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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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K8T NEO-FIS2R Memory
Hi!I was thinking of getting a 1Gb memory stick, but dont know what manufactory i should choose. Have anyone tried Kingston KHX3...
zChris 3 1417 Last post 12-October-06, 20:32:19
by Tiresmoke
B450M PRO-M2: can I use 3 displays simultaneity, without additional GPU?
Link to the product page:
zdanevich.vitaly 3 219 Last post 17-August-19, 19:24:13
by rbleroy91
Re: Unlocking cores 990xa-gd55
Hi,Not trying to hi-jack the thread, but have a general question on unlocking cores:I had unlocked my Ph II X2 560 BE from 2 to ...
zdude 8 2230 Last post 10-December-12, 22:27:59
by ifihadtime
880G-E45: No On-board analog audio when PCI-E nVidia Graphics Card is Enabled
I recently assembled this system with Win 7 Pro 64-bit OS. Before I added the 9600 GSO graphics card, Line Output analog audio (...
zdude 26 10645 Last post 12-September-11, 15:08:18
by zdude
Which MB should i pick for new system?
Hi i'm new to the forum and just signed up. Sorry if this isn't posted in the right section. I'm about to build a new system wit...
Zeaed 38 9685 Last post 30-May-06, 09:57:18
by kakarocht
Strange temp readings?
Well different applications report different temperatures. Which can I trust?MSI Core Center reports 42 C CPU and 17 C Sys temp....
Zeatrix 2 1319 Last post 02-September-04, 11:35:57
by rc23
nForce firewall won't install
I just bought an AMD athlon 64 3500+ and paired it with an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum.When trying to install the firewall drivers I g...
Zeatrix 11 2357 Last post 27-August-04, 11:28:45
by Zeatrix
Cisco VPN Client causes reboot with SATA
I am ready to wave a white flag with my MSI K8N Neo Platinum and trying to get it to support my Western Digital 36GB SATA Raptor...
zebra14 0 1074 Last post 14-August-04, 08:14:45
by zebra14
Hi :- New here and need advice
Greetings.I have a AMD 64 754 socket MSI K8T Neo motherboard. 1GB Corsair RAM. 160gb Maxtor + 2 x 200gb Maxtors as data dumps. G...
Zedx 11 2290 Last post 11-December-05, 22:57:35
by Tiresmoke
Please help me my k9a2 platinum freeze
Hello all I'm having issues with my computer randomly freezing. when i copy to a hard drive or when i copy from a CD or DVD some...
Zee2008 8 3588 Last post 16-August-08, 22:17:25
by Fredrik
I have been using the Msi 970-G46 motherboard for some time but I do not know if these issues apply to my motherboard or my grap...
zeke3653 3 812 Last post 05-September-16, 17:57:16
by flobelix
K8N Neo Voltage Problem
Hi guys maybe you can help out the latest noob to these forums.  I've been reading them for awhile but finally had to register b...
Zeke968 8 1790 Last post 25-September-04, 09:50:54
by Zeke968
renesas usb 3 drivers, not on website, or cd
Hello!Motherboard:  a78m-e45anybody know why MSI doesn't have USB 3.0 drivers for the onboard ports anywhere?  I found some by u...
zekeallmon 4 1706 Last post 08-April-14, 04:03:42
by gunner1
Dear friends, Can someone tell me, after bios 1.d, if k8n neo2 platinum supports SATA 2 or not?? Thanks in advance Zeki
Zeki 5 2491 Last post 14-April-07, 21:35:17
by Zeki
K9A2 Platinum not POSTing with HD 3870 X2
I just upgraded my PC to the following specs:Motherboard: K9A2 platinum BIOS v 1.5CPU: AMD Phenom 9850 BLACK EDITION 2.5GHzPSU: ...
zelion 7 3256 Last post 25-October-08, 22:02:13
by Boneman
Using the Command Center Mobile App
I have a 990FXA-GD 65 v2 motherboard, I am running windows 10 professional 64-bit.  I am using Control Center 2.5.060 on the PC,...
zelldeb 1 1221 Last post 04-March-16, 06:05:43
by skywalker_yd
K8N Neo4-FI I/O range not available (SM bus)
Hello all! I have problem with my MB. NVIDIA nForce System Management error I/O range 4c00-4c3f and 4c40-4c7f  -not available. T...
zemaniel 4 1398 Last post 11-February-06, 23:38:01
by zemaniel
Keyboard and Mouse not working!!!
I had previously installed windows 98se, so i could use my upgrade disk for xp.  The code wouldnt work for the upgrade disk(cuz ...
zemitron 5 2032 Last post 02-March-04, 21:27:40
by Jocko
Neo 4-F Red PCB Version
Switched my PC on this morning but my D-LED Bracket says that its initionalizing the floppy controller. The top right LED is red...
zen62619 14 3357 Last post 16-August-06, 19:27:07
by zen62619
Neo 4-F Red PCB Version
Switched my PC on this morning but my D-LED Bracket says that its initionalizing the floppy controller. The top right LED is red...
zen62619 0 841 Last post 13-August-06, 14:52:56
by zen62619
Neo-F (Red Board Version) LAN and PXE
Hello folks.I have been creating a PXE environment at home including Windows Server 2003, set up DHCP, set up Active Directory, ...
zen62619 2 1373 Last post 15-June-06, 19:34:58
by zen62619
MSI Diamond Plus cpu coolers
Does anyone know any of the compatible cpu heatsink and fans for the MSI Diamond plus board, I will be changing the cooler to ei...
zen62619 2 2029 Last post 02-March-06, 14:30:57
by zen62619
Hello, Im back after a year
Hello, Many if you may no me from the past as Mrbell84 ....... well im proud to say im now a owner of the MSI Diamond PLUS board...
zen62619 8 2187 Last post 28-February-06, 21:15:09
by zen62619
MSI K9A2 CF RAM Problems
Hello, first of all sorry about my english. i´m swedish. I´m trying to get the RAM to work correct, it´s pc8500,cant change them...
Zenbioz 9 4718 Last post 20-May-08, 12:19:37
by Chiron
K9A2 Platinum AMD 790FX and Scythe Ninja PLUS Rev B
i wonder if i could use that cooler on that mainbord?i found a spec of the size of the cooler, but i cant find anything about th...
Zenbioz 9 3491 Last post 12-March-08, 10:47:36
by Quadrifoglio Verde
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