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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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jounihelle, j.batou and 62 Guests are viewing this board.
New K8t Neo bios 1.51 Beta
Do not know much about this bios.  Someone on AMDMB forums posted it and said something to the fact it fixes a firewire problem....
FrankenBerrie 46 9063 Last post 30-April-04, 13:01:56
by Swed
My system was running perfect, now, NO POST
My system was running rock solid yesterday.  Last night, I install this case mod, a cooler master musketeer- basically a fancy f...
etherealtml 46 12171 Last post 29-March-04, 05:50:25
by etherealtml
What is best performance/price ratio RAM for K8N Neo2?
Hi!I am looking for the best performance/price ratio for 1GB of RAM in Dual Channel (2x512) for my Athlon 64 90nm 3000+ on MSI K...
bungee 46 10228 Last post 06-January-05, 19:24:13
by bungee
990FXA-GD65V2-all plugs going to the motherboard-help me out!!!
Hello again,Its been a little since my last post....took a little break from building the monsters. Here is the specs I will hav...
fulwider8 46 11986 Last post 15-May-13, 18:56:03
by fulwider8
Another K9N power off case
Hello,I've been reading last few days about these K9N power-off problems and haven't been able to solve my case yet.My computer ...
Gimme5 46 22744 Last post 01-August-08, 21:36:10
by Fredrik
Ok, I have a issue......
I have this mother board: states that It is AM3+ Compatible. Yet, ...
KrashDozer 46 14511 Last post 21-October-11, 04:44:53
by Mike
X399 Creation raidxpert 2 cannot find SATA raid HDD/ SSD
2990WXX399 CreationBios: 7B92V11G.Skill 64 GB DDR4-3200enable win 10 support, run raidxpert 2, can only find nvme ssd attached t...
calvin.82110 46 4551 Last post Best Answer 13-November-18, 15:39:39
by jhchris2
Faulty Mobo???
K ever sence i built my system ive had problems i had memtest errors so i thot it was memory so i sent it away and they replaced...
ramborobert 46 18692 Last post 19-January-05, 22:04:55
by ramborobert
MSI Diamond Plus K8n Random Rebooting and Errors
I am having some very frustrating problems with my system.  I play different games, and what is happening is that my computer st...
Woonie 46 10578 Last post 10-April-06, 03:28:45
by Spray
K8N Neo4 Platinum Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra (MS 7125-010)
Are there some forum members that have this board configured and running without any problems? I would like to get this specific...
workknot 46 16111 Last post 09-October-05, 00:02:07
by workknot
computer is very (moderated), need help please
i have a MSI k8t neo 2-fir with a amd athlon 64 3000+ winchester core and 2x256 mb G.Skill. i am pretty sure that alll the compo...
moederfietser 46 12473 Last post 24-April-05, 13:37:03
by moederfietser
Random Reboot ... Dont know what to do...
Well i have built my new system (had it for a month now) and its running fast but most of the time my computer randomly restarts...
REaL 46 9933 Last post 02-September-04, 23:16:06
by REaL
A64 3200+/K8N Neo Platinum Freezes in Games
Hi all.. I changed to A64 system and my problems started..I can't play any game at all, everyone of them freeze, 'till VPU Recov...
[Brazzuka] 46 9482 Last post 15-November-04, 02:32:10
by Brazzuka
Random shutdowns on K9N-SLI Platinum and Athlon 6000+
Hi,My config is the following:K9N-SLI Platinum mainboard, bios upgraded to the latest versionAthlon 64 X2 6000+ (Brisbane), 3100...
Zoliq 46 19282 Last post 07-January-09, 00:32:45
by Mike
Live Update is now showing version 1.7.  Has anyone tried this BIOS.  Still running 1.4 and have had no reason to upgrade.   Bui...
Bilbo Baggins 46 12861 Last post 08-July-04, 00:16:42
by MAD
Calibrating CPU temperatures
I hope MSI get a new bios out there that corrects the temps being reported for the AMD64 newcastles. Looks like the abit guys ha...
dale77 46 10821 Last post 05-June-04, 13:29:28
by benitos
790gx-g65 can't tolerate heat.
 :(My setup is Phenom II 955 + 790gx-g65.Not overclocked and with stock heatsink, using on-board video, doing simple web browsin...
ponteley 47 21165 Last post 15-September-09, 17:16:25
by DaLoona
Online Gaming Problem with nVidia GART Driver - MSI PLS READ
MSI I am frankly shocked at your lack of service, and ignornace against your customer base with your current boards. I am talkin...
methgsr 47 16696 Last post 15-July-04, 02:14:55
by crazy fred
MSI DKA790GX Platinum and AM3 CPU - BIOS Update
Hi,I am going to upgrade my current computer from an older AMD socket 939 setup to an AMD Phenom II based systemI am thinking of...
Nickey 47 27389 Last post 15-April-09, 22:03:44
by Ex Forum User 3
790fx-gd70... couple questions
first off, it beeps once everytime i turn it on...  the display's behind my GPU so i can't tell the error it's telling me.  any ...
bloads 47 18065 Last post 31-August-09, 22:48:55
by Panther57
K8N Neo and Zalman?
Will the Zalman CNPS7000 fit on this board? The DIMM slots and IDE ports look close enough to the CPU to make it questionable.
ATW 47 9540 Last post 03-June-05, 17:28:19
by Supershanks
K9N SLI with weird USB beeping and freezing
GreetingsI have a K9N SLI-F V2 MB that seems to have a weird reaction to USB devices. Right now I only have PS/2 devices plugged...
BringBackXP 47 18420 Last post 01-September-09, 19:11:51
by BringBackXP
How do I test my chipset for stability? -> INstability found!
Hi everybody, I need some help badly!Last week I was looking inside my case, while it was still running, and I saw allot of dust...
sp00f3r 47 12669 Last post 21-July-05, 13:13:46
by Indigian
*UPDATED 7/15/04* Complete guide to bioses, drivers, and needed files for the MSI K8N Neo Platinum
Complete newbie's guide to bioses, drivers, and needed files for the MSI K8N Neo Platinum:Last Updated: Thursday July 15th, 2004...
Deviation56 47 29599 Last post 14-February-05, 14:58:01
by dontasciime
k9ngm2 problem
I just set up a system with this same board, a sempron 2800, 512 wintec pc6400 memory, and a 60 gig maxtor sata drive. all went ...
scottybrokeit 47 16937 Last post 13-January-07, 16:38:20
by Smorny
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