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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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ruud_overes, gustavo563412 and 35 Guests are viewing this board.
Speed fan so whats what?
Ok I have had speed fan for about 4 days and ive finally decided to ask which temp is which:So i think the temp02 goes with fan ...
Tarvi 30 13022 Last post 10-May-05, 19:21:22
by Makisst
CPU Temperature 57c
Hang on - everything runs fine but my bios and Core centre constantly report my CPU temp at 57Degrees Celsius?????Aint that a li...
Zoomee 49 13033 Last post 17-April-04, 23:43:41
by Zoomee
K9A2 Platinum CMOS Not Saving On Powerdown
I recently got a new computer and decided to get the K9A2 Mobo. I got everything up and running fine, but when I power down the ...
1N54N3 37 13044 Last post 06-May-09, 21:26:29
by Henry
Clock issue
For some reason, any programs I use to see the FSB clock and CPU clock fail to recognize the clocks. I can see it in the BIOS an...
skylineaddict 31 13045 Last post 26-July-08, 04:49:43
by Svet
MSI Motherboard Schematics/Service Manuals?
Hello All,I have a K8N Diamond Plus that I absolutely love, but which has recently stopped POSTing (4 LEDs of the D-bracket rema...
lammphil 7 13055 Last post 09-June-09, 18:52:52
by Ex Forum User 3
msi 890fxa-gd65 USB and video dying after extended use
Multiple times this has happened to me. I will be playing a game for a while (2+ hours) and all the sudden my mouse, keyboard, a... 37 13055 Last post 23-June-11, 22:42:57
by cronnin
K8N Neo2 Platinum is slow to start! Why?
I just installed a K8N Neo2 Platinum MoBo. Once the system is up and running, its really fast. But it takes a long time for the ...
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thepeds 52 13073 Last post 15-October-05, 04:31:44
by GeForceTony
Minimum Amps
What is the bare minimum amount of amps i can have? I currently have 18A ont he 12V, also have a K8N Neo and 3400+ CW.
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Klesk4000 62 13105 Last post 02-October-04, 16:39:39
by bamb
my design of a watercooling set
I've just fooled around a bit with some CAD software and designed myself a watercooling part for the northbridge. here is it :DI...
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Strijker 68 13129 Last post 19-September-04, 19:39:25
by Ralphdb
MSI k9n Neo v3 few strange problems
Hello, First of all i want to apologize if my english is not so great.Here is my  configuration :Motherboard : MSI k9n Neo v3 ( ...
Kidja 28 13135 Last post 13-April-11, 19:26:19
by Kidja
Installing xp on a harddisk which Ive screwed up by installing..
Installing xp on a harddisk which Ive screwed up by installing a recovery disk from another pc. Is there anyway to format a hard...
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boeingboy 53 13151 Last post 31-December-04, 18:10:59
by syar2003
Reboot problems with K9A2 Platinum, 2x2GB RAM & Vista Ultimate 64-bit
Greetings all.I've got some weird reboot problem when trying to enable all 4GB of memory on my brand new rig built with the foll...
Karaya 29 13173 Last post 05-April-08, 02:25:19
by Svet
SATA stuck in PIO : ms-7025
Hi there, newest BIOS, no raid, only 1 sata drive. DMA enabled for the drive in the BIOS.The SATA drive is not the bo...
nousndthem 25 13187 Last post 21-July-10, 17:08:17
by Petak
Can my mobo K8NGM2-FID boot from a Bootable USB Pen Drive
Hallo I am trying to make my "Twin Mos Mobile Disk 256 MB" bootable with my K8NGM2-FID mobo. Is this possible, and if so how?Bes...
Gunsmoke 21 13212 Last post 31-October-06, 00:09:33
by Gunsmoke
After a repair install and then and upgrade install ( see topic ) the
jbiel 1 13214 Last post 08-February-09, 16:21:42
by Svet
MSI K8N-Neo 4H PCB 3.0
Hello,im having trouble with Booting from Dawicontrol 300e PCIe SATA Raid Controller.They Controller Bios wont load cause the MS...
Gonzales 24 13240 Last post 29-December-07, 18:58:36
by Svet
K9N SLI suddenly shuts down!
K9N SLI (not platinum) bios 3.1AM2 X2 3800+ Zalman CNPS 9500 2x1GB DDR667 Team Value (5-5-5) Sapphire X1800GTO2 512MB Hitachi SA...
Dakmor86 39 13272 Last post 21-August-06, 11:03:43
by Dakmor86
K9N-Diamond (MSI-7226) RAID5 disks disconnect sporadic
Hello together, this is a call from germany ... in hope to find briefly the right help in the world. I´d a Problem that the RAID...
Gerry367 16 13275 Last post 06-December-07, 07:14:24
by GwaiTsi
K8T Neo2 FIR dual ram? help would be great!
Hello all, I have a series of questions:My computer says that I am running on 512 MB of ram, when I have 1024 MB installed in DI...
BockVB 37 13279 Last post 16-October-07, 22:46:57
by Fredrik
Computer (with K9N2) often hangs at MB loading screen at bootup
Hi, I have just assembled a computer.  It seems to work well on the first try.  However, whenever it's reboot / shutdown&bootup,...
raychanz 34 13282 Last post 16-August-09, 00:42:00
by raychanz
MSI 790fx-gd70 system randomly freezing up
  :biggthumbsup:First I would like to say hello to every one, after days of searching this place looks to be the best place for ...
goliard 33 13283 Last post 01-November-09, 17:16:16
by Fredrik
K9N Neo (PCB 1.0) MS-7260 And ATHLON 64 X2 4850E AM2 (45W)
Hello, Does the subjects work together ???
L1x 11 13291 Last post 27-December-09, 21:32:23
by Ex Forum User 3
K9A2 Platinum V1 and Phenom II 940 - No Post or Boot
I recently bought a new K9a2 platinum V 1.0 from amazon and a new phenom II 940 from newegg.  Tonight I tried to assemble it but...
darkprime 32 13318 Last post 10-February-09, 01:53:10
by Fredrik
K8T NEO-FIS2R goes into suspend. Lose display.
First, here is my setup. [list=a]MB: K8T NEO-FIS2RCPU: AMD 64 3200+ 1MB L2 CacheCPU Fan: Thermaltake Venus 12RAM: TWINX1024-3200...
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ToXiCZoNe 66 13320 Last post 20-April-04, 13:45:49
by Tiresmoke
990FXA-GD65 Temps-Hardware Monitor or????MSI heatsink super hot???
So I ran threw a post same board and using Hardware Monitor...Trying to figure out the tmps of hardware monitor--and this is wha...
fulwider8 37 13326 Last post 02-February-14, 23:23:48
by exileLyk
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