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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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No boot!!! xmas ruined! :( please help
Spec:AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (RETAIL)MSI K8T NeoTwinmos 512 DDR 3200^ All from ebuyerGeForce 3Cannot boot. It isnt the graphics card...
kare 7 2794 Last post 09-January-04, 23:51:52
by shockidelica
SATA drive not recognized
I have seen many different answers to the following error, when Wndows XP (Home or Pro) can't recognize a new SATA hard drive:Fi...
Frusten 1 2420 Last post 09-January-04, 23:45:47
by shockidelica
K8T Neo and ATA133 Hard Drive
Hi! I just got this board today after reading many recommendations and everything seems well so far except...I have an ATA133 Ma...
eebuckeye 13 3520 Last post 09-January-04, 12:23:10
by Wonkanoby
SOLVED: Problem with boot with Neo
SOLVED!No one will probably believe me but...I changed the keyboard and sure enough it booted.  I have an IBM keyboard that I ha...
speedclipse 2 1542 Last post 09-January-04, 00:26:08
by Wonkanoby
what is smb???
Ok i really need some help from one of you smart people out there...a few months ago i started building a computer for video ed...
trinity_bk 2 1501 Last post 08-January-04, 17:07:37
by Wonkanoby
USB and PS/2
Okay, I have a problem. I just got a new K8T Neo-FIS2R board with AMD64 3200put it together left it running 2 days straight no p...
wolfe26 8 2159 Last post 08-January-04, 16:01:34
by Ex Forum User 3
while installing , system freezes, AMD64 3000+
hi i'm new here and i want to say hello to all !for 2 days i'm reading all ur posts here to find a solution for my problem, now ...
satriani37 17 3682 Last post 08-January-04, 14:21:40
by satriani37
Dual Opteron + Master 2 + RAM question
Will the Master 2 Run with in dual processor mode with only 1 stick of RAM in it?   Apperantly I need to buy new ram. :(I just g...
Utena 6 1822 Last post 08-January-04, 10:23:35
by Ex Forum User 3
I Need Some Advice
I’d like to start off by saying thanks for reading my post. I need some advice, I’m building my first computer and so far I have...
jpadron 6 1678 Last post 08-January-04, 08:39:15
by Krazyme
Recommendations for DDR400
Now that I have my machine booting with PC2100, I want to find some memory modules that will run at the max memory speed of the ...
peracles 1 1387 Last post 08-January-04, 01:09:24
by Templar2k
Audigy 1 Platinum
Have any of you got an audigy 1 to work with the k8t-neo?Mine wont boot with it installed,it runs perfect without it.
c0mmiie 6 1781 Last post 07-January-04, 22:41:49
by tfnviper
HELP! Can't get past 'Checking RTC'
I bought different memory, two sticks of mushkin 512mb lvl2 unbuffered, and that still didn't get me past the checking of the RT...
franklin 5 1577 Last post 07-January-04, 22:30:53
by franklin
k8t Master 2 won't work at all
I currently have the following:k8t master 2athlon 64 fx-51Geil PC3200 512MB RAMPowerColor ATI Radeon 9600Pro 256MB Video CardEve...
mrebersv 3 1355 Last post 07-January-04, 13:26:11
by Ex Forum User 3
System & CPU temp worries...
Hi all,I'm a newbie to AMD and ATI.    And just built my new computer:MOBO: K8T Neo-FIS2R (MS-6702)/BIOS v1.1CPU: AMD Athlon 64...
kxmc65 19 4191 Last post 07-January-04, 10:51:32
by scottg26
Slow beeping during bootup
So I just put together the system in the description and it keeps a 1s spaced beep every time I boot up - no post.  It resembles...
Swollen Ostrich 8 2331 Last post 07-January-04, 08:44:21
by Ex Forum User 3
[SOLVED]K8T Neo will not boot
I tried to get the following combination working:Athlon 64 3000+ XPK8T Neo2 sticks of Corsair Twinx XMS3200 (1024 MB)My power su...
peracles 12 3263 Last post 06-January-04, 23:48:16
by scottg26
Athlon 64 3400+ when is coming out??
Anyone have any info on when the AMD64 3400+ coming out?  I'm looking to buy a 3200+, but if I know 3400+ chip is coming out soo...
Supafishel 5 1819 Last post 06-January-04, 21:43:29
by Supafishel
K8T Neo...Is it safe to use LiveUpdate for BIOS updates?
Apparently there's a new BIOS (1.2?) coming out soon.  I updated the BIOS to 1.1 via the old fashioned method by downloading it ...
breenemeister 9 2783 Last post 06-January-04, 12:47:30
by Wonkanoby
Via Raid
Hey all,I have a Seagate 160 SATA HDD. I have just purchased another of the exact same make and model. I already have my OS buil...
McGeyser 2 1390 Last post 06-January-04, 12:32:32
by McGeyser
K8D - Lower right corner codes? HELP!
I'm currently in the process of building a dual cpu 244 K8D.I'm using 1GB ECC Registered, but it's not on the list, so I'm repla...
linkify 2 1391 Last post 06-January-04, 08:57:36
by Ex Forum User 3
K8T NEO Boot problem
I've seen some similar threads on this board. It seems a lot of people have this problem.  This is the 5th or 6th system I've bu...
bobby3399o 4 1846 Last post 06-January-04, 00:02:00
by bobby3399o
KT8 Neo Ram questions
I upgraded my computer from my old Asus A7M266 (very first DDR board).  Eventually I bout 2x256 Kingston 266 dimms, very nice CL...
Stukov 0 1473 Last post 05-January-04, 22:55:13
by Stukov
Dual Processors
Has anyone got two FX's running on the K8T800?  There seems to be contradicting information out there about whether the board ca...
eatcarrotsnow 2 1199 Last post 05-January-04, 12:33:09
by Steve F.
Dual Processor Board??
SNOWDOG8029 2 1350 Last post 05-January-04, 12:20:52
by Ex Forum User 3
K8T Master-2---> Ladies and Gentlemen - There's a New Bios in Town that support FX-51 @11X clock!!
I have just received a new bios file from MSI support for the K8T Master2 that (gulp) supports the FX-51 at yes......2200 Mhz, 1...
crasher 19 3656 Last post 05-January-04, 11:27:49
by Wonkanoby
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