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MSI NEO4-F, 2*512 VS512MB400 and Winchester 3000+; memory or psu problem?
My configuration:Winchester 3000+2*512 MB VS512MB400 not a dualkit.MSI Neo4-F7800GT2 maxtor HDD:sPSU: 3.3v=28A, 5v=30A and 12V=1...
-pierre- 2 1422 Last post 03-January-06, 20:19:56
by -pierre-
MSI 890FXA-GD70 sleep mode
Hello All  My new setup has been running fine for 2 weeks now, there is just one thing that annoys me:Whenever i put the system ...
-NJ- 11 6614 Last post 02-August-10, 01:06:55
by Fredrik
K8N Neo4 Platinum constant problems with USB Keyboards
Since I bought this board, I have had and continue to have problems with the computer booting up when a usb keyboard is connecte...
-Mr-ShizNit 6 2166 Last post 18-August-05, 04:06:39
by -Mr-ShizNit
[Athlon 64] Geil Ram Issues
DAMN! i got a k8t-neo fis2r and a 3000+ today, and it seems that i can't use both sticks of my geil pc3500 ultra platinum 256mb ...
-MaT- 13 3674 Last post 20-February-04, 07:16:55
by bman08
K9A Platinum cold boot problems + Other stuff
  Hi lads,Have a few things to ask about the K9AFirst the cold boot issue. If the machine is fully powered off for a while and i...
-l-Z3K3-l- 5 2634 Last post 11-October-07, 17:22:41
by Ex Forum User 3
880GM-P51 using wrong CPU ratio
I just bought a 880GM-P51. I'm using the latest BIOS, 12.3, and this AMD Phenom II X4 955. Everything seems fine except the BIOS...
-Jaguar- 5 2980 Last post 28-June-11, 10:08:51
by Ex Forum User 3
MSi K8T Neo Fis2R - No bios found
Hi, when i boot up my computer it says: no bios found, and then its searching s-ata devices and boot up windows as usual from my...
-Hugin 1 2204 Last post 12-January-04, 01:38:01
by snapper
Booting problem K8Neo board
Hi i'm trying to boot up my brand new computer but it stops at step 2 in the D-Bracket description: "Early Chipset Initializatio...
-Hugin 6 2974 Last post 22-December-03, 18:05:12
by -Hugin
MSI 790FX-GD70 won't POST
Hi guys! My problem is my PC died down when I tried to open Bioshock. It just turned off itself, hangs(debug LED turned itself o...
-deathrow- 16 7073 Last post 09-September-10, 23:48:57
by Fredrik
Neo 2 Platinum single channel ram?
I have 2 sticks of Infineon 512mb ddr400 pc3200 ram. Systems seems to run ok until I start my game and it freezes up. I had at f...
-Canuck 1 1331 Last post 08-January-05, 17:48:21
by Supershanks
Install motherboard drivers or SP2 first?
I doing a fresh install since my pc kept locking up after my last attempt two nights ago.What do I install first, the motherboar...
-Canuck 8 2622 Last post 09-January-05, 14:34:27
by -Canuck
Teamspeak and K8N Platinum
Does anybody know how to get the mic to work with Teamspeak??
-Canuck 2 1446 Last post 12-January-05, 00:20:14
by -Canuck
NEO2 Platinum Microphone
I'm trying to speak on Teamspeak but for some reason my microphone does not appear to be transmitting. Any ideas?
-Canuck 1 1300 Last post 07-January-05, 05:44:25
by two-faced
Booting a DKA790GX Platinum from a RAID controller in the 2nd PCI x16 slot
I recently got a new motherboard and (foolishly) got a DKA790GX Platinum instead of the K9A2 boards that I have used in the past...
-bat. 8 4371 Last post 16-February-09, 01:59:14
by -bat.
Question: nVidia vs VIA?
Due to recent problems I am going to buy a new motherboard...I was wondering which board is better overall?nVidia BoardVIAThanks...
-=DeMoN=- 4 1950 Last post 29-September-04, 02:26:45
by pitbull_21
Computer wont start up
I am new to this, have never posted on any tech forums for assistance, bare with me. I have a K8T Neo FIS2R, AMD Athlon 64 3400+...
-=DeMoN=- 20 5947 Last post 09-November-04, 02:54:14
by Exion
Memory Compatibility
i was wondering if anyone could help me.i'm thinking of gettin new memory and i was wondering if any one can tell me if the memo...
--higgies-- 1 1733 Last post 04-January-07, 22:31:47
by Mike
memory voltage
i was just wondering if it is possible to changer the voltage your ram thought the bios.I'm gettin some new ram and my motherboa...
--higgies-- 3 2802 Last post 13-December-06, 20:49:24
by syar2003
MSI K9N PlatinumnForce 570 Socket AM2 Memory problem
Im havein some problems with my memory. i bought a new mother board  (MSI K9N PlatinumnForce 570 Socket AM2) and new memory (OCZ...
--higgies-- 4 2627 Last post 30-November-06, 23:05:29
by CBR600RR
A75A-G55 with AMD A3400 Freezes during L4D2 Gameplay
System: A75A-G55 with AMD A4-3400, 4gb RAM (AMD DDR3) single stick, also installed 2nd Graphics card (ASUS HD 6450 1ghz DDR3). G...
(the_Dude) 12 4499 Last post 13-May-12, 09:11:17
by (the_Dude)
In the BIOS I can only choose auto or N/A in the memory and northbridge voltage.When I choose XMP settings for the memory it is ...
(Peter 12 2025 Last post 26-September-13, 16:28:55
by (Peter
Floppy drive u/s
Hi all i have searched for the answer to this problem but so far not luck!Here goesMy floppy drive light is on but when you put ...
#Ed 5 1999 Last post 30-May-05, 20:01:12
by TheBigMan
DKA790GX -- very quick and possibly stupid question anyone confirm that all versions of the DKA790GX b...
!Thomas 5 2917 Last post 10-January-09, 01:04:23
by tcsenter
Disappointing Performance with S939 FX-60
Hi, could anyone have any suggestions to remedy the following problems?1. Internet Explorer 6/7: Getting lag problems when click...
!ozz! 9 5614 Last post 28-November-06, 00:45:28
by !ozz!
msi ka790gx and dual monitor
I have a question about the msi ka790gx i need to plug two monitor use two monitor it is possible using the igp? i saw that the ...
!fazz 4 2293 Last post 27-February-09, 00:58:43
by Ex Forum User 3
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