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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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Free download - Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for 64-Bit Extended Systems AMD64
Because of bad title I post the link again.Welcome! If you have a 64-bit ready PC, you now have the option to receive trial soft...
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Sake 80 24880 Last post 01-March-04, 08:15:35
by riprjak
Trouble Shooting
   Trouble Shooting           No Post/No Boot problems and fixes D-Bracket Troubleshooting           Keyboard and Mouse Iissues ...
fafner 0 25154 Last post 27-March-05, 21:35:43
by fafner
890FX-65 won't run stable on 16GB after bios update
My Set up:MSI 890FX-651090T Phenom x6MSI 6950 flashed 2gb frozr III16gb(4*4gb) Patriot sector 5 DDR3After live-update updated my...
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TwiztidUnreal 75 25408 Last post 11-January-12, 06:32:44
by Bernhard
[SOLVED] Front audio panel still not working on K9N Neo V3
I already posted on this here: I still didn't get front audio panel to work o...
adambar 17 25465 Last post 16-January-09, 06:35:16
by davidsain
k8N Neo2 problem - PSU switch turns system on, then no POST
Hi,I am building a new system with the following:-MSI k8N Neo2 platinumAthlon 64 3200+Asus Star Ice CPU coolerATI Radeon 9500 pr...
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mrnab 98 25605 Last post 11-February-05, 08:59:10
by Sorrento
New bios might help those with false temp readings...
Well MSI just sent me a new bios to try to fix the false temp reading issue and at first I thought it was the already-released B...
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Deviation56 94 25605 Last post 09-July-04, 00:01:19
by sponge
DKA790GX Platinum and memory issues
I've had my dka790gx platinum now for approximately 2 weeks.Build is as followsDKA790GX-Plat - bios v1.6AMD Phenom II X4 9402 x ...
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walkerx 62 25717 Last post 13-July-09, 19:55:26
by walkerx
No Post / CMOS checksum error after new CPU installed
Hello Everyone,There is probably an easy answer that I just can't see. My system as described was working fine, then (to extend ...
pilotsh 40 25802 Last post 24-November-08, 11:44:52
by Ex Forum User 3
K8N Neo2 Platinum System Freeze
Here's my issue: A complete system freeze that happens after ten minutes or 2 hours (or anywhere in between).  There is no patte...
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samch 107 25912 Last post 13-April-05, 17:07:37
by samch
Can't boot (FF) after bios flash with M-Flash 790FX-GD70
I flashed my BIOS yesterday v1.7 for the 790FX-GD70 using M-Flash on my system that was working perfectly until then. The system...
Mamluk 48 26095 Last post 11-January-10, 18:54:06
by Hans
Crashing durring gaming!
my system:AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 2.0ghzMSI K8N Neo-FSR(bios 1.40)DDR 1gb crosair value pc3200Asus V9999 GeForce 6800 256MB Gamer E...
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Deosl 89 26193 Last post 31-January-05, 19:58:54
by mrbell84
*News* What do I mean by custom EasyBIOS , Neo2 K8N Platinum 1C3
Update : 2006-04-16Some menu pics were gone missingI had a philosify when making a custom bios for myself (and others) for the K...
syar2003 48 26213 Last post 21-December-05, 14:34:53
by infernaljebus
Definitive Networking vs. Freeze Ups Issue Topic
Description of the problemFreeze ups of the OS. These freeze ups are related to the network connection of the computer. This cou...
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PoundingTechno 109 26256 Last post 10-September-04, 22:06:09
by Kadmos
1.43 beta bios for K8N NEO pL.
Seems fixed my cpu temp problem(and is also a thorough fixing).Newcastle 512KB L2 3200+Anybody want to try?Coz i cant host it no...
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WannaFly 98 26260 Last post 22-August-04, 07:41:42
by tennvols_69
KA780G no Virtualization option in BIOS for AMD-V
I bought a new KA780G motherboard last week with an AMD X2 6000 (2x3,1ghz).I want to run Xenserver and Microsoft Hyper-V on this...
dannyvd 30 26425 Last post 09-June-09, 12:21:22
by Ex Forum User 3
Looking for a PSU
Since Im getting a new 6800, I thought I need a new ps over my raidmax ps. I have heard that I should get one with a large 12v+....
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NickFalky 56 26523 Last post 12-June-05, 21:37:10
by evolart
Your AMD64 computer probably uses LESS THAN 250W!
READ THIS FIRSTSo most PSU:s must be overrated or defined at some (low) ambient temperature, since this little 300W PSU can powe...
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ironbyte 124 26551 Last post 29-April-04, 21:56:29
by Danny
K9A2 booting from SAS (Serial Attached Scsi)
I have been looking all over the place and cannot find any references to booting off the SAS-able Promise controller.Have anyone...
Gaston 36 26828 Last post 31-March-09, 23:09:48
by freshfresh
MSI motherboard diagnostic?
Hello everyone,I m having major problems with my desktop PC and my bet is it has something to do with motherboard but i want to ...
coky 32 26951 Last post 09-December-16, 17:20:15
by flobelix
K9A Platinum Power ON from Keyboard
Hello there!!I have a strange problem and it seems nothing can resolve it. I have a K9A Platinum board, AMD 4200+ x2 cpu, 4x512 ...
cicinia 41 27008 Last post 27-February-09, 21:34:39
by dinub1
Freezing issues with MSI 970A-G43 and AMD FX 8320
Hey all,I bought my brother a new system a few days ago, but he has had serious issues with the machine crashing ever since.The ...
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Adresch 51 27047 Last post 03-April-14, 15:07:07
by falco
Machine Check Exception blue screen after upgrading CPU
My first post here....Motherboard: MSI MS-7252I upgraded BIOS from 3.0 to 3.7. Cleared cmos. (Upgrading BIOS necessary to get th...
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Svein4 57 27075 Last post 08-April-10, 22:32:57
by Fredrik
Hi guys, ive recently built a new PC, the problem that I am having is that the power will come on all the fans will run, but I d...
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richard_cousins 84 27112 Last post 05-October-06, 21:10:20
by Tiresmoke
MSI DKA790GX Platinum and AM3 CPU - BIOS Update
Hi,I am going to upgrade my current computer from an older AMD socket 939 setup to an AMD Phenom II based systemI am thinking of...
Nickey 47 27428 Last post 15-April-09, 22:03:44
by Ex Forum User 3
Where is the Memory Remapping my bios? Please help!
Hi good day.I am new to the forum and then have a serious problem with my pc while, now I have 22GB of ram which only detects me...
etechsea 7 27490 Last post 10-September-15, 01:44:58
by Chike
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