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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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List of radeon ati graphics cards that don’t work with MSI K8N NEO Platinum
I thought I would start a new topic to help clear up the issue from the 2 topics below: MSI K8N Call of Duty MSI K8N Neo Platinu...
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engrrowl 52 15436 Last post 20-July-04, 12:26:15
by normski
Problem at boot up with K8N Neo2 Platinum - Please Help!
Ok, I've been building a new computer for the past few months now. Here are the specs:Athlon 64 3500+1GB OCZ EB PC-3500 RAMMSI K...
AlkalineArmy 32 15446 Last post 02-March-05, 03:35:17
785GTM-E45 mobo: Q'n'C is enabled but CPU fan doesn't slow down
Q'n'C is on, CPU clock is down when idle but CPU fan rotates on full and makes noise. Bios fan settings cannot do anything to sl...
Sysoy 33 15468 Last post 25-March-10, 22:03:51
by Fredrik
System crashing randomly after upgrading processor from Phenom 9600BE to 9950BE
Few days ago I updated my processor from Phenom 9600 BE to 9950 BE. See all details about my system in my sig. Now the system is...
peregrine 30 15486 Last post 10-September-08, 22:00:07
by peregrine
Hello friends, RAM problem here.
Well, this is none too fancy.  Although it IS a RAM problem, I felt like I should go here to seek for assistance as my motherboa...
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HideLater 70 15508 Last post 29-June-12, 09:52:01
by HideLater
Unstable AMD Build Using MSI 990FXA-GD65 and 1600 Memory
Totally new to this, but, having read some of your very good resource articles I now understand my 1600 rated memory is probably...
lowrez 36 15511 Last post 15-September-11, 00:48:36
by lowrez
K8t Neo (ms 6702 v1.0) won't detect 1tb Seagate SATA hard drive at all
Hi All,Almost at the end of my tether with this thing.I have a rig with the K8t Neo (ms 6702 v1.0) and a AMD 3000+ 64 bit.All i'...
phonicx 11 15512 Last post 25-July-11, 00:24:09
by Henry
K8T Neo Memory Problem
Im running a K8T Neo2, with 1gb of dual channel ram.  However, it only reads as 512.  I bought new sticks in case it was a RAM p...
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grenade 58 15514 Last post 10-June-05, 10:58:03
by Supershanks
SiSoft Sandra Memory Bandwidth Test...
SiSoft Sandra's Memory Bandwidth test is reporting my PC3200 RAM @ only 2700MB/s, shouldn't it be runnning @ around 3200MB/s?
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jeri534 51 15521 Last post 22-June-04, 20:32:54
by PoundingTechno
ati hd2600xt
hello,eversince i installed this card ( MSI K9A Platinum, Corsair 520W Active PFC PSU,2GB DDR2 Corsair XMS 2 @ PC7500=900mhz,AMD...
bfpkiller 36 15563 Last post 04-October-07, 20:38:51
by Ex Forum User 3
K8N-Neo 4 Platinum x 7900 GTO: What am I doing Wrong?????
Hello everybody!!!I'm from Brazil and i'm having really big problems here with my motherboard and new vga... my motherboard is a...
eduhunter30 36 15564 Last post 12-March-07, 03:34:49
by eduhunter30
MSI 785gt-e63 4 sticks ram BSOD
 :)Hello,I'm new of MSI HQ forum,I have a problem with 4 sticks ram ddr2 800Mhz installed.My pc is Athlon II x2 250 MSi 785gt-e6...
boris444 45 15576 Last post 29-September-11, 15:18:07
by boris444
K8N Neo2 Platinum BIOS 1.9 final OUT Still no official changelog. Murdok already modded it.
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N!NO 66 15582 Last post 28-July-05, 10:39:50
by xpatar
K9A Platinum....
Hi guy's, I'm I the only one running this board? I suppose so, as I see nobody else that has it
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Ex Forum User 3 63 15605 Last post 07-June-07, 17:06:48
by xeper
Random BSOD 770-G45 - SOLVED
Hello,Have you met the following problem? Was it the motherboard or something else? I've contacted MSI support but except the fi...
acker 37 15625 Last post 21-October-10, 08:02:30
by Mike
New System build with 790FX-GD70
I'm sort of behind on the new mainboards. I sure like the new MSI boards. Done alot of review reading and MSI has me hooked agai...
greyno3 37 15632 Last post 15-January-10, 15:34:56
by Ex Forum User 3
msi 970a-g46 wont boot - post no video signal
evening all. i recently had my old NF750-g55 board die on me due to a burnt out mosfet transistor. this started last Thursday wh...
stark33 8 15743 Last post 19-April-12, 21:07:21
by stark33
K9A2 CF-F v1.0 buyers should be given a free replacement to V2
Hi all!I have bought the K9A2 CF-F before I even knew it doesn't support 125W CPU's.If I knew that, I would never buy it. I have...
Chiron 32 15752 Last post 26-February-09, 12:07:45
by Ex Forum User 3
SSD SATA AHCI BIOS configuration settings
Hi There,I am having trouble configuring the bios so that my new SSD drive ( AGT3-25SAT3-120G) is recognized by Windows 7 instal...
mjg8t 5 15766 Last post 19-January-12, 02:14:54
by Mike
Please help:System keeps rebooting after Bios flash update
Hello,Ok for starters I have the K9A2 CF motherboard,4GB of ram,My last Bios was 1.8.I was flashing to 1.9 using the bios flash ...
soldat32 36 15775 Last post 13-August-09, 03:26:30
by RazberyBandit
Driver Downloads K8N Neo4 Platinum
I purchased a machine w/MSI Neo4 Platinum (MS-7125) already installed but advertised as new. Did an install of Win XP Pro w/o a ...
LarryAllen 32 15831 Last post 03-February-06, 16:14:16
by workknot
What mobo model do i really got
Sense i im going to do an bios uppgrade i have been trying to establish with board i have , on recite from cp-vendor it says: K8...
TapperSwe 34 15832 Last post 28-January-07, 03:28:16
by Richard
DKA/KA790GX boards - how are they with nVidia GPUs?
A friend wants a Phenom 2 920 (next week in UK) and suitable MoBo (with SB750). Nothing in MSI range apart from 790GX based boar...
LanceH 33 15848 Last post 27-February-09, 23:02:47
by Ex Forum User 3
785GT-E63 won't boot
The setup: MSI 785GT-E63AMD Athlon II x2 Regor 2.9 ghzCrucial 2x2GB DDR2I have an old SATA hard disk and an old IDE DVD drive in...
Bortas 35 15871 Last post 10-April-10, 11:27:21
by Mark
Official 1.2 bios up!
Just checked live update version 1.2 is now available,  temps on my newcastle 3000 post bios is 46 where as was 57 havent checke...
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new to AMD 77 15885 Last post 22-July-04, 06:26:51
by Calculusaurus
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