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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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grepierj, david and 139 Guests are viewing this board.
K8T Neo and HD over 120 Gig
Is it a windows issue trying to get a HD over 120 gig recognized or a bios issue.I am currently having to use a boot utility to ...
Don Dick 3 1755 Last post 11-December-03, 03:56:47
by Don Dick
K8T Master2-FAR does NOT properly support Athlon64 FX51!!
I sure am glad that I spent big $$$'s building not one, but two new systems with the K8T Master2-FAR and Athlon64 FX-51, so that...
crasher 5 2213 Last post 10-December-03, 12:13:13
by Ex Forum User 3
Early Chipset Initialization
Hey,just got my new system, and didnt get it to run.I did install the D-Bracket with the diagnostic lights. It does the 4 red li...
berndog 5 2297 Last post 10-December-03, 10:32:48
by berndog
Kt8 NEO bios work around erratum 93 eta??
Hi guys,Dont get me wrong, you have a great mobo, the Kt8 neo is a very tidy package (your english on the "core cell" splash scr...
riprjak 0 1592 Last post 10-December-03, 04:54:45
by riprjak
MSI:K8T800 Promise SATA RAID problem with win2k
I was succesffuly able to create the stripe set in the promise bios, but when I try to install it in windows, it says that the d...
Superslow 6 2582 Last post 10-December-03, 00:22:43
by Superslow
Help needed with S/P Out
  I have the SPDIF connected to a dolby digital receiver and have the latest driver from MSI for my K8T Neo-FIS2R. I can get so...
lld_eman 6 2674 Last post 09-December-03, 21:48:03
by scottg26
How to use serial ATA cables?
With my MSI K8T Neo motherboard, I received these serial cables?- 2 orange 1/2" cables- 1 power cable, power plug on one end, 2 ...
Grunberg 2 2005 Last post 09-December-03, 19:41:27
by lld_eman
Complicated "SATA" bootup detection screen
I have an MSI K8T Neo motherboard, and both my hard drives are attached to IDE. However, during bootup, I get the following line...
Grunberg 2 1942 Last post 09-December-03, 11:42:02
by scottg26
Just got my K8T Neo and Athlon 64, couple of minor problems...
Great board so far   except for this few problems:1. I cannot get the HDD light to work. I have one Seagate 120GB Serial ATA dri...
scottg26 15 4584 Last post 09-December-03, 11:37:45
by scottg26
Fast memory on KT8 Neo,
I am thinking of buing an athlon64 processor with the KT8 Neo motherboard.  Because of the lower bandwidth compared to FX, i thi...
pekkoh 2 1594 Last post 08-December-03, 21:38:42
by seven.62
New BIOS 1.2 working well?
HiNew BIOS 1.2 working well?.. Which brave souls have tried it?Please post your experience here **********UPDATE****************...
Templar2k 4 2024 Last post 08-December-03, 20:53:03
by Skinner
i can finnally overclock my processor
i checked on MSI live update and they had a 1.6 version of Core center so i downloaded it and i can now get my processor stable ...
joshr45 0 1713 Last post 08-December-03, 18:42:25
by joshr45
Boot issues
ANY HELP!I have just got the KT8 Neo-FIS2R and cannot get into the array funtion, when it boots it say's it can't find any drive...
jonnyt152 6 2279 Last post 08-December-03, 00:18:15
by scottg26
MSI K8T does NOT start!
My MSI K8T mobo + AMD 64 3200+ combo do NOT start. Current configuration is as follows:     MSI K8T Neo motherboard     AMD Athl...
Grunberg 2 1886 Last post 07-December-03, 22:15:04
by scottg26
K8T Master2
When running dual Opterons, in this case 240's, is it possible to change multiplier and/or FSB??If using DDR333 mhz memory, will...
cojniz 6 1996 Last post 07-December-03, 12:59:06
by cojniz
Can't get the system to display BIOS
Definitely not happy. I have been trying to get my brand new system to give me some BIOS setup options. The problem is that I ca...
djrambios 8 2596 Last post 07-December-03, 09:39:35
by Ex Forum User 3
K8T NEO FIS2R and memory
I am confused about which memory to order for this board (K8T NEO FIS2R). Just to take one vendor, Kingston, I could potentially...
emc2inc 3 2042 Last post 06-December-03, 14:22:40
by aubeachboy
Problems with RAM?
Have been trouble shooting my new system for about a week and a half now, and seem to have finally solved my crash r...
KiraB 3 1755 Last post 05-December-03, 20:49:05
by Votekick
Need exact BIO's configuration.
So far my system seems to run fine but when I do a benchmark the results show that other PC's with less system capabilites run b...
Votekick 2 1487 Last post 05-December-03, 20:37:59
by Votekick
Athalon FX & K8T Master does not work!!
THis is ridiculous....  I have had 3 different sets of the Athalon FX Chips and MSI K*T Master motherboards and I always get the...
demmler67 5 1968 Last post 05-December-03, 08:34:20
by lucidsoul5
Master2-far booting problem
I bought a new MASTER2-FAR with 1  :help:opteron 240, 2 * 512Mb 333Mhz , 2 maxtor 120Gb and a MSI FX 5600 VIVO.  I put every thi...
jatro 18 3838 Last post 01-December-03, 12:41:52
by Ex Forum User 3
Who DOESN'T Have serious issues with K8T Neo-FIS2R
Kind of a stupid question since this is a support forum but im sure some of you are out there...
scottg26 11 3264 Last post 01-December-03, 12:31:41
by scottg26
HELP.. Athalon FX & K8T Master...
Thank you for reading this.. I just assembled an Athalon FX, Corsair XMS Low Latency Registered Ram, Radeon 9800, and the K8T Ma...
demmler67 3 1519 Last post 01-December-03, 12:32:52
by Ex Forum User 3
Why can't i instaLL an OS?
I just made my system work, and now i can't load an OS. when i start to install xp pro it crashes or says its messing a file or ...
EPOX 7 2446 Last post 30-November-03, 22:39:54
by scottg26
K8T Master2-FAR MSI Part No. MS-9130 - Does it Support AMD® Athlon-64 FX 51 ?
The FX does not have a locked mulitplier setting so the multiplier needs to be set on the mb. The point tug, me, and many others...
RodmanAtlanta 6 3729 Last post 30-November-03, 10:42:27
by RodmanAtlanta
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