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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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Slow OS Installation - MSI B450-A PRO
Greetings,I have a recently built desktop. Everything newly bought.I tried to install some OS on it, but I am not able to. It ei...
zutyro 2 264 Last post 27-September-18, 16:15:27
by zutyro
B450-A Pro BIOS Freeze and Slow OS Install
Greetings,when I try insert any kind of USB and enter BIOS it freezes. The same happens if no USB is inserted and I try to exit ...
zutyro 1 363 Last post 26-September-18, 17:19:23
by zutyro
help k9n neo
hi, i built a computer and once everything is plugged in and turned on, there is no signal to the moniter so i cant even access ...
zvam 10 3240 Last post 02-August-06, 17:00:07
by jw7103
What to choose: MBO MSI 915p Neo2 Platinum CPU P4 3.00 LGA 775 or MBO MSI K8 Neo Platinum CPU AMD Athlon 3200+ lga 754  
zvopav 2 1106 Last post 16-October-04, 12:13:43
by Ex Forum User 3
Slow download?
Im runnin the integrated LAN on the RS480M2 but my downloads never reach speeds over 1mbit. Im uploading with almost 10mbit like...
ZxCv 6 1743 Last post 10-March-05, 22:56:53
by Tiresmoke
MSI AM1i RAM I/O errors
I haveMSI AM1i (MS-7865) motherboardAMD Athlon 5350 2.05GHz quad core APU4GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 1600 CL9Kingston 96GB ...
zxs 1 760 Last post 26-December-14, 03:03:41
RS482M4: Tv-Out disabled when XP reaches login screen but works fine before this
Problem with my RS482M4 board:When I boot my HTPC I get the boot screen and XP loading screen on my tv, but when the the boot is...
Zygnus 4 1390 Last post 08-November-06, 16:19:44
by XanaduServers
FDD Problems w/ k8n Neo2 Plat
So I get all my pretty gear in mail yesterday and put all together. It posts fine! YAY!! IT WORKS..... DENIED! When I press f6 t...
ZyklonDeath 7 1542 Last post 25-November-04, 23:26:56
by onan
neo-4 39160 problem ?
Hi all, I was trying to install an adaptec 39160 scsi card on my neo4 platinum but the system refuses to post, it just hangs aft...
Zyrix 1 1133 Last post 10-February-06, 13:50:38
by peter66
Official 1.2 Bios for K8N Neo4
Any one tried the new bios ?
Zyrix 18 4486 Last post 12-March-05, 18:23:19
by jrb357
Problems with K8N Neo4
As far as I'm concerned I do not care of overclocking my mobo, I just want it to be stable; period. And from what I've seen it's...
Zyrix 7 2499 Last post 10-March-05, 13:37:52
K8T Neo and Kingmax Problems!!!!
HiOk so basically ive got a K8T Neo Series K8T800 with a 64bit 3200+.When I bought it came with 2x 256 Mb Sticks of PC2700 I thi...
Zysen 4 1277 Last post 30-October-05, 11:14:33
by Hans
pb with K8T NEO2
I have just bought this board with athlon 64 3200 and 1x512 DDR PC 3200I have no image but an infinite long bipDo you what is my...
zyzydor 16 5391 Last post 16-December-06, 22:56:59
by Tiresmoke
K9N4 Ultra-F. Few problems
Hi!When I installing Windows (XP, Vista), sometimes PC rebooting, in any time (when booting from CD/DVD, installing progress, et...
zzkey 13 6390 Last post 17-June-07, 20:00:37
by zzkey
K8N Neo Platinum : no boot!
well, first, hello everybody.then, sorry me, for my english... i'm french, i have a really big probleme on my K8N neo pl...
zzubbione 5 1563 Last post 11-April-05, 01:18:51
by fafner
MSI K8T NEO-FIS2R - I cant get it to boot
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2.0 GHzCorsair PC3200 DDR-DIMM 512MB ECC REGcpu fans starts, but nothing else is happeningthe diagnostic too...
zzwah 8 2307 Last post 09-February-04, 03:51:49
by zzwah
neo2 + Corsair TWINX1024-4400C25PT = unstable??
Hi There,I have just bought Corsair TWINX1024-4400C25PT DDR Memory modules.(Default settings for those modules; 275 fsb 8-4-4-2....
zzzqzzz 9 2073 Last post 12-May-05, 07:52:15
by zzzqzzz
K8MM-V SATA floppy problem
Hello,I'm trying to install windows xp corp sp2 on two raid 0 sata 80 gigs diski pressed F6It found the driver on the floppyI su...
zzzz 4 2276 Last post 23-January-06, 22:34:02
by Tiresmoke
Running 1Gb Single Channel on Neo2?
Has anyone ran their ram in Single channel dimms 1&3?With auto setting in the bios, the ram was booting at ddr333, i changed the...
[ r2 ] 0 866 Last post 26-October-04, 12:07:45
by [ r2 ]
K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI 120mm Heatsinks?
I just got my K8N Neo4 SLI and have had a hard time finding a 120mm heatsink for it.  The thermaltake XP-120 evidently doesn't f...
[-FiRE-] 16 3563 Last post 18-April-05, 19:50:11
by Mike
k8t neo mobo not booting when any usb devices plugged in!
as stated above, my pc now will not boot with any usb devices plugged in at allonce they are disconnected, its all fine, will bo...
[ANG]RK 2 1355 Last post 14-April-06, 20:14:16
by lparker
Problems with older PCI-Videocards on K8N SLI Platinum ??
Hi there,i just recieved my K8N SLI Platinum (without NEO) yesterday. Unfortunatly my new PCIe-Videocard isn't here yet,so i jus...
[ApoC] 3 1286 Last post 25-February-05, 09:49:43
by [ApoC]
WinXP Installation issues with K8T Neo
G'day guys, I could really use some help on this issue.A week ago I purchased the following gear:Athlon64 3000+Sapphire x800proM...
[A]pe 8 2197 Last post 08-September-04, 22:33:49
by Jocko
A64 3200+/K8N Neo Platinum Freezes in Games
Hi all.. I changed to A64 system and my problems started..I can't play any game at all, everyone of them freeze, 'till VPU Recov...
[Brazzuka] 46 9528 Last post 15-November-04, 02:32:10
by Brazzuka
Teperature error in K8n Neo Platinum
Hi guys... well I have a problem here... my proc tempertures is a little high... 35ºC idle and 54ºC in full... with a room temp ...
[burnout] 8 2298 Last post 20-July-05, 15:29:04
by Tiresmoke
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