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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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790fx GD70 Winki
Does anybody know if this processor will be supported by the Bios Chip version: 7577AMS200 of said motherboard?I need to get a p...
Zamorikan 16 5707 Last post 16-February-11, 12:34:06
by Mark
990fxa-gd80 motherboard posting issue
Hello everybody.So a few weeks ago, i bought a new chassis for my PC, and 2 days after moving all the parts, the PC just stopped...
zandagulas 9 2447 Last post 27-September-12, 22:49:23
by xmad
K8N Diamond & 7800GTX
HI allHave recently purchase a MSI K8N Diamond m/b and put the following other hardware into itAMD 64 37002x 512MB DDR400 Module...
zandahar 4 1919 Last post 06-October-05, 15:00:49
CMOS Clear only?
I'm having a bit of a problem jumpering my K8MM-V.  I just bought this today and I put it all together only to find that it will...
Zangetsu 6 1501 Last post 28-July-05, 19:44:20
by danmer3
MSI 760GM-P23 wont unlock Phenom 560's other 2 cores.
Hi, I have a Phenom II x2 560 Processor which can unlock to a Phenom B60 x4 cores using my friends motherboard(Asrock) for testi...
Zangy 3 1831 Last post 02-January-13, 16:05:21
by flobelix
Dual Channel RAM problems on K9N SLI board
Both of my sticks of RAM test good with memtest when tested separately.  Together they produce a bunch of errors in memtest.  I ...
Zanothrope 9 2252 Last post 21-June-06, 17:18:25
by Zanothrope
My system turned off & now it wont power up?
I was using my system on sunday when it just powered down for no reason. no warning or anything! now there is no response when i...
zanzubaa 6 1612 Last post 28-February-05, 22:18:01
by Tiresmoke
MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum "Unknown Flash Type" at boot
I get a unknown flash type error at start up. Also a OS Loading error and just hangs there. If I hard boot/ F11/ choose boot dis...
Zappahead 5 2186 Last post 05-October-06, 15:48:34
by Zappahead
Problems with IDE-detection (yes, another one)
Hi!I have just put together my new computer, but when I start it to install windows XP it apparently can't find the DVD player, ...
Zappo 9 1936 Last post 12-November-04, 20:14:53
by syar2003
K8N SLI-FI, BOOT to XP is slow with SATA-150
I recently bought a "new" computer to phase out my old socket a computer and ended up with a amd opteron 146 2 ghz, 9700gs and a...
Zapy 7 2905 Last post 07-March-07, 00:11:10
by Zapy
A78M-E35 motherboard not booting!
Hello! I have problem with MSI A78M-E35 motherboard. I installed CPU, one memory stick and GPU, plugged all wires (ATX 24 pin an...
zaramoth 8 2435 Last post 28-November-14, 10:39:07
by msi.10.divinours2
problems with usb and usb2 ports
I just got an msi k8n neo platinum +amd 64 3200 and a thermaltake xaser III v1000d with heroichi 475 watt(psu)My usb and usb 2 p...
zaratoustra 1 1115 Last post 16-October-04, 22:19:51
by Mike
k9ag neo2-digital - no post!
HiI've just built a PC and the damned thing wont even give me a bios setup screen. in fact the screen stays in standby mode.I ha...
zardoz99 11 4449 Last post 30-December-07, 15:51:39
by Ex Forum User 3
K9N2 Diamond - No Post - Led 11 RED
I need to know the LED Diag codes for the K9N2 LEDS 9-16.My new machine would boot (semi randomly) and eventually no post with t...
zariok 8 8210 Last post 20-January-09, 03:10:44
by weimar
K9N6GM-V motherboard Drivers
Sorry for not putting my signature, or maybe  even  putting the topic in the wrong forumthe problem is: My friend bought a new P...
zarkomd 6 15960 Last post 19-September-08, 15:49:03
by Ex Forum User 3
K8N NEO V2.0 Nvidia nForce 3 chipset motherboard
Hi plz can someone help me im so upset i decided to use msi live update and daft thing told me to flash my bios so i did and it ...
Zarth 1 1307 Last post 31-August-06, 04:43:27
by Grayone
Updating BIOS, Windows won't run the exe
I'm running Win7 Pro x64 and I want to update the BIOS on a a55m-p33 mobo. Live update just says 'download fail', so I've downlo...
zasky0 3 1816 Last post 14-January-15, 19:53:34
by flobelix
RD480 Neo2, cant boot!
Hi people.I've just installed some new stuff for my computer, which are the following:MSI RD480 Neo2Gainward 8800GTSTagan 530w (...
Zath 8 3806 Last post 29-December-06, 23:42:48
by Zath
MSI K8T Neo2 - Problem with AGP frequency...
Hi there.I am a proud(?) owner of the K8T Neo2 motherboard. This is the "pro" version, with the supposedly working AGP lock. But...
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Zath 85 21550 Last post 29-December-05, 02:32:45
by Tiresmoke
Video memory k8mm-v
I have a K8mm-v.  I've 1 gig of ddr on the board.The video memory is at 64meg.  Is there anyway to change the amount used for th...
zathros 2 1123 Last post 30-April-06, 12:58:07
by Kafkacell
AMD x4 860K and MSI A55M-E33
Hey guysSo I'm building a cheap gaming PC for my daughter for Christmas I ordered a A55M-E33 and a AMD x4 860k after using pcpar...
zaust 2 1050 Last post 10-December-14, 20:55:06
by flobelix
Adobe Products Install Sheild crash NFORCE
Well after a full day of troubleshooting i've discovered that my Adobe products will not install correctly with Nvidia Nforce dr...
zaxxon1234 4 1203 Last post 06-October-04, 22:53:00
by zaxxon1234
My sytem is detecting 3.25GBwhen 4GB are installed
I just put in 2 more 1GB DIMMs but my sistem can only detect 3.25GB, is this normal? There's a warning on the manual that says "...
zazantiago 14 3371 Last post 30-January-06, 18:12:46
by tcsenter
K8N Neo4 Platinum: nForce 4 vs Silicon
Quick question, I have to serial ata hard drives, where should I plug them? To the the nForce 4 powered connectors on the souths...
zazantiago 10 2565 Last post 25-January-06, 10:21:48
by jessgade
Sorry to bother --- System Temperature...
Hi! First post for me, here.... I know that this problem has been "overdiscussed" but I'd like to report my experience and hear ...
Zazza 4 1468 Last post 25-July-05, 13:49:41
by Zazza
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