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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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[Athlon64] mismatching memory
i was just wondering i have a gig of geil 3200 golden dragons would it bother my system to put in some mushkin memory same clock...
PaiNKilleR666 1 892 Last post 21-April-05, 18:42:58
by Tiresmoke
[Athlon64] Mobo Upgrade W/ conditions
i was looking into get a new MSI motherboard but i still new the Agp x8 cause my video card its still pretty new so i dont want ...
SyntheticD 3 1048 Last post 28-October-05, 08:33:15
by Tiresmoke
[Athlon64] ms-6380 mainboard - very importatnt hardware problem!
Hi, i'm italian and this is my first post I have a problem: my pc doesn't show me windows. It seems to be impossible start somet...
gokoulele 0 792 Last post 21-September-05, 10:39:17
by gokoulele
[Athlon64] MS6702 no sound
HIHelpNo sound system seems to exits on ny ms-6702 as its not listed in system deivices and MSI infan vew reports "no sound card...
superkev6969 3 1195 Last post 12-November-05, 23:51:00
by Tiresmoke
[Athlon64] MSI K8MM-ILSR
Hi!Im new to the msi forums..and i have some questions about the mobosI am installing an amd 64 2800+ and i wanna use the k8mm-i...
Alien88 1 1065 Last post 26-March-05, 00:41:18
by Apple renegade
[Athlon64] msi k8mm-ilsr won't boot
hey guys,My girls computer isn't booting. I can't even boot off a CD. I get the same thing everytime.The last attempt to restart...
trinz 3 1124 Last post 15-January-06, 18:50:10
by Ex Forum User 3
[Athlon64] Msi K8N Neo2 Platinum problems with Patriot Ram
Hello i´m new here.I just bought myself some new memory modules, Patriot 2x1BG Module PC3200 Kit latancy 2-3-2-5The problems sta...
DDuck 10 2421 Last post 05-December-05, 19:10:46
by DDuck
[Athlon64] MSI K8N NEO4-FI in UK ?
Anyone know where i can buy a MSI K8N NEO4-FI in the uk the only place i can find that sells the board is Komplett but they do n...
Ashley 0 1449 Last post 18-December-05, 11:08:08
by Ashley
[Athlon64] MSI K8N Plat and 3000+ Venice - BIOS update?
Hi,Just got my MSI K8N Plat and AMD 3000+ Venice core. According the MSI BIOS version has to be 1.4 to support this CPU. I haven...
jens 0 894 Last post 02-June-05, 12:25:43
by jens
[Athlon64] Msi K8t Neo Amd64 3400
I recently purchased a K8t Neo MSI Amd64 3400.Everything was running fine until I decided to run the MSI live update. I noticed ...
ChinGRaR 13 3251 Last post 13-January-06, 13:14:10
by ChinGRaR
[Athlon64] MSI K8T Neo FIS2R BIOS Update when? CnQ no workie!
The MSI K8T Neo FIS2R (MS-6702) hasn't had a BIOS update since 3-4-2005!I put a Sempron 64 3000+ in my motherboard, and was very...
GnatGoSplat 5 1378 Last post 21-October-05, 01:56:46
by GnatGoSplat
[Athlon64] MSI K8T Neo FIS2R Motherboard, AMD 3000+ SKT 754 Overclocking
Hello all.I have a problem, I'm trying to accomplish my task of Overclocking my AMD 3000+ (NewCastle) to 2.5GHz from It's stock ...
Tribbs 5 1724 Last post 09-October-05, 16:24:25
by Tiresmoke
[Athlon64] MSI K8T Neo FSR / Early Chipset Initialization
Hi There,My MSI K8N Neo Platinum has a broken LAN interface, i don't have the papers of it so I can't send it for RMA. So i boug...
Owned 11 2741 Last post 04-May-05, 15:21:35
by fafner
[Athlon64] MSI K8T Neo Series and Turion
Does anyone know if the MSI K8T Neo FIS2R will be compatible with the new AMD Turion Socket 754?  Maybe a bios update when the T...
NickS_ 1 1039 Last post 11-April-05, 01:13:22
by Del UK
[Athlon64] MSI K8T NEO-FSR won't post! No video signal!
My PC won't post! No video signal! The system was running fine with stock cooling. I decided I was going to get a water cooling ...
billius 8 2016 Last post 07-June-05, 16:24:31
by billius
[Athlon64] MSI K8T NEO-V : incompatibility with ATI RADEON 9800 PRO
Hi,I read all the subjets on this forum about Radeon problems with MSI K8T NEO motherboard.  Most of the peple can't use their g...
Olisoft 13 3369 Last post 19-July-05, 17:51:39
by Tiresmoke
[Athlon64] MSI k8T NEO2 - Instability on AGP 8x
First of all:After updating the motherboard to bios 9.2, i experience instability in windows xp pro like reboots when starting i...
Xam_nl 13 2524 Last post 14-November-05, 15:45:48
by ihang10
[Athlon64] msi k8t neo2 and media center 2005
installing mce 2005 and via driver 5.04A video doesn't display video on media center screenmy configration is msi k8t neo2-fnvid...
diluxp 3 1210 Last post 23-December-05, 01:35:28
by Stu
[Athlon64] MSI K8T neo2-f problems with Corsair VS DDR 400 in dual channel
I have just installed a MSI K8T NEO2-F and attempted to install two corsair value select ddr 400 512 mb dimms.  If I install one...
DaLawman 2 1224 Last post 16-May-05, 15:58:28
by Quadrifoglio Verde
[Athlon64] MSI K8T Neo2-F Socket 939 ATX Dual Chanel Kingstone 2*512 400 a64 3000+ HELP
I bought a MSI K8T Neo2-F Socket 939 ATX, Kingston 1GB DDR RAM Kit 400MHz CL3 2*512 pair, AMD Athlon 64 3000+ CPU BOX (Socket-93...
antika 16 3131 Last post 03-October-05, 18:50:23
by rogueUK
[Athlon64] MSI K8T Neo2-FIR motherboards
Hi there Friends in this Forum.Have MSI solving all kind of problems they had before with their socket 939 Motherboards?And witc...
Mr Freddy 5 1509 Last post 27-November-05, 23:25:58
by simonmpoulton
[Athlon64] MSI K8T800Pro Neo2 FISR - 6702E - higher CPU compatability
I have the above motherboard and have been running this with a 3000+ Winchester core CPU for a year now with no problems at all ...
jlpicard1412 6 1506 Last post 10-January-06, 20:36:46
by jlpicard1412
[Athlon64] MSI RS480 Surroundview triple display problem
Using the onboard video output with a single monitor i have no problems outputting a resolution of 1920@1200@32 bits( Adapter se...
spacecadet 16 5095 Last post 04-August-05, 01:32:00
by spacecadet
[Athlon64] MSI RS480M-IL WOL capabilities?
This documentation for this board does not mention WOL capabilities. However it has a realtek 8100c ethernet controller. Accordi...
vman 1 1348 Last post 02-November-05, 02:00:33
by Apple renegade
[Athlon64] MSI RS480M2 USB problem
Hi.I'm looking to upgrade a number of rendering servers that we have in the lab.I've got a prototype here :MSI RS480M2 bios 3.4A...
jdaragon 2 1084 Last post 28-July-05, 20:19:24
by jdaragon
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