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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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MSI K8T Neo, any one using the VIA RAID as RAID 0?
Hi guyz.Just bought a Seagate 700.7 160GB SATA drive, took down my WD80 SE RAID0 since one of the drivers was beginning to turn ...
Templar2k 13 3353 Last post 23-December-03, 03:04:43
by seven.62
Ram Problems!!@!!@
I have tried over 3 different brands of memory, all of which have given me many errors. I would like to know what kinds of modua...
OptimusDinkus 6 2039 Last post 23-December-03, 00:40:38
by mmorgan
Plug CPU Fan into CFAN1 or SFAN1 to use CoreCell to control speed
This is my first computer build and I'm trying to decide which slot to plug the CPU/Heatsink fan into.  There seems to be some a...
breenemeister 3 2352 Last post 22-December-03, 22:29:21
by breenemeister
Single SATA Hard Drive Use the Via Controller or the Promise Controller?
I'm building a new PC with the MSI KT8 Neo and I'm using a Maxtor DiamondMax 120 GB SATA Hard Drive.  I've read a couple of revi...
breenemeister 2 1576 Last post 22-December-03, 22:27:48
by breenemeister
Core Center Problem
Hi Guys,I just bought the K8T Neo.  I have a Athlon 64 processor with 1 G in RAM.  I've been trying to use the CoreCenter, which...
Seranko 17 5219 Last post 22-December-03, 22:13:21
by breenemeister
Booting problem K8Neo board
Hi i'm trying to boot up my brand new computer but it stops at step 2 in the D-Bracket description: "Early Chipset Initializatio...
-Hugin 6 2876 Last post 22-December-03, 18:05:12
by -Hugin
MSI K8T Neo - System & Application crash/reboot
Windows XP Pro, SP 1MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R Via K8T800 Athlon 64AMD Athlon 64 3200+ ProcessorCorsair CMX512-3200C2PT 512MB DDR400 PC32...
senator 0 1996 Last post 22-December-03, 16:24:51
by senator
Quiet & Cool?
bios 1.10 k8t neo with 3000+ and patch from amd website, supposed to work not work?  how do i tell if it does?  wont it lower cp...
Stukov 2 1866 Last post 22-December-03, 09:20:48
by Bibihest
Reseated the heat sink using artic silver 3
and my temperatures remain the same as before, using the thermaltake thermal compound.on arctic silver's website though. it did ...
scottg26 28 8062 Last post 21-December-03, 23:59:59
by riprjak
MSI K8T NEO motherboard installtion diagram/instructions?
I am just putting my system togther MSI K8T NEO FIS2RAthlon64 3200+2 X 512 MB OCZ EL pc 3200 memory + other stuff:ANTEC TruePOwe...
emc2inc 2 2244 Last post 21-December-03, 23:00:36
by Jocko
K8T Neo-FIS2R supports AMD64 3000+ ?
hiDoes the K8T Neo-FIS2R support the AMD64 3000+ ?as much as i know the 3000+ has L2 cache 512 while the 3200 has 1024+. only di...
Bavarian 6 2267 Last post 21-December-03, 22:41:26
by Jocko
K8T Neo - BIOS not installed + BSOD
HelloI'm having a spot of bother with my new system.  When booting up, it displays 'BIOS not installed'.  I'm not sure what vers...
DPerkins 20 5553 Last post 21-December-03, 17:17:35
by Jocko
building new computer, wont boot
so i'm building a totally new computer from scratch here's the specs:MSI K8T NEOAMD 64 3200+PNY 512 pc3500PNY Geforce FX 5900Max...
chkmgnt58 3 1636 Last post 21-December-03, 11:16:59
by scottg26
changing integrated LAN IRQ?
OK, got my other issue fixed up- was a video card problem (-sigh- 250 bucks I didnt want to spend, oh well).Now, my question is ...
jonwell 3 1538 Last post 21-December-03, 11:15:46
by scottg26
MSI and NForce3 150 and bad result in K8T roundup
Does anyone have info on the subject. Will MSI make a board with Nforce3 for the Athlon64?? By the way.. I just read a roundup o...
Bibihest 10 3367 Last post 21-December-03, 00:40:26
by Ex Forum User 3
K8T Master FAR Memory Configs....?
When using dual CPU's does memory have to be installed in pairs??ie. 2 or 4 slots occupied??  I trying to figure out some new me...
Emspilot 13 3144 Last post 20-December-03, 22:34:02
by Ex Forum User 3
Windows 64bit edition
I've heard that there's a Windows 64bit version out and about, but how do you get ahold of it?A couple people and I have started...
blackphoenix 12 4313 Last post 20-December-03, 12:08:52
by Ex Forum User 3
windows update error?!
i have 64 3200+ everything seems ok but when i installed any update for windows next restarthanging up and blue screensany slout...
maoten 1 1363 Last post 20-December-03, 11:21:08
by Bibihest
Brand new MSI K8T Neo: no boot!
Just bought a brand new retail MSI K8T Neo board along with a retail Athlon 64 3200+. The power supply in my case is 300W, which...
Voobr 6 2173 Last post 20-December-03, 04:18:57
by Krazyme
Master2, SATA, XP: Ugh
I'm getting hammered trying to install XP and a single SATA drive. Initial hookup went fine (I had to reseat the memory, but tha...
billharris44 23 5459 Last post 19-December-03, 18:35:37
by Steve F.
K8T Master2-FAR (9130) - BIOS/Linux
Hi,I'm trying to update my BIOS to v1.10 but the only files I've found available for download are .EXE executables. I'm running ...
Nicodemus 3 1527 Last post 19-December-03, 17:30:20
by Ex Forum User 3
Did VIA fix their chipset SB register 55 problem ?
yeah u know VIA chipset + sound blaster an a few other audio cards sound to crackle and stuff, or do u recommend going for nvidi...
TaN00Ki 4 1651 Last post 19-December-03, 09:30:09
by TaN00Ki
All kinds of problems... can't enter bios, etc
Hey all, hoping you can help.  I only have one system at home which is now not working, so pardon me if I'm a little slight on d...
jonwell 4 1646 Last post 19-December-03, 03:41:38
by jonwell
Athlon 64 3400
I have just received an Athlon 64 3400+. This chip is not a public release yet, but in 3200 mode I get horrible 3dMark03 Scores....
McGeyser 25 5866 Last post 19-December-03, 03:33:16
by cwigster
64-bit OS
I'm quite sure that this topic has been up before but today I saw on that Mandrake have some sort of 64-bit version....
cojniz 7 2375 Last post 19-December-03, 00:25:12
by riprjak
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