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netsonicyxf, counterfate and 95 Guests are viewing this board.
X700pro 256mb wont run on the k8mm-v
hey i have been trying everything to get this fixed but no matter what it crashes everytime with it in mb is k8mm-v cpu 3100 sem...
Hatrack 4 1077 Last post 26-February-06, 21:50:48
by me_AMD
X800 question
Hey guys, I'm just about to go buy an X800Pro but I wanted to ask one last question before I did. I currently have a Radeon 9600...
flu1d 5 1360 Last post 12-August-04, 20:23:49
by flu1d
X800 XT VS BIOS Version
I have the system shown in my picture sig. I tested my new computer with 3D Mark 2005 and got a low and useless 5373. I remember...
Mark 6 1575 Last post 27-February-05, 13:35:38
by Mark
x800xt with K*N neo mboard
hi just got my new gcard at last pc boots ok in to windows but when i install drivers on to pc and reboot it all works ok but do...
normski 3 1058 Last post 27-August-04, 01:52:04
by normski
X850XT video problem, with K8N NEO4-F
OK have any of you, had or heard of this problem,I just picked up a sapphire X850XT PCI E video card,But when I install it, ther...
cmptrgydv 3 1228 Last post 07-May-06, 11:52:20
by kakarocht
x86-64 Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird ???
...only if you vote for this bug:
diesel_travis 0 1530 Last post 24-February-04, 06:18:42
by diesel_travis
x86_64 Linux + x86_64 Seti@home vs x86 Windows + x86 Seti@home
I finally finished installing SuSE 9.0 for x86_64 processors last night.  The first application I loaded up - my universal bench...
diesel_travis 7 2611 Last post 29-February-04, 07:10:25
by riprjak
XFX 6600GT on K8n NEo Platinum
I admit I am quite the newbie with the high end stuff, but when I picked the components in my signature and built this system, I...
Stinkweed8 10 1886 Last post 23-January-05, 20:43:13
by brianstretch
XFX Geforce 6800 GT 256MB AGP8X
I have seen this XFX Geforce 6800 GT 256MB AGP8X,on  ...
dodio 33 9022 Last post 07-November-05, 23:08:35
by Mark
XFX Nvidia 256 MB 6800 GT Ultra + Neo4 Platinum Ultra
Just orded the XFX 256 MB 6800GT Ultra and wundering if you can use the nvidia standard driver kit for use with this card or do ...
mrbell84 10 2768 Last post 09-August-05, 13:24:48
by mrbell84
XFX Radeon HD 5770 Compatible with 890GXM-G65?
Anyone have issues installing an XFX Radeon HD 5770 video card with the 890GXM-G65?  Bought one and when I installed it, the fan...
fatalysis 3 2883 Last post 02-July-10, 15:40:55
by Svet
xmp profile on 990FXA-GD80 not working
hi guysi bought a upgrading ram kit and when  i set xmp profil in...
gamer35 27 7104 Last post 01-September-13, 14:02:22
by flobelix
XP - Stop ox7b Problems
Hi Can any one help as I am getting a bit frustrated trying to get my new K8T and Athlon 64 set up up and running !!!Where I am ...
Malcx1 1 4468 Last post 09-April-04, 01:57:40
by Jocko
XP 120 on neo2
Hi, Is there a way to fit an Thermalright XP120 heatsink on a k8n neo2 platinum? I dont want to bend any caps or anything, Any w...
Sam Fisher 4 1302 Last post 25-May-05, 00:07:26
by the_cultie
XP 120 on neo2
Hi can I fit a XP120 on a MSI neo2 platinum?
Sam Fisher 2 1133 Last post 24-May-05, 13:22:24
by KeaneM
XP 64 + K8n neo plat question
Will the very newest nforce drivers for windows XP 64 work for my board??
cowman 2 1063 Last post 18-May-05, 18:33:56
by Assaf
Xp 64 bit no longer works with AMI bios 1.2?!
Hi,Having managed to get XP 64 bit working ok on my new machine I thought I should upgrade my AMI bios on my K8t Neo Fis2r MoBo....
isimpson 10 3335 Last post 08-March-04, 22:51:52
by Zoomee
XP 64 Build 1184?
PlanetAMD64 has a thread regarding build 1184. Does anybody know where build 1184 can be downloaded? TIA,
Hyper-Drive 6 1531 Last post 07-May-04, 20:24:20
by threedaysdwn
XP 64 K8N Neo Plat... Network not working?
Okay I just got my build done. I am one happy mofalade but I cant get the network to be recognized. I have a cable modem (and a ...
ninethreeeleven 4 1282 Last post 05-June-05, 18:53:28
by ninethreeeleven
xp 64 m audio revolution drivers?
any one seen the xp 64 m-audio revolution drivers out there? or anything compatible? It sucks that my xp 64 doesn't have sound
amonteiro 4 1354 Last post 18-February-04, 19:28:51
by amonteiro
XP 64 network drivers
Has anyone here firgured out how to get the built in network card working. It doesn't like there are any drivers out yet but I t...
amonteiro 4 1526 Last post 09-February-04, 17:38:10
by Wonkanoby
XP 64 on K8T master2-far
Hi- I installed xp 64 rc2 on my unit but it did recognize a ranibow hardware key so i went back to XP. Final release candidate f...
bobsandefur 3 1290 Last post 26-April-05, 19:37:26
by baron_iv
XP 64bit
i downloaded it off microsoft and all that good stuff, have a couple problems1. windows update : ADMINISTRATORS ONLY!!!!! proble...
KMART_XecutionR 4 949 Last post 25-August-04, 16:16:33
by split
XP 64bit Beta issues for Platinum mobo
My new Platinum (MS-7030) has just arrived and I was thinking of downloading and trying the XP 64bit Beta OS. Are there any issu...
tagger61 1 999 Last post 26-August-04, 02:33:10
by roads
XP 64bit Beta OS for AMD64 - old news?
I'm a 64-bit wannabe, maybe old news, came across this link to get Free *Beta* downloads of either Windows XP 64-BIT Windows Ser...
RexB 19 3399 Last post 24-May-04, 04:56:02
by RexB
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