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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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Degraded Mirror Array on SATA
Hi, I have a pair of 200GB drives on SATA 1 & 2. These have been healthy until recently but are now showing up as degraded at bo...
micken 33 14811 Last post 10-July-07, 00:34:42
by tommypeters
F6 RAID floppy Abends for WinXP Pro on AMD Phenom II X6 1090T on 870a-G54
New build and installed WinXP Pro 32-bit on single HDD, and runs OK, but not the setup I want.  No matter what I try with the F6...
mike315 32 14812 Last post 25-October-10, 19:01:54
by Mike
Various Issues
First time posting and some what of a newbie...I've built many PCs over the last 12 yrs here and there for myself, but none in a...
mattw112 45 14864 Last post 01-October-10, 02:40:24
by Fredrik
790XT-G45 & Phenom II X6 1090T
So, I bought a Phenom II X6 1090T and 790XT-G45 since I saw that it was supported.I had to buy an AthlonII just to update the bi...
mikeallison 42 14912 Last post 13-May-10, 04:26:34
by bzbz
Can someone please tell me if the AMD FX-60 CPU is compatible with the MSI K8N SLI (MS-7185) version 1.0 motherboard? If I upgra...
Distorted Vision 39 14913 Last post 07-March-08, 00:45:33
by flobelix
Continued Problem With New Computer - Dual Channel Ram
This is my first post. First build. First problem. Hopefully my first solution. I just built AMD 3000+ with K8T neo2 FIR board a...
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koukla 66 14915 Last post 30-April-05, 12:55:11
by Quadrifoglio Verde
MSI 890GXM-G65 vishera support
For those of you curious if the new Vishera Piledriver processors are supported on this motherboard....that is a positive. just ...
JDB4LFE 22 14935 Last post 27-May-13, 21:50:10
by flobelix
*UPDATED* K8N Diamond Plus X16 Shutdown\restart delays
First off, I'd like to take a moment to pat everybody who helps out on this forum, and that you do a wonderful service to the pc...
MORRISON 30 14949 Last post 07-April-07, 18:34:42
by Svet
K8N Neo2 and 2 gig of memory
I thought that using 4 double sided dimms would result in only being able to run at DDR333 speeds. I just installed my forth Hyp...
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Novablade 63 14952 Last post 19-October-04, 20:17:48
by Novablade
K8T Neo2 Crackling sound after updating BIOS to 9.3
Yet another problem since upgrading my comp with an X2 4200+ and flashing the BIOS to 9.3.  I am now getting problems with crack...
thlcr1 42 14994 Last post 21-December-06, 22:45:33
by Hans
K9N6PGM2 / MS-7309 XP64 RAID driver doesn't work
The hard disks are not found when I try to install XP 64bit on this machine using RAID 0.I have tried several drivers for the va...
Pilsener 9 15029 Last post 10-February-09, 19:57:53
by Svet
SB600 and Promise TS RAID
I am trying to use 2 SATA II ports on my system but can't seem to get them to work.I have:K9A2 Platinum MB- I think Ver 1.1 BIOS...
Raidin Dave 28 15029 Last post 30-December-08, 22:52:24
by thermal-arc
k8n sli and dual core
I have the k8n SLI.. not the Platinum, and a AMD 64 X2 3800.  My Bios is up to date and i downloaded the AMD x2 driver for windo...
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yeshia 59 15030 Last post 28-December-05, 03:48:43
by bluephoenix
K9A Platinum, 2900XT Infinite Loop and BSOD woes
Hi there, im new to these forums but i really hope someone can help with an ongoing problem i have had since august.Basically ev...
Akeme 37 15035 Last post 22-November-07, 01:14:43
by Svet
NEW MSI - Socket AM2 - ATX nForce590 (K9N DIAMOND) - SLI
Is this MB cool or what?It's the new Nvidia Chipet...MSI - Socket AM2 - ATX nForce590 (K9N DIAMOND) - SLINot on the MSI webbsite...
aie_leo 45 15067 Last post 22-August-06, 21:29:29
by aie_leo
[MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum] Is the motherboard dead? HOW? What? Hein?
Hey!I am having big problems with my MSI K8N Neo2 54G Platinum. It was a really great board until the day the system could not p...
Nukke 21 15087 Last post 11-August-06, 23:47:32
by Kha
Enabling AHCI in BIOS for SATAII HDD non-RAID, worth the trouble?
I'm just wondering if anyone has tried to enable AHCI for SATAII NCQ HDD configured as boot drive, are there any performance inc...
mentat 29 15089 Last post 03-April-08, 19:45:45
by mentat
K8NGM2-FID: bad PCI-e x16 slot on motherboard?
Computer boots fine, but I do no get any video output when booting from a PCI-e graphics card.  I've tried 2 eVGA GeForce 7600GS...
aeroguy 37 15090 Last post 22-October-06, 07:46:05
by kakarocht
*WARNING* avoid dead Neo2 or Neo1 board flashing to newest bios.
Se that more people are getting post problems after flashing to Neo1 bios 1.80or Neo2 bioses versions from 1.9x - 1.Bx .NOTE!boo...
syar2003 24 15091 Last post 08-November-05, 23:22:36
by syar2003
NF570 ultra: Dual Lan problem
Hello!My computer shuts down when I download and use web-browser att the same time. If I use an another network card, the comput...
Kujis 32 15148 Last post 15-August-06, 14:45:13
by jmaus
direct 3d device errors
I am having issues with a new build-Windows 7 Ultimate 64MSI 890FXA-GD70 bios 1.8CORSAIR CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B 16G @ 1333ROSEWILL|RB...
Darren W 38 15190 Last post 07-June-11, 18:51:30
by Darren W
Crossfire on 790FX-GD70 stuck at x16/x8?
Alright i have tried about everything i know to do so lets see if you guys can help me out hereI recently purchased a 4890 to co...
Rewindlabs 33 15212 Last post 19-March-10, 01:37:20
by Henry
MSI K9A Platinum , ATI 5770 No signal.
Ok, so I recently have purchased an XFX Radeon HD5770 From newegg, I get it and take out my old 1950X Pro, and proceed to instal...
Binarymasta 22 15234 Last post 06-January-10, 10:00:34
by Agent_24
Granted the PS in the system is not the greatest.Its basically AMD 64 X2 6000+ 125wK9N6PGM2 (Dont know the bios vers yet)2gb(1gb...
mrfuriousx 33 15237 Last post 15-April-09, 17:39:22
by Mike
WIN 7 Pro 64-bit and 4GB DDR2
I ran WIN 7 Pro 32-bit and my K9N Diamond showed 3GB of RAM.  Now I'm running WIN 7 Pro 64-bit and it still shows 3GB of RAM. ...
bosamar 38 15245 Last post 01-December-09, 20:35:49
by bosamar
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