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Instant Reboot on A64 3200 :SAME PROB::
Within about 2-3 seconds of the computer being instantly shuts down.  All the power connections seem to be in place.  Al...
Blade527 35 7289 Last post 08-July-04, 23:29:20
by Blade527
K9A2 plat N.B. cooling recommendation.
Just a  recommendation:  During game play or other high video demand application the northbridge cooper cooler gets very hot. I ...
thermal-arc 35 16402 Last post 17-August-08, 22:33:03
by Quadrifoglio Verde
Network not Networking :(
basically i connected up my RJ45 cable and it doesnt automatically assign an IP to it, it instead comes up that its failed to re...
sja360 35 5072 Last post 17-August-04, 22:29:30
by wbv
Random Shutdown 601-7250-090
Well Well Well... MSI does not answer my mail so I type here...I have the same problem "Random Shutdown" and I have changed ever...
Mattiz 35 12952 Last post 11-September-07, 04:40:59
by Osiricat
MSI X370 SLI PLUS - issues and problems
HelloI have bought this MB few days ago, and have stumbled upon several issues.Currently my CPU is overclocked to 3.9Ghz. But th...
bak.adam 35 9181 Last post 03-August-17, 00:06:02
by darkhawk
Power Failing K8n Neo2 Platnum
I recently purchased a MSI k8n neo2 Platnum motherbaord and a 64bit 3000 Socket 939 cpu.  I am having a annoying issue.  I havce...
fnc Jon 35 5483 Last post 26-February-05, 10:25:19
by RedRuM1
Memory problems with K8T Neo2
I have purchased the above mentioned board with a 939-pin 3500. Since earlier I have 4 x Samsung 512 Mb DDR PC3200 CAS 3.0 stick...
Krisiun 35 8694 Last post 13-February-05, 11:46:47
by Krisiun
hypertransport sync flood error
Hi could anyone shed light on this hypertransport sync flood error My mobo is 785gtm-e45 graphics car xfx ATI 4870Windows 7 64 b...
Roguetrooper 35 19549 Last post 04-January-10, 16:00:17
by Fredrik
Audigy 2 ZS
I just got this new sound card, as I was fed up with the interference sounds coming from the onboard sound. But Im having a few ...
Xee 35 7619 Last post 03-October-04, 21:03:48
by Radical_53
anyone using a 3700+ yet
Listed as in-stock on newegg. Any problems with the k8t Neo?
akidd 35 5975 Last post 05-June-04, 05:24:49
by SAB
It's true, there's no 1T/2T option in the Bios for Neo2 and San Diego!
I just popped in my new San Diego 3700 in my Neo2 booted up fine with 1.5 Bios, but no 1T/2T option in the Bios!! I had read abo...
JonEapples 35 12076 Last post 13-July-05, 15:50:25
by HoTWiReZ
785GT-E63 won't boot
The setup: MSI 785GT-E63AMD Athlon II x2 Regor 2.9 ghzCrucial 2x2GB DDR2I have an old SATA hard disk and an old IDE DVD drive in...
Bortas 35 16028 Last post 10-April-10, 11:27:21
by Mark
K8N Neo4 Platinum problem socket 939
Hi pals...   The problem is that the small fan placed near the memory slots in my MOBO (which I was told is the chipset fan) mak...
vandienk 35 9195 Last post 29-July-06, 22:26:18
by BG84
Unsuccessful Booting from a SAS Drive
I have searched this forum and Googled this topic to try to answer my own question but I can't seem to succeed in loading Vista ...
CanyonRunner 35 14714 Last post 10-March-08, 10:53:04
by Ex Forum User 3
New Cpu?
I am wanting to upgrade my processor to a AMD 5400 2.8ghz. The processor is G2 stepping 65nm. It is not listed in the processor ...
MichaelMc 35 11038 Last post 31-December-07, 15:14:24
by Svet
New Computer Build, Please Help
Hello everyone,I am new to the forums and also to MSI Mobo's. This will be my first computer build and I was hoping that some of...
TouGe 35 8647 Last post 14-April-06, 23:01:20
by syar2003
Maxtor SATA detection problem on reboot with K8N Neo2 Platinum
Hello,my new K8N Neo2 Platinum "hangs" on reboot when detecting the SATA drive. If I cold start the compter everything works fin...
raatiol 35 9942 Last post 08-January-05, 11:26:53
by syar2003
Boot order changing
Saw a couple posts of this issue already but they had slight differences.  Mine keep changing randomly when windows does and upg...
Sydman 35 22759 Last post 26-September-10, 10:41:31
by Sydman
Unable to change CAS from 2.5 to anything on K8T-Neo2
Here is the story behind it all:I purchased some new RAM, 2x512 Mushkin LVL2 RAM (TCCD Chips) PC3200 2-2-2-6.I went to BIOS with...
Skligmund 35 7856 Last post 15-August-05, 20:43:57
by pantera1
onboard grafic
HI i have this MOBO: MSI K8NEO PLATINUM (MS-7030) NVIDIA NFORCE3is there a onboard grafic card on this mobo...witch needs to be ...
DONRON9 35 7581 Last post 12-August-06, 12:35:21
Newcastle core and high temps - is that correct?
Hope so cos my 3200 is running at 68C idle to 75C at load with stock heatsink and fan,heatsink is warm to touch,fan is running 4...
mcmanic 35 5283 Last post 31-May-04, 18:33:05
by SAB
New Bios?
When does MSI drop a new bios for the MSI K8N Neo?
Stiga 35 9720 Last post 24-August-04, 07:03:29
by tennvols_69
AMD worked but now doesn't!!
Maybee someone here can help me. I got a AMD 64 3000+ with a MSI k8T Neo Mobo. It worked fine for 2 months and just yesterday, t...
bdsic 35 5174 Last post 25-March-04, 06:13:46
by southmike
Bizzarre Mouse Problem
Just done my first build went pretty well, all except one thing.  My mouse only works every other time i boot up and its like cl...
KIN:L 35 8524 Last post 05-January-05, 18:15:30
by KIN:L
Need SATA HDD Recommendation
I can come up with the specs, but I cannot come up with the actual part!  Please recommend me a SATA HDD based on the specs belo...
Kwea 35 7487 Last post 23-November-05, 20:36:47
by Kwea
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