Last post 27-January-04, 14:52:04
by D_o_S
Anyone tried TwinMOS Dual-Channel DDR400 in K8T?
My Corsair XMS3200 is running stable, but only runs at DDR333. I think this is cos it's an old stick with PC2700 in the SPD (i.e...
TimW 30 6437 Last post 27-January-04, 12:06:49
by scottg26
Case Cooling
I was looking around for 80mm case fans for ultimate cooling. My case was designed for two 80mm fans in the back two 80mm fans i...
jpadron 10 2639 Last post 27-January-04, 06:57:14
by angler
Memtest86 Questions
Salutations!With all this talk about memory configurations and what not I grabbed Memtest86 and ran it for 5 cycles at the defau...
Kyde 2 1432 Last post 27-January-04, 00:36:27
by Kyde
trouble with k8t800 VIA VT8237 raid0 set
hi guys, here is the trouble i wanted to setup a raid0 set with the via 8237 under windows xpi used westerdigital 2 160gig sata ...
fireglow 2 1411 Last post 26-January-04, 23:09:01
by fireglow
Cannot use IDE drive with SATA drive
I just installed a 60GB Maxtor Serial ATA hard drive in VIA port 1. However, when I install my previous Maxtor 20GB EIDE hard dr...
Grunberg 1 1396 Last post 26-January-04, 22:46:46
by threedaysdwn
MBM5 and the Master2-FAR
I am trying to get MBM 5 to work with my Master2-FAR. I have been playing withthe sensor settings, but it is quite painful becau...
Lunchbox 5 2103 Last post 26-January-04, 21:51:28
by Lunchbox
Installing Xp
Ok guys, I have seen all the other posts and none of the solutions are working for me. I have a k8t master2 sever edition,FX-51,...
HDMTA 19 4378 Last post 26-January-04, 19:57:25
by Lunchbox
Strange happenings with K8T
There are a lot of strange things going on with my computer.  First, when I boot up or restart my computer the bios sometimes fa...
jimboy 8 2149 Last post 26-January-04, 18:58:21
by jimboy
Need some answers for the K8T FIS2r
Looks like i have the finances to upgrade to an A64 instead of the KT6 Delta.So i have some questions about this K8T mobo.A). Th...
Akimbo 2 1684 Last post 26-January-04, 16:48:26
by threedaysdwn
Slower than Heinz
Hi everyoneHardware setup :Power: North Q NQ4001 King Kong+3.3V = 26A+5V = 30A+12V = 15A-5V = 0.5A-12 = 0.8A+5Vsb = 2.0ABoard: M...
Smashgorand 31 5606 Last post 26-January-04, 16:47:50
by gnarly
Static shock
Hello,I´ve got the following problem: My motherboard has got a serieus static shock (vens went on when there was no power on it)...
abri 11 3325 Last post 26-January-04, 16:31:59
by Ex Forum User 3
VIA K8T800 - MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R (Good & Bad )
The GoodThe BadUnfortunately, the article has been slashdotted, and is practically at a standstill.  But from the review, the go...
diesel_travis 0 1855 Last post 26-January-04, 16:20:52
by diesel_travis
Difference between System Performance "Fast" or "Turbo"?
Anyone know what switching System Performance to "Turbo" on the K8T actually does? I assume it could switch on dynamic overclock...
TimW 10 3577 Last post 26-January-04, 15:42:34
by threedaysdwn
SATA boot lag
Hello!I have a SATA hd that I am booting Windows XP off of and when it gets to the VIA Tech screen and is scanning devices it la...
kevinmtu 3 1339 Last post 26-January-04, 12:44:43
by Sake
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