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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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NF750-G55 video card support
Hello, I am currently running the nf750-g55 motherboard, running an old 9800 GX2 on it.  I only have a 500W PS, but I am looking...
Zerrif 1 1168 Last post 08-August-12, 02:28:11
by Svet
990FXA-GD65 Power Supply Help
Hi there, I am currently looking to build a new computer, though I am trying to make sure before ordering the parts that my powe...
Zerrif 3 1768 Last post 07-July-12, 12:49:31
by Jack
Neo4 Platinum (PCB 1.0) - Single SATA Setup
Hey allI'm waiting for a new 400 GB SATA drive I've ordered and been researching how to setup a single, non-RAID SATA drive.  Si...
ZeshinX 1 1535 Last post 28-November-07, 21:30:54
by Svet
K8N Neo 2 Platinum, NB Fan Issue
Hey all.First post here and I was hoping to see if any here might be able to throw a few ideas my way.  First, a little backgrou...
ZeshinX 7 1556 Last post 28-March-06, 17:40:17
by ChakkaSol
MSI K8N Neo2-FX - WinXP-sp2 USB problem
HI!Two weeks ago I Bought this mainboard, and I can't install the Usb2 driver.I have Windows XP with service pack 2, and it does...
zet 6 2283 Last post 10-November-05, 12:11:39
by zet
Which promise drivers?
another forum where I posted from the first sign of troublePlease see specs below. I have four hard drives and would like to hav...
zeta 1 1300 Last post 09-March-04, 17:53:03
by Jocko
K8N Neo4 nForce4 Ultra crashing
system in sig. Ran into this issue about a month ago. system was crashing or re-booting when try any 3D app, game or GPU folding...
zetachi 6 2801 Last post 27-March-07, 00:12:29
by Svet
MSI k9n6sgm-v Networking MCP61 Driver... Help
Setup.exe img installation CD break, I can not access the internet on my other...
zeubr 5 4742 Last post 01-March-11, 03:53:40
by zeubr
K8N neo2 RMAed and replcement no better
Hi allhaving problems with my second K8N neo2, the first one was running well, then the CPU got hot 116degrees C, everest report...
Zeus. 16 2743 Last post 17-January-05, 21:57:28
by Zeus.
No sound on MSI K9N-NEOF V2
Hello everybody,I have some trouble with à MSI K9N-NEOF v2The sound card isn't working.It's detected, the driver installed well ...
Zeuss14 10 3788 Last post 05-November-09, 04:14:34
by Fredrik
System wont boot after restart, hangs..
Hello.Recently i have got a strange problem. When i restart or power on my computer without using the "main power switch on psu"...
zexs 12 5182 Last post 07-December-05, 12:46:15
by zexs
K9AGM2 boot problem
Hi, allI have a boot problem. No beep. No display. Power supply and CPU fan running.I have disconnected everything (HDD, DVD). S...
ze_Duf 6 3139 Last post 14-January-10, 16:19:44
by Fredrik
BIOS update broke my msi a88x-g41 pc mate atx fm2+ motherboard - Please help!
I have an msi a88x-g41 pc mate atx fm2+ motherboard, using an AMD A10-7860K processor. Somehow I broke it while attempting to up...
zfmax 2 623 Last post 04-March-17, 03:49:54
by badboy2k
Please help me get RAID 1 working on FM2-A75MA-E35
I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong.Not trying to use EFI. Not even sure why I'd want to.I have two ident...
zfmax 4 2994 Last post 05-September-13, 23:53:04
by Panther57
A55M-P33 Blue Screen installing Windows XP?
Very simple build:A55M-P33AMD A4-3400 Llano 2.7GHz Socket FM1 65W Dual-Core Desktop APU (CPU + GPU)G.SKILL Ares Series 8GB (2 x ...
zfmax 4 1873 Last post 07-October-12, 17:47:53
by zfmax
MSI K8N NEO2 - jumper JFP1
As I understand it, part of this is for use by an HD activity LED.Does this single LED signal activate for all NEO2 HD channels,...
zforgetaboutit 1 1508 Last post 03-October-04, 22:56:46
by Paul Foster
AMD starts shipping 90 nanometer A64 - 3000+, 3200+ and 3500+
Quote CHIP FIRM AMD confirmed to the INQUIRER this afternoon that it started shipping 90 nano versions of some of its chips on W...
zforgetaboutit 1 1085 Last post 18-September-04, 05:12:14
by thunder1963
K8N NEO2 - summary time - what's the current consensus?
(Hello everybody, nice to post here for the first time.)At stock speeds, can it yet be said it's no more defective than other le...
zforgetaboutit 6 1426 Last post 09-September-04, 19:19:27
by jamathe
Need more voltage for RAM on Neo4 Plat/SLI
I bought this OCZ PC4000 VX ram to run on my MSI Neo4 but little did I know that the board will not put out more than 2.85 volts...
zfrogz 7 16314 Last post 15-May-05, 00:54:19
by Glenn
K8N Neo4 Series MS-7125 - 4GB RAM Problem - Edited
Hello to all. As you can see from the topic i have very common problem.I have:2x1GB Geil PC3200 DDR400 CL=3-8-4-4 Double Side - ...
zgd 9 7808 Last post 03-March-11, 22:26:34
by wlahdone
MSI 6590-FISR KT400 Won't Turn On
I received an RMA replacement board from MSI in July, 2003.  Because I could not be without a computer, I bought a new identical...
zgreatwhite 1 1655 Last post 05-February-04, 19:16:17
by zgreatwhite
If flash disk doesn't recognised by computer. Where can be problem?
Hello. If flash disk doesn't recognised by computer. Where can be problem? I entered from 1. "Control Panel" to "Performance and...
zhala4 2 1634 Last post 02-February-07, 04:06:54
by Svet
New Nf980-g65 board refuses to post please help
Hi everyone I just purchased a nf980-g65 board and installed the cpu a phenom II 945 and connected everything and the board will...
Zhany 9 4753 Last post 11-July-10, 00:52:59
by Zhany
What is the point of Single SATA RAID 0 ?
Dear All,We all know that RAID 0 benifits from at least 2 disk providing throughput at the same time. However with NVRAID, Singl...
ZhaoYun 3 1301 Last post 16-September-05, 15:14:54
by Boarder981
Computer not shutting down
Whenever I try to shut down my computer, it simply restarts instead. It even does this when i press the button on my case to shu...
Zhar 1 975 Last post 22-October-05, 02:11:31
by Flow
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