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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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Read this when your memory speed seems too low
You noticed that your memory is not running at the speed that you expected and you are wondering why that is. Here is the most l...
Hans 7 16563 Last post 26-December-07, 11:06:00
by Hans
K8N Diamond Plus PC won't boot
Hi all  I am the proud owner of the PC configuration below, and this morning 'my faithful mate' refused to boot  .It is running...
engadin 45 16574 Last post 25-November-10, 13:34:11
by engadin
770-c45 connect with Home Cinema via coaxial
Hi there, I just bought a new computer with the 770-c45 motherboard in. I'm trying to connect it with my Home Cinema amplifier, ...
satyros 40 16576 Last post 07-September-09, 08:57:16
by Leon
Bios Guides
Nforce3 250GB & Nforce3 Ultra Syar's Bios Guide Ludic's Nforce3 Bios Tweak Guide Neo3 250 & Ultra Cell
Supershanks 2 16580 Last post 03-April-05, 22:57:31
by Supershanks
Terrible Sound from Onboard
Hey guys, I finally resolved my graphics card lockups so it's on to the next issue. The onboard sound is terrible! I mean I know...
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flu1d 58 16655 Last post 28-September-04, 23:56:51
by Miron
790FX-GD70 Northbridge
Hello all,I need to remove the Northbridge heatsink and reapply TIM. Has anyone done this yet for this board, or is aware of how...
eire1130 32 16659 Last post 08-February-10, 12:54:37
by Stu
890FXA-GD65 and possible USB Controller related issue?
Hi all - Been having a bad time of it with a new system build for a little under a month now.  Have tried to capture my "notes" ...
FooDaddy 40 16670 Last post 25-March-11, 19:07:00
by MeanBob91
K9N Neo V3
I got a new phenom to upgrade with. The website includes my mobo as compatable with the phenom. I go to update the bios and the ...
Sanwiz 33 16674 Last post 14-July-08, 00:39:32
by Stu
Problem with K8N Neo2 Platinum
hi to everyone, I am writing from italy, I apologise for my english.I succeded in booting up my motherboard but only if I put my...
gabmamb 42 16677 Last post 29-February-08, 06:37:29
by LairdDrambeg
CPU Temp : 255° C
Hello,I have seen similar topics about this bug/problem but I don't know if it's motherboard's or processor's fault.So, my specs...
exileLyk 45 16687 Last post 11-November-15, 11:19:33
by Nichrome
Online Gaming Problem with nVidia GART Driver - MSI PLS READ
MSI I am frankly shocked at your lack of service, and ignornace against your customer base with your current boards. I am talkin...
methgsr 47 16696 Last post 15-July-04, 02:14:55
by crazy fred
870A-G54 vs. 870A-G54 FX
Hi,I was wondering if an 870AG54 will support new bulldozers, and now I find that MSI is making such the same mainboard with the...
diwiak 39 16731 Last post 27-October-11, 21:45:10
by fps4ever
Hi AllIm setting up a K9N Diamond and need some more info on the CPU compatability/FSB numbers etcdetails are  Sempron SDA3200CW...
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K9NDIAMONDINOZ 50 16788 Last post 07-May-08, 13:10:53
by vernonion
K9N2 SLI Platinum and Phenom II 940
I have a K9N2 SLI Platinum and have a Phenom 940 on the way. Are there still issues with bios 3.4? what is the proper way to fla...
hummer11 44 16792 Last post 10-April-09, 03:46:19
by cjc75
My new system and games problem
I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this. I have recenlty in the last week built myelf a new system and I a...
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zippy77777 77 16845 Last post 16-March-05, 20:11:08
by zippy77777
K9N SLI PLATINUM shutdown issue help!
Osiricat 33 16886 Last post 09-January-07, 22:22:06
by gouldjw
Can't get k8n diamond plus working with 4x1Gb
I managed to get the DDR memory frequency running at 333MHz using only 2x1Gb in the Green slots of the motherboard (as listed in...
BillCW 38 16893 Last post 18-January-08, 09:26:50
by BillCW
k9ngm2 problem
I just set up a system with this same board, a sempron 2800, 512 wintec pc6400 memory, and a 60 gig maxtor sata drive. all went ...
scottybrokeit 47 16937 Last post 13-January-07, 16:38:20
by Smorny
K9N Platinum - Wrong CPU Temperature in BIOS
Hi, I have a K9N Platinum (7250-020) with the latest 1.3 BIOS and an AMD X2 3800+. The CPU Temperature in the BIOS has a negativ...
CBR600RR 36 16958 Last post 02-July-07, 15:38:33
by tommypeters
-SOLVED - K9A2 Platinum v2 + 4850 / 4870 1GB GDDR5 Problems
Hello all, I bought the following configuration to set upm/b MSI K9A2 Platinum V2cpu AMD Phenom 9950 2.6GHz BEram G.skill F2-850...
Hfestos 28 16970 Last post 04-November-08, 13:13:36
by wlahdone
Where are the K8N Diamond Plus Boards
I ordered my board from Tiger Last week.  Was told they on back orderd...Went to  .... out of stock.Checked about 3 o...
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mrchaos101 61 16980 Last post 07-July-06, 20:24:23
by mr. Charles
SOLVED: MSI K8N SLI Platinum Onboard SB Live! 24bit Crackling
I am a bit mad with the problem...whenever Hardware Acceleration of the on board Audio (Creative SB Live! 24bit) is used by an a...
Markoul 32 16996 Last post 22-July-05, 14:54:37
by Indigian
a few questions about the ka790gx and dka790gx
i have a few questions about the ka790gx and dka790gx , how much better is the dka790gx compaired to the ka790gx ? . how much di...
chaotic 42 17027 Last post 14-July-09, 17:09:04
by baggzy
Has anyone tried 1.2C BIOS?
I just recieved a reply from MSI asking me to try the 1.2C BIOS attached. I'm a bit of a n00b myself so I don't know if it's wor...
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hostile 17 86 17061 Last post 07-July-04, 12:35:17
by [SuPeRmAn]
K9NBPM2-FID and 8GB memory = CRASH?
Hi,I've had a K9NBPM2-FID mobo for awhile, and from the beginning, I've had 6GB of GSKILL memory in it (I use Win2K3 Enterprise,...
jimcpl 38 17068 Last post 26-January-10, 21:11:52
by jimcpl
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