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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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K8T FIS2R Raid Problems
Okay I got my RAID_0 stiping service up on my AMD K8 build using the Promise SATA RAID Controller (FastTrak 378) on the MSI K8T ...
radeonboy 3 1724 Last post 17-January-04, 01:25:00
by riprjak
Need help on sloooow Linux install
I'm experiencing extremely slow performance when I try to install 64 bit Linux (so far I've tried SuSE 9.0 x86-64 and Gentoo AMD...
FriedMutant 3 1510 Last post 16-January-04, 23:41:55
by FriedMutant
KT8 Neo.......Led Activity does not work with SATA drives
Is this another MSI Flop.  Does anybody know if the HD led works when using SATA drives connected to the Via controller on the K...
Escape 25 6792 Last post 16-January-04, 20:53:49
by diesel_travis
RMA? or more power?
I just recieved my new MSI board and AMD 64 3200+ yesterday in the mail.  After opening everything up and getting the CPU instal...
kevinmtu 9 2416 Last post 16-January-04, 16:11:39
by kevinmtu
Good PSU for setup?
1 Opteron 244 (second soon)K8T Master2SparklePower 9800 Pro2X512 OCZ PC-3...
spr 10 2625 Last post 16-January-04, 06:49:48
by spr
Linux Drivers Redux...
I have a MSI Mast23 2 FAR running with 1 Opteron 240s.I have Gentoo intalled ont he box.   I can't seem to get the sound working...
Utena 8 1920 Last post 16-January-04, 06:38:51
by riprjak
Unable to install any version of Linux X86_64
same kernel kill with every install AMD64 3200 MSI K8T Neo 2X Samsung 2700 512MB RAM W/D Raptor @RAID 2+0
lgoldson 7 2074 Last post 16-January-04, 05:02:14
by riprjak
Which is better for framerate -- onboard sound or SBLive 5.1?
Heya,I have an SBLive 5.1 and I was just going to pitch it when I assembled my new rig with the K8T Neo.  But I read a review on...
bznotins 4 1664 Last post 16-January-04, 04:38:56
by riprjak
Thermister mounting locations?
I have 3 thermisters and I'm not really sure where to place them.  One of them is simply for a temperature readout on the front ...
diesel_travis 0 1392 Last post 16-January-04, 03:38:53
by diesel_travis
Greetings,Could someone share with me the process of installing files for Athlon64 on MSDN. I have download the files to a forma...
stephenk 2 1403 Last post 16-January-04, 02:35:57
by boulder_bum
I've got a MSI K8T Master 1.Corsairs DDR 400 ECC (ECC not on) reg, right now runing at 200MHz with 2.65v and the CoreCenter pro ...
Tackan 5 1696 Last post 15-January-04, 19:40:20
by Wonkanoby
Hahahaha funny harddiskled!!!!
Hahahaha,This is really funny, I added the second Opteron today....Guess what The harddisk leds works normal now.....It seems t...
Ex Forum User 3 3 1403 Last post 15-January-04, 18:38:55
by joshr45
Resources conflict on KT8 Neo - unable to fix
Just got my new Athlon 64 system set up. I'm unable to get Pinnacle PCtv card to work it caused a resources conflict with CPU to...
frankieboy 3 1523 Last post 14-January-04, 19:30:27
by frankieboy
K8T Master2-FAR & CPU Heatsink/Fans.....
I'm a soon to be owner of the Master2, and I've read all about the wrong brackets on the motherboard and how close CPU2 is to th...
Jabzilla 9 2414 Last post 14-January-04, 16:18:12
by Ex Forum User 3
USB Drivers For V8237 Chipset
Does anyone know where I can get USB 2.0 drivers for the V8237 chipset? The ones listed on MSI's site says their only for the 82...
Tinsletown 8 2627 Last post 14-January-04, 10:19:55
by Steve F.
Low 3DMark 2003 Score
Hi all.I've had my system now for a few weeks and finally got around to seeing what the 3DMark 2003 score is.... now on Tomshard...
skilcline 16 3549 Last post 14-January-04, 03:35:02
by McGeyser
k8t neo memory speeds
i just got my k8t-neo up and running with the athlon 64 3000+ and 1 gig of pc 3500 mushkin lvl II and the system only wants to r...
Frooney 4 1538 Last post 14-January-04, 01:18:22
by angler
K8T Neo: C000, 32k Shadow: Enabled or Disabled?
the manual says it speeds up performance if it is enabled, but what is C000, 32k anyway?I currently have it disabled, what shoul...
scottg26 2 2917 Last post 14-January-04, 00:19:48
by scottg26
When will we see new bios for MSI K8T Neo (6702)
not bloody happy!I have repeatedly contacted the serfs from MSI tech support with no joy.  So I return to the forums with my que...
riprjak 4 1789 Last post 14-January-04, 00:04:36
by riprjak
Your thoughts on Kingston HyperX?
SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS- 400W PS- MSI K8T Neo motherboard (factory BIOS)- AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU- MONITOR: Samsung SyncMaster 753...
Grunberg 2 1362 Last post 14-January-04, 00:02:28
by angler
Athlon64 Found Lagging in Memory Support - " MSI had no reason to rest on its laurels either, as these modules ...
diesel_travis 5 1963 Last post 13-January-04, 22:06:43
by Stukov
Probs with TV card/CPU 2 AGP/9700 pro
Just got my new Athlon 64 system set up. I'm unable to get Pinnacle PCtv card to work it caused a resources conflict with CPU to...
frankieboy 0 1656 Last post 13-January-04, 19:54:12
by frankieboy
best set up for SATA drives on new system
Hi all,About to upgrade to athlon 64 system and would like some advice.the updated system will be:-MSI K8T Neo Athlon 64 +3200Co...
maxcam 5 2612 Last post 13-January-04, 14:37:03
by Sake
ANy one installed VIA 4.51 WHQL?
ANy one installed VIA 4.51 WHQL? Please post your experiences pls. Simon
Templar2k 6 1793 Last post 13-January-04, 13:35:57
by McGeyser
memtest for 64 bit Saturday November 01, 2003 6:18 AM           I patched mem...
Wonkanoby 2 3577 Last post 13-January-04, 12:12:05
by Wonkanoby
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