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K9N SLI Platinum nforce update no mouse and no keyboard at boot
Hi, i have this motherboard, today i'v download the latest nforce driver from nvidia site, first of all i'v uninstall all the ol...
~Blissard~ 2 1618 Last post 05-November-06, 23:53:43
by ~Blissard~
Front audio panel MSIK8N Diamond
Hi all, i'v a centurion 5 case equipped with a msi k8n diamond motherboard, my problem is connect the front audio connector for ...
~Blissard~ 15 3785 Last post 27-September-05, 22:47:18
by ~Blissard~
fx55 vs 3000+
Hey m8s.Havent been here for a quite long time  Yea yea... Im thinking of byuing a FX55 (from a friend, not new) but its still ...
~skyline~ 7 2042 Last post 26-September-05, 22:18:04
by ~skyline~
sata harddrive for windows
I had the a problem that I couldnt install windows xp on either of my 120gb harddrives only on the 40gb harddrive.. now why???an...
~skyline~ 1 1122 Last post 09-February-05, 13:46:32
by RedRuM1
fan running at max.
should the fans go on maximum rpms when they are plugged in on the mobo? I have a old fan going very quiet and not so high rpms ...
~skyline~ 0 1134 Last post 02-February-05, 18:43:06
by ~skyline~
critical error and random reboots
I have gotten critical errors and random reboots lately =( and it really stinks.. anyone who know what the problem might be?Is i...
~skyline~ 11 2833 Last post 04-May-05, 20:44:44
by Supershanks
:censored:!? installed mbm5 now cpu is 113C :S
I just installed mbm 5, now fanspeed and mbm 5 shows cpu as 113C :censored: happened!? 
~skyline~ 4 1791 Last post 07-April-05, 15:45:24
by Tiresmoke
XP90 + Papst 92mm fan?
Is XP90 + papst 92 mm fan a good cooling solution for my system? 
~skyline~ 4 1964 Last post 04-April-05, 23:02:02
by ~skyline~
why cant I use my mic??
I cant use my mic on my computer! why? I tried it at another computer and it works.. What is wrong? you need som special drives ...
~skyline~ 5 1921 Last post 03-April-05, 13:16:07
by ~skyline~
MSI K8N NEO2 + wd raptor 36gb??
Can you install windows XP on a wd raptor 10K sata 36gb with a MSI k8n neo2 nforce3? and btw.. whata heck is raid?? im soo confu...
~skyline~ 4 2061 Last post 15-March-05, 21:46:17
by ~skyline~
maxtor diamondmax 9 160gb
Can I install windows xp on a SATA 160gb maxtor diamondmax 9?
~skyline~ 4 1716 Last post 11-March-05, 18:40:40
by ~skyline~
network wont work
my network wont work.. When I look at status on my connection it only sents information it wont recevie anything. i tried both r...
~skyline~ 10 2776 Last post 18-February-05, 22:32:06
by ~skyline~
cd player isnt working
now its my cd player that wont work! It wont show up under "my computer" but I can find it in bios, and I have tried with anothe...
~skyline~ 6 2223 Last post 08-February-05, 20:02:47
by ~skyline~
Sata = Ata 100??
everest tells me that my SATA HDD is a ATA 100 hdd.. shouldnt it be SATA 150?
~skyline~ 7 2391 Last post 05-January-05, 18:35:58
by syar2003
dynamic disk
I have the SATA disk as dynamic, and now I cant get it to a normal partion.. anyone how to do that? plz  
~skyline~ 6 3059 Last post 31-December-04, 12:19:15
by ~skyline~
SP2 or not?
I heard some stories about Service Pack2 for windows XP, Should I install it or leave it alone?  
~skyline~ 13 3152 Last post 28-December-04, 20:36:09
by wwaldo
using MSI liveupdate to flash bios
I used MSI liveupdate to uppgrade to bios 1.4, I been told it was more stable then 1.3 for ocing, now I wonder if I got any warr...
~skyline~ 2 1536 Last post 22-December-04, 17:18:08
by ~skyline~
northbridge isnt spinning!!
:censored:!? My northbridge fan isnt spinning!! what should I do about that?? plz help.. Should I RMA the K8N plat?
~skyline~ 3 1455 Last post 17-December-04, 21:45:03
by Supershanks
amd64 3200+ socket 939
When can you buy the amd64 3200+ on socket 939 with 0,9 technology? Anyone knows when it comes to sweden?
~skyline~ 4 1643 Last post 16-October-04, 19:57:07
by ~skyline~
Upgrade or not?
Is it worth the money to upgrade my cpu and motherboard to a 64 3400+ or 64 3200+.
~skyline~ 5 1502 Last post 06-September-04, 23:12:53
by Some1ne
over 3 month to repair a diamond over 2 to replay an e mail
8 month ago I've buyed a Msi Diamond for the "low" price of 270 euro, now this motherboard is from 20 may out for assistance, th...
°xtc° 1 1191 Last post 05-August-06, 12:39:33
by Ex Forum User 3
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